November 2015 | Issue 26
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There is a pause after every big performance: the curtains slowly descend to the floor, the applause dies down, and the audience hesitantly rises from their seats. We all know that feeling. A wave of contenment, relief and reflection washes over you and the world seems to stop spinning for just a moment.
We here at AHNC find ourselves caught in such a moment right now, as Arts and Health Month draws to a close.  We have been very enthused by the worldwide interest in the  campaign and would like to thank each of you for lending your voices and support to the cause, and for sharing how arts & health has touched your lives.
On Twitter and Facebook we listened as you used the #artshealthmonth hashtag to share inspiring stories, incredible initiatives and to connect with each other over the shared interest in arts, for the health of it.
We were delighted as many of you shared the Arts and Health Mini-Doc and the ‘Mapping Arts and Health in Canada’ Initiatives map through email and social media.  Thank you!
We were also inspired by the brilliant conversations around Arts & Health at the Power of the Arts Conference in Ottawa as well as the Health Care Social Media Canada (#hcsmc) twitter chat that took place yesterday.
Although the month has ended, we’re keen to see the momentum and buzz around Arts & Health continue.  As always, please send us your events, resources, job postings, opportunities and initiatives descriptions so that we can post them on the AHNC site.
Wishing you all the very best as we move into what is sure to be another busy month for all of you.
The AHNC Team
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Arts and Health Mini-Doc

As a follow up to the “On The Map: Arts & Health in BC” project Arts Health BC and Arts Health Network Canada partnered with Hello Cool World to produce a ‘mini-doc’ on Arts & Health activity in BC. The mini-doc features a range of Arts & Health initiatives and includes interviews with a few champions of Arts & Health in BC. We hope this video will inspire dialogue and raise awareness about the role that the arts



Jennifer J. Nicol 

Jennifer J Nicol (PhD, MTA, RDPsych) is a music therapist and counselling psychologist who has been researching music and health for over 20 years. An Associate Professor at the University of Saskatchewan, Dr Nicol’s scholarship is driven by two questions: How does music enhance the actions of everyday life as negotiated across varied circumstances and populations; and secondly, how do spontaneous everyday uses of music extend understanding about coping, health


Barbara Bernath

My whole life has been a transformational journey, and my creativity has always led the way. Whether I am making art, playing music, writing, designing, or helping others through the work I do as an art therapist and creative coach - I clearly love taking life beyond the “as is” state and transforming all of it into new levels of potential and beauty. 


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