October 2016 | Issue 35
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Arts & Health has been all over the news lately! From Mellonie Lybbert, the car crash victim who used art to deal with chronic pain, to the Mindscapes show in New Brunswick where 50 artists affected by Mental Health issues are displaying their work, to the Iqaluit Teens who are being taught about sexual health through storytelling and mask dancing. Each story is not only inspiring, but highlights a powerful change in thinking: From coast to coast, Canadians are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that the Arts have on health and well-being.
With so much positive energy going around, we invite you to celebrate Arts & Health Month with us this November.
Arts & Health Month is an internationally recognized time to celebrate and raise awareness about arts’ contributions to health, healing and wellbeing. 
Get involved by adding the Arts & Health Month logo to your email signature, website and social media, show and share YOUR arts & health project on social media by adding the #artshealthmonth hashtag.
For those of you in Canada, we have been mapping Arts & Health initiatives across the country to keep track of the fantastic work being done by all of you from coast to coast to coast. Check out the map, and if you don’t see your own arts & health project, organization or research endeavour on the map, send us a description!
Whether you are in Canada or across the globe, we invite you to tell us your stories – in words, videos or pictures – of how you are integrating art into your daily life and its impact on you.
Need motivation? We have come up with ‘Arts Health Month Challenge’. Log in to Facebook/Twitter every day in November to find a new prompt: It could be listening to music, going dancing, painting a picture or taking a photograph. Don’t forget to let us know what effect it had on your mood, energy level and wellbeing! We hope that these small, individual acts can make a real difference to you by the end of the month, and hopefully some of them will become part of your daily routine.
Lastly, we ask you to consider making a small donation to Arts Health Network Canada to support our work.
Wishing you a happy, healthy and creative Arts & Health Month,
The AHNC Team

How Giant Steps Helps Students with Autism One at a Time

At a recent meet-and-greet evening at Giant Steps to start the new school year, five educators enthusiastically waved at the large windows of their bright classroom when they looked out and saw some of their young students returning.

The spontaneous response reflects the dedication the Lisle day school offers kids, teens



Shannon Shreibak

When I was young enough to cold-shoulder the world’s opinions of me, I was a pint-sized, self-proclaimed artiste. I white-knuckled my briefcase art set wherever I went. My mom knew better than to try stopping me from finger painting the underside of every countertop in the house. My class notes were peppered with curly q’s and gel pen scribbles and ambling doodles. But then the colors dulled, the brushstrokes faded, and I walked away from the proverbial easel for over a decade. My delusions of artistic grandeur



Developmental Transformations Art Therapy: An Embodied, Interactional Approach

The Discovery of Human Auditory–motor Entrainment and its Role in the Development of Neurologic Music Therapy

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