June 2021
A few months ago, we rallied together to get 300+ signatures on a petition asking the city for traffic improvements (i.e. stop signs, speed bump repairs) around our neighborhood. This effort was driven by increased cut-through traffic on our streets, as well as anticipation that it will worsen as more apartments and restaurants go up along Gaston and Grand. David Blewett immediately responded, asking his team to do a traffic assessment study for Lakewood Hills. They were wonderful to work with, and we received results and recommendations a few days ago. Please make sure to join the neighborhood association Zoom Tuesday at 7:30 (details below) to go over these results and give feedback. In the meantime, here are the highlights to digest. You may download the presentation here from the homepage of our website.
Slides 1 and 2 are background: our requests submitted via 311 on slide 1, and our current situation on slide 2.
Slides 3-6 show the traffic pattern results for our intersections. VPD stands for Vehicles Per Day, and the MPH shows how fast cars are moving. For example, looking at slide 3 at the top callout for the corner of Auburn and Clayton: there were 155 cars per day, and 85% of the vehicles were traveling 25 MPH or slower. The various colors are showing traffic directions. As you can see, Auburn has the least traffic, while West Shore has by far the most and the speediest traffic. La Vista, where recorded (not all corners due to construction/road work) and as expected, also showed more traffic than Coronado/Casa Loma/Clayton.
Based on the traffic patterns, the city made their recommendations for additional stop signs/speed bumps on slide 7 and this is what they will do to help us: 
  1. Multi-way stop at Casa Loma Avenue & W Shore Drive.
  2. Multi-way stop at Casa Loma Avenue & Tucker Street.
  3. Install speed cushions along W Shore Drive.
  4. Install speed cushions along Loving Avenue.
  5. Replace speed cushions along La Vista Drive.
This is not everything we asked for, but it is a pretty amazing list of things to receive and great progress. I believe it reflects the data in terms of putting stop signs and speed bumps in where the traffic is heaviest. It is not realistic to put in a stop sign at every corner, which we knew going into this. I am particularly pleased with getting a 4 way stop at Casa Loma and West Shore because of the school bus stop; with the amount of traffic on that street, this will make it much safer for our kiddos, and we’ll have a nice pattern of stopping at every other corner traveling from Gaston to La Vista.
A few notes:
  1. Speed cushions are the new preferred method over speed bumps. I asked if they are just as effective as bumps and the traffic engineers said yes. They also still allow emergency vehicles, fire trucks, etc. to travel through. A google image search will show you what they look like, and they mentioned there is one around Abrams and Glasgow which I will get a picture of before Tuesday night.
  1. The traffic engineers brought forth something for us to consider, which is to remove our 30mph speed limits signs. They said that sometimes showing an upper limit can encourage people to go faster (i.e. if you’re going 20 mph, and see that sign, you might feel like you can/should go up to 30mph). I don't think I err towards removing them, but it was an interesting thought and so I’d like any feedback on that Tuesday.
  1. We have the opportunity to add white painted crosswalks in various places as well where desired (West Shore is a good candidate, as is Loving/Casa Loma where we do not have a 4 way stop but the YMCA traffic will likely get heavier as COVID conditions continue to improve).
  1. Regarding the request for a left turn signal leaving the neighborhood on West Shore and Gaston, we will hopefully hear back on that by Tuesday night. It is handled by a different department, but this team of traffic engineers acknowledged the need for it.
If anyone looks at the data and believes a stop sign was NOT received where it should go due to heavy recorded traffic, please reply to this email and/or come to discuss this Tuesday evening. Our next step is to let the city know that we agree and want to move forward – or, feel strongly that something was overlooked. After that, work should be completed within a month or two! 
I will walk us through all of this Tuesday night to the best of my ability and we can follow up with the traffic engineers with any questions I can't answer:) Thanks to everyone who helped on this, especially board members Benjamin Germany and Rosanne Smythe.
Alex Fergus
LHNA President
Topic: Lakewood Hills Quarterly Meeting- Traffic Study Results & Recommendations
Time: Jun 8, 2021 07:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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