April 2021

April 2021 Highlights

  • Councilman Blewett ordered a traffic assessment study in response to our petition. Click here to request stop signs or speedbump repairs.
  • April 17 – Neighborhood Garage Sale. Click here to request garage sale permit.
  • April 15 – Ladies Night
  • May 3 – Book Club
  • Click here to sign up for Lakewood Hills Playgroups.
  • Follow the Lakewood Hills Facebook Page, join the Facebook Group, and join the Neighborhood Association ($25/single family annually) and Crime Watch ($200/household annually) to continue to better our neighborhood. 

News & Events

Traffic Improvements Petition Update & Next Steps

We sent the Lakewood Hills Traffic Petition to Councilman Blewett and got an immediate response from him ordering a traffic assessment study. We now need to get specific and submit 311 requests for each speed bump we want fixed on La Vista, every corner that we want a multi-way stop, etc. 

If you want submit a request for your block, here’s what to do (takes one minute!):

  1. Check on the Google Doc to see if your request has already been submitted by a neighbor. If so, you don't have to request it again. 
  2. If it’s not on the google doc, visit
  • Under the “Get Help With:” box, select Traffic Signs and Signals >>> select “Traffic Sign - New.”
  • In the notes, put that this is part of the Lakewood Hills traffic assessment from the petition to Blewett. Then forward the SR # via email confirmation to

After the submissions are received for the new stop signs, the next step is to collect email addresses/e-signatures from neighbors within 900 feet of the requested stop sign in support of it. Fixing the speed bumps do not need require this step.

Please make all submissions by Friday, April 9. If you need help, email

Advocate press:

Neighborhood meeting to come soon to discuss/update in person. 

Neighborhood Garage Sale – Saturday, April 17

We have all spent the last year cleaning out closets, right? Let’s get rid of that stuff! Saturday, April 17 will be the Neighborhood Garage Sale.

What we do is publicize the event on social media and put out signs around the perimeter of the neighborhood. What you do is have your own sale. You make your own hours, put up your own sign in your yard and get your own permit from the city. The benefit of a Neighborhood Garage Sale is increased traffic of shoppers. 

If the 17th is a total washout due to heavy rain we will use Saturday, April 24 as a backup. If you plan to have a sale, please email Donna Coker so we can help direct shoppers your way. 

Submit your request for a permit ASAP. For information about obtaining a permit, visit

Book Club – Monday, May 3

Join the LHNA Book Club! For our next selection, we chose Apeirogon by Colum McCann.
Our next meeting will be Monday, May 3rd at 6:30 p.m. It should be nice weather; we will plan to meet in person outside. Location TBD.
Other books considered/recommended:

  • Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng
  • The Exiles by Christina Baker Kline
  • Hawaii by James Michener
Ladies Night – Thursday, April 15

It’s time to bring back Ladies Night! Let’s come together for an outdoor event on Thursday, April 15 from 7-9 p.m. If you would like to host us in your front or back yard in April or another month, please email Donna Coker. Once we have a hostess confirmed we will publicize the location. 

Bring a drink and/or snack to share. Ladies Night is a great way to meet neighbors new and old. It is an easy event to host. We plan to have Ladies Nights on the 3rd Thursday of the month from 7-9 p.m. When we share enough snacks, it’s dinner! Hope to see you there.

Lakewood Hills Playgroups

Do you have small children? Are you and your children eager to make new friends as we enter a post-COVID-19 world? Join a Lakewood Hills Playgroup! Our goal is to connect parents of children in similar age groups (i.e., kinder year).

Sign up for LH Playgroups here:

New Neighbor Welcome Card

Welcome cards are available for block captains to deliver to new neighbors. They have all relevant information including how to sign up for emails, clubs, and crime watch. Please email Molly when you need one!

Crime Watch Program Review

Q1' 2021 saw 10 crime watch incidents reported to Dallas Police which is in line with the quarterly average. The neighborhood experienced 2 motor vehicle burglaries and 1 stolen vehicle (keys inside), 3 reports of "porch pirates", 1 domicile forced entry, and 4 reports of scam / identity theft / lost credit cards. Broken down by street, 4 of the incidents were on Coronado, 2 on Casa Loma, 2 on La Vista, and 1 each on Tucker and Loving. As a reminder, please report all incidents to DPD as well as so the neighborhood patrol officers can also stay informed.

If you are new to the neighborhood, this program is also known as as Expanded Neighborhood Patrol (ENP), and it allows Neighborhood Associations to hire an off-duty police officer to do extra patrols of the neighborhood. Frequency of the randomized, four-hour patrol periods are decided based on funds. Our ENP program has been in place since December 2018; it helps to keep our neighborhood safe and crime low. 

Benefits for participating households include: 

  • Police presence and yard signs will signal that Lakewood Hills is not a target
  • Crime Watch Board has direct access to ENP police officer to report suspicious behavior or criminal activity
  • Home checks for all participating households when out of town by ENP police officer

By now, yard signs, solar powered lights and tax letters have all been distributed for 2021. If you still need one of these items (solar powered lights are just to the Supporters $400+), please contact or reply to this email. If you are not yet a member, please sign up today on

Instagram Volunteer Opportunity

Follow us on our new Instagram account @LakewoodHillsDallas. We are looking for an individual to manage the account and post relevant news and activity. So if you love social media and want to get involved, please let us know

March 2021 – Events Summary

March was an exciting month in Lakewood Hills. We had tons of fun and we hope you did too! Stay tuned to learn more about the upcoming Kids and Adults LHNA events!

Email to volunteer to help plan and throw future events.

St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, March 14, 2021
Bunny Bash
Saturday, March 27, 2021

Many thanks to our 2021 Crime Watch Business Sponsors! 

Jim Scott & Sons, Dr. Kyle Stuart of Sports Medicine Clinic of North Texas, and Dr. Terry K Gemas of Lakewood Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine.

Thank you to our 2021 Crime Watch Individual Supporters ($400+ Donation)!

Anonymous, Benson, Blackburn, Cascella, Cassity, Cockrell, Culpepper, Dilworth Dixson, Dvorocsik, Estee, Golden, Jones, Manley, Mazero, McCaffrey, Metz, Prakash, Ratcliff, Rehberger, Robertson, St. John, Trahan, Warmuth/Rohrbacher

Crime Watch Reminders

Process for Requesting Home Checks While Away

If you are a Crime Watch Member, our ENP officers will check on your home when you're out of town. When you'd like a home check, please email with the dates you're going to be away, your address, and any other brief information you deem relevant (e.g., if they should expect anyone there pet sitting). All information provided will of course stay private between our ENP officers and the Crime Watch Board. You may email us as far in advance as you like. Please provide at least 4 days notice as we update the Crime Watch calendar on Sundays and Wednesdays.   

Tips to Prevent Crime

(Based on both feedback from our officers and the Crime Watch Board) 

  • Protect yourself and your loved ones by keeping your doors locked. This includes doors to your house, garage, gates and cars. Most "break-ins" that happen in our neighborhood are because things are left unlocked.
  • Don't leave garage doors open or cars running in the street or driveway, even for a minute. 
  • Don't announce any new purchases by leaving boxes out on the curb during bulk trash week. Break them down and put them in the bins. 
  • Report all security issues to 911 (our patrol officer will be notified immediately if during a shift). After calling 911, e-mail We have a direct line to our ENP officers and will let them know of all incidents, but all incidents (urgent and non, as prioritized by 911) must be reported through a 911 call. You may also report crimes online here.
  • Check your back alleys. Make sure that your alleys are clean from debris and overhanging or overgrown trees and are well-lit. Don't create easy hiding spots. The patrol officers drive through the back alleys to do their checks, so make sure the path is clear for them.

LHNA and Crime Watch Board Volunteers

President: Alex Fergus
NA Vice President: Benjamin Germany
CW Vice President: Jonathan Kopf
NA Treasurer: Jeff Benson
CW Treasurer: Allison Biel
NA Secretary: Rosanne Smythe
CW Secretary: Michelle Eyrich
NA Membership: Donna Coker
CW Membership: Rhoni Golden

Questions, comments?
Email or

Follow the Lakewood Hills Facebook Page, join the Facebook Group, and join the Neighborhood Association and Crime Watch to continue to better our neighborhood. 
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