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To encourage individuals to reflect on our practices while making key changes to refresh strategies that represent a shared vision to enrich the classroom, company, or community. 

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As the new year unfolded, we spent January focusing on our vision and creating our mission. It is never too late to do something, especially to refresh your vision. How is your vision developing as we enter our second month of the year? February is considered the month of love. It is often a time for remembering love and emphasizing the importance of love in our lives. Love does not need to be romantic. It can represent an interest, fondness, or appreciation for something or someone. It can include caring for, helping, and supporting others.

Each year, my friend Rachel, who I have known since we participated together in band in 5th grade in the 1980s, has encouraged her friends to choose one word to focus on for the year to guide our vision and mission. It is Rachel's way of supporting others. Years ago, she offered some resources on this practice. Since then, each year she encourages us to meet and discuss our word as a way to help each other find motivation through discussion. I was not available to attend the gathering this year, so Rachel and I spoke on the phone. She shared her word and I shared mine, then we discussed our reasoning for our selections. I am grateful to Rachel for continuing with this supportive and inspirational practice each year.

I chose the word NOW. I have had several ideas, dreams, and aspirations that I have not shared with others or accomplished yet for several different reasons (or excuses). This can be applied to things like procrastinating on tasks, such as filing or recycling paperwork that continues to make a pile on my desk, donating my children's older clothes, scheduling a medical appointment, exercising, getting together with particular friends, or beginning a project. My goal this year is to do these things now, or to at least plan a time for when to do them. While on a walk one day, I was reflecting on my word. I was thrilled to realize that NOW spelled backward is WON. This inspired a whole new meaning for me about my word! It also quickened the pace of my walk! As I was explaining to Rachel on the phone about my word spelled both forward and backward, she reminded me that those three letters also spell the word OWN. I was motivated even more to reflect on the many perspectives of my word.

I have used these three itty-bitty words to inspire my recent writing and speaking. In my February article, I discuss the need to support our school administrators and how this key change could positively impact education as a whole. By helping our school administrators, we could also be supporting our educators and students. What are we doing NOW to best serve administrators' needs? How is the community connecting with them? How are school staff responding to administrators? Most importantly, how are those in leadership positions seated above school-site administrators in the organization’s hierarchy managing, serving, and treating them? How will they OWN their leadership influence? When this occurs, everyone in education (or a business or an organization) will have WON.

NOW is the time to make a key change – in your life, in education, in your company, in your community, in your home . . . anywhere! OWN your influence! When you do, all those around you will have WON!

I am available for speaking, conducting, mentoring, and motivating opportunities. Please reach out if you have an interest or need.

Please continue to support and celebrate one another. Most importantly, tell those you admire, love, and respect what they mean to you.



How will we support others? Will we care for them NOW and OWN our influence so they feel they have WON?


Lori was interviewed by Kathryn Finch and Theresa Hoover for the Pass the Baton: Empowering All Music Students Podcast. The episode is entitled "Lori Schwartz Reichl: Why Everyone Should Take the Time to Reflect."

Inspirational Quote


“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”
― Charles Dickens




How are we managing, serving, supporting, and treating those we lead? This can include members of our families, students in our classrooms, staff members we lead, or administrators/managers we oversee. Also, how are we supporting those who lead us?

Questions for Reflection:
  1. Do we recognize them? Praise and acknowledgment are always appreciatedby everyone. However, recognition can extend beyond reward. Understand that everyone is a human being. Recognize the weight they carry within their positions. Invite them into spaces of community. Accept that they can not be everywhere at once, nor know what is occurring at all times. They have personal commitments of their own, as well, and may be unable to attend every event. Share achievements with them and remind them of upcoming events, but do not expect their presence at every function.
  2. Do we realize their position? Others may have incredible ideas, connections, and competence. However, at times, they may be encouraged to follow through on directives from above. This does not mean they are always in agreement. They may be struggling to present themselves in a manner that supports decisions for which they may not agree.
  3. Do we share concerns? You may not always agree with others. However, the most productive conversations occur when what is best for all involved is discussed. Provide data. Prepare suggestions. Offer solutions. Do not assume that everyone will follow-up immediately. This does not mean the idea or issue presented is dismissed. At times, others’ plates may be too full with immediate concerns. Do not be afraid to readdress with another if time is of the essence.
  4. Do we ask if they need help? Inquire if others need an ear to listen, additional resources, or extra hands on deck. If you have the time, offer itanywhere. If you can not, attempt to find someone who can assist or make it known to people of influence that there is a need.
  5. Do we trust them? Allow others the opportunity to offer a shared vision and mission to enrich the community that they lead. Trust them to include the voices and choices of others on their team. Don’t alienate them. Others may simply have a different role, hopefully not a different heart. 
  6. Do we show gratitude? Let everyone know they are appreciated. Thank them in any unique way.
How are you making key changes to help others?

Recently Published Article

An Evolution in Education: 
Supporting Our Administrators May Be the Key Change Needed


“Everyone needs help from everyone.” Beriott Brecht

I have had recent conversations with family, friends, and colleagues who serve in various school leadership roles across the globe. I cherish them. They are amazing human beings. They are caregivers. They are educators. They are leaders. And, they are miserable in their positions.

Similar to educators serving in the classroom setting, administrators feel unheard, underappreciated, and overworked. They are filled with emotion and sometimes anger when speaking of their role. They are exhausted. The role they are fulfilling often is not the position they expected it to be. They can not get beyond the daily initiatives placed on them in order to mentor staff, motivate students, and be the change they hoped to be.

When we consider resources and support needed in education, are we also considering the needs of our administrators? Who is concerned about their well-being? Who listens to their ideas, frustrations, and concerns? Are we taking appropriate and frequent steps to support our administrators, too?

Archived Article


Keeping It Real:
Authentic Experiences in Education

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”
— Albert Einstein

Knowledge is merely one piece of the educational puzzle. Proof of that selfsame knowledge may have a more substantial impact on students’ learning, motivation, and future path. The hands-on authentic experience must never be ignored. It should be accessed, nurtured, and reflected in the classroom, curriculum, and community. If opportunities to authentically experience people, places, and things are not implemented, then students may switch to other outlets that we may not be able to monitor, guide, or understand. Perhaps the best path forward following these years of remote learning may be to keep it “real”.

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Dear Academic Icon,

Thank you for the kind words. I have worked diligently these last few years on my writing and speaking skills (and continue to try and improve each month). I appreciate you sharing this with me.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Riley's Way Call for Kindness

The Call For Kindness offers young changemakers the chance to participate in a dynamic Leadership Development Fellowship and win up to $3,000 in funding for a project of their own that inspires kindness and strengthens their local, national, or global communities.

Music Reading Class

Music Reading Class (MRC) is considered the most unique online music reading course of its kind. Please consider this new resource for anyone, anywhere (children and adults – of ALL ages) who would like to learn to read music or to help supplement music learning. 

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Lori will be teaching the following continuing education courses online through VanderCook College of Music this summer. Please save the dates! Registration information will be coming soon!

These courses are designed with care and support. They are a creative mentorship and motivational approach intended to encourage reflection, inspiration, collaboration, creation, and ultimately – refreshment both personally and professionally!
  • Course I:  Making Key Changes: Refresh Your Program
  • Course II:  Making MORE Key Changes: Motivation for the Seasoned Educator

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Ask Lori to design and/or present reflective sessions to mentor or motivate staff or students in your organization. Review popular sessions.

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Lori offers individual sessions on your topic(s) of choice. Schedule a coaching session. There have been some AWESOME coaching sessions in recently weeks!

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Guest Conductor

  • February 2 - 4, 2023
  • Frederick, Maryland
  • Frederick All-County Middle School Honor Band


Guest Conductor

  • February 9 - 11, 2023
  • Pasadena, Maryland
  • Anne Arundel All-County Middle School Honor Band

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  • February 10, 2023
  • Making Key Changes - monthly newsletter



  • February 27, 2023
  • The University of the Arts - Graduate Music Education Course
  • "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Am I Providing Opportunities Reflecting All?"





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