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To encourage individuals to reflect on our practices while making key changes to refresh strategies that represent a shared vision to enrich the classroom, company, or community. 

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In preparation for the new year, we considered our ability to be present over the need to always be productive. Many of us spent the last few days of the previous year reflecting on the last twelve months by completing an “End-of-Year Reflection” activity, an “End-of-Year Checklist,” or creating a practice of pondering to best fit our needs and varying situations. If you have yet to reflect in this capacity, it is not too late! The holiday season and the first few weeks of the new calendar year may not have allowed for solitude, focus, and review. Try to find some quiet time before the month ends to reflect before last year slips too far away.

Consider composing a vision and mission for yourself, your classroom, your program, and/or your organization. If you have yet to reflect on the past year, make that a priority first. You may not be able to move forward with renewed energy and intention until you know what worked, what did not work, and what was missing or unnecessary. Be creative. Be concise. Be committed. Your mission is possible! It is never too late to refresh the vision.

I am thrilled and grateful to again this year have two of my articles make the list of Top 10 Most-Accessed Music Education Blogs for the National Association for Music Education!!! For 2022, my work was highlighted as the #1 (!!!) and #4 most-read articles! My article, “The Heartbreaking Truth about Education: Why and How Will We Survive?” which I co-authored with Ken Buck (South Carolina), earned the #1 spot. Another article, “5 Things Teachers Can Do to Recharge Over the Summer,” which I co-authored with Dr. Jaime Bonato (California), earned the #4 spot. Ironically, both articles were not written specifically about music education, but rather generally so they could be applied to any area of education. 

The feedback that I receive on my work continues to increase! Often, I will receive a text message, email, or (drum roll please . . .) even a phone call (!!!) from colleagues or friends appreciating an article or session, sharing something for me to consider, suggesting a future topic to highlight, asking a question, or notifying me of how they reflected and refreshed after reading or experiencing my work. From those I do not know, I will receive an email with similar information. Engaging in this capacity provides a sense of assurance that my work is resonating with people. When you write an article, create a presentation, record a podcast/video, or publicly share your work in some capacity, you have no idea who appreciates it, or even if anyone is reading, listening, or watching it unless they tell you! I have included a new section in the monthly newsletter entitled "Story Time with Lori" to collectively respond to comments, testimonials, or questions.

Throughout the last several years, I have kept the faith and have continued with my journey and dream to mentor and motivate others. I am nearing the 100 mark of authoring articles, I have had 11 national and international organizations ask to reprint/repost my work with permission (63 times!!!), the locations/amount of downloads of my doctoral thesis are interesting, and I have been invited to serve as the keynote speaker for some fantastic upcoming events for educators/administrators and business leaders. Thank you for believing in me. 

Budgets will begin to be finalized for the upcoming academic year or even for this fiscal year or the next. Now is the time to inform your leadership of what you need or would appreciate. I am available for speaking, conducting, mentoring, and motivating opportunities—anywhere. 

Please continue to support and celebrate one another. Most importantly, tell those you admire, love, and respect what they mean to you.



Have we reflected on the previous year and composed a vision and mission to move forward with intention? 


In November, Lori was interviewed by Dr. Kristen Albert for the podcast Turning Points in Leadership. The episode is entitled "Values Driven Leadership: An Interview with Dr. Lori Schwartz Reichl."

Inspirational Quote


“Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous new year by believing. Believe in yourself. And believe that there is a loving Source - a Sower of Dreams - just waiting to be asked to help you make your dreams come true.”
― Sarah Ban Breathnach 




As the new year unfolds, many of us will (or have already) set goals, intentions, and/or resolutions based on our reflective practices. We may hope to add new habits, eliminate old ones, or revise current ones. Be cautious! If we rush into these changes, we may not stick to our calculated commitments. Some early and immediate attempts to change may have already slipped away! Did yours? If we do not stick to them, how can we expect those we lead to do so? 

Questions for Reflection for this new year should include:
  • What is my vision?
  • What is my mission?
How are you making key changes to create your vision and achieve your mission?

Recently Published Article

Mission Possible: 
It Is Never Too Late to Refresh the Vision


“Vision is what you want to do, Mission is what you have to do.”  
Ritesh Ranjan

Before we can make a difference, we need to know the difference. What is the difference between vision and mission? Do we even know? If you research these two words, you’ll receive many lengthy answers and varying definitions. One dictionary definition for vision suggests that it is the “ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.” Mission is often described as an aim, calling, or important assignment. Yet, if we simplify these two words, we can easily understand the description that Ritesh Ronjan uses: “Vision is what you want to do, Mission is what you have to do.” The vision is the aspiration. It is where you want to go. The mission is the objective. It is what you resolve to do to achieve the desired vision. 

Archived Article


Leading by Example:
Making Key Changes in Your Career

“There comes a time in your life when you focus solely on what you believe is right, regardless of what everybody else is doing.”
— Alexander McQueen

Let us make key changes that will endure, inspire, and transform not just for one week, one month, or one year—but for a greater impact. Make inroads. Don’t implode. How will we go about this though? Who will we include in these changes? In the article, “Leading By Example: Making Key Changes in Your Career,” questions for reflection were asked. The first few questions listed may apply to any situation where you may be interested in making a change.

Use these questions to discover why, how, and when you want to make a change for the new year ahead. Yet, funnel your answers to more accurately express a passionate vision, a purposeful mission, and a persistent change.

Story Time with Lori



This new section of the newsletter is an opportunity to collectively respond to comments, testimonials, or questions. Feel free to email Lori, too!

Date: January 2, 2023 at 11:53 AM
Subject: THANKS

Dear Persistently Productive,

Thank you for reflecting on your practices. This is the first step in making key changes.

I often (and sometimes still do!) feel the same way as you. However, I have learned that it has to be a conscious practice to be present. 

I recently learned that the high-profile celebrity, Hugh Jackman, creates what he calls a "daily design" at the start of each day. He says, "I create [a daily design] as if in the past tense of what the day had been. Dreams can be crazy, can be wild. And then at the end of the day, I score it out of 10 to keep myself accountable for what I was trying to manifest" (from The Tim Ferris Show, episode 577). In the morning, Hugh writes a "daily design" of how he intends for the day to develop. An example of this writing practice that Hugh has shared includes writing something like, "My son and I had the best hour today laughing and talking and we connected on some of the most elementary things in ways we have never connected before." Hugh claims that this visionary daily practice keeps him accountable for his actions and promotes a sense of presence. At the end of the day, Hugh reads the manifestation again and rates it to determine if he achieved his mission.

Consider following these steps to prepare for your practice of presence:
  1. Decide that you want to be present and with whom/what. 
  2. Find a clear point to pause or end your "work" prior to your intention of presence. This may give you the permission you need to be more present.
  3. Schedule the time to be present for when and how long the practice of presence will occur. Consider starting with a small amount of time and then building on it. 
  4. Allow your mind and body to be ready for it. Move locations, put away devices, exercise, meditate, involve music, or do whatever it takes to focus, relax, and be free.
  5. Stick with it—both in the moment and by repeating the practice another time.
  6. Reflect on how you felt when you were present.
As this practice progresses, you may be amazed at how quickly time goes by and how you (eventually) enjoy these moments of presence. They may be more productive than you think!

You can do it!

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