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I hope you, your students, and community are having a wonderful fall! I commend everyone for doing our best to balance the demands of life. Stay positive and purposeful in your personal and professional goals. If there is anything I can do to support YOU in pursuing your dreams, please let me know. Thank you for your kindness and support. Embrace your uniqueness!
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Exponential Potential: 
All Ensemble Members Are Important!

Understanding that the members of our developing ensembles are not only the heart of a program, but that they comprise our most important feeder system, is essential. All students should be celebrated and inspired so that they never feel less important than the members of a more advanced ensemble. Students should be proud to be a part of a music program regardless of ensemble placement. If we operate with the knowledge that ensemble skills can and should be taught to everyone, and that all students are valuable, then we are setting up all current and future members of our program for perpetual success through an atmosphere of commitment, respect, and an opportunity for growth. 

Article collaboration: authored with Jonathan Sindler and David Matchim, Howard County Public Schools (Maryland)

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How are we making key changes to enhance our programs' potential? Are we including all interested students from every corner of the school? Is every student treated with importance and respect? How do we show this? Our students can feel it. Embrace their uniqueness!

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It's a Brand New Day!

It’s a brand-new year, and we are equipped with the experience, skills, and wisdom to navigate it as empowered leaders, learners, and listeners. We have a chance to show this recognition each and every day to those we lead, learn from, and love. It’s a brand-new day! We will be OK, and we can show this response through knowledge, improvement, inspiration, and above all—gratitude.
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Support for Music Students

If you are unfamiliar with, discover how this website empowers students to make well-informed choices and decisions about pursuing music in college and beyond.

Congratulations to Barbra Weidlein, co-founder and director of, for her vision to provide free accessibility to high quality, objective information for all students interested in pursuing any area of music.
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Advising Students on Majoring in Music

If students are showing interest in a career in music, steer them in an informative direction. A little nudge can spark students’ desires to transform music from passion to profession.
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Student Opportunities

Maryland - All State Band Auditions

Students enrolled in band, chorus, or orchestra classes in Maryland public and private schools in the appropriate grade designation may audition for and participate in All State activities.

Women Band Directors International Scholarship

Lori has been honored to serve as the Maryland state chair and as a member of the mentoring committee for Women Band Directors International (WBDI) for the last few years. The many women leading this organization - women band directors of all pedagogical levels and years of experience from college students to retired directors - have provided incredible mentorship and connection to one another. If you, your colleagues, or your students, are not members of WBDI, please consider joining this fantastic organization:

WBDI College Scholarships are given annually to women enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate instrumental music program, with the intent of becoming a band director. Scholarships of various amounts, designed to salute the people for whom they are named and to support young women presently preparing to be band directors, will be awarded.

Educator Opportunities

Searching for a Mentor?

Request mentorship from Lori or request a consultation for your classroom, studio, or program. Lori can also recommend a mentor who fits your needs. 
Request Mentorship

October Engagements


Speaker – Visual & Performing Arts Educator Professional Development

October 11, 2021
Livingston Public Schools (New Jersey)
  • Session #1:  Stronger Together: Create, Collaborate, and Connect with Administrators"
  • Session #2:  "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Am I Providing Opportunities Reflecting All?" 


Speaker – Music Educator Professional Development

October 14, 2021
Washington County Public Schools (Maryland)
  • Session #1:  "Build It and They Will Come: Recruiting and Retaining Students"
  • Session #2:  "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Am I Providing Opportunities Reflecting All?"

Author – "A Pathway to Perpetual Purpose and Pride: Sharing Stories About Ourselves"

October 19, 2021
National Association for Music Education
writing collaboration with Jonathan Grantham, Amador Valley High School (California)



Lori enjoys the following invitations:

  • designing and presenting school-based / district-wide professional learning opportunities for ALL subject area K-12 educators (face-to-face & virtually)
  • receiving commissions to write stories about the amazing things people / organizations are doing to better our world
  • speaking in classrooms to K-collegiate students (face-to-face & virtually)
  • guest conducting / adjudicating bands of all levels
Please reach out if you have unique ideas for future collaborations. Let’s be creative and work together to make key changes in education!
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