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Gratitude often fills our hearts and minds throughout November! It is the season to reflect on our lives, give thanks for all we have, and spend time with those we cherish. Consider to whom you would like to show gratitude towards this season, when you will thank them, and how you will show it in a meaningful way.

Remember to show gratitude to those with whom you collaborate frequently. Do you recognize the strengths your family, friends, and colleagues possess? Often, we look beyond the walls of our home, inner circle, or company for guidance, support, or inspiration. However, some of the most skilled people may sleep, live, or work directly beside you. Do you utilize them as a resource? Have you acknowledged their contributions to you? Have you thanked them for the personal and professional gifts they have given to you? We often forget to thank those closest to us. Nevertheless, it is necessary.

Consider making your show of gratitude meaningful. In an article I wrote about gratitude in November 2018, I discuss ways we can give thanks to those who support, educate, and inspire us. Don't wait. Show gratitude and mean it.

For years, I have loved how American Education Week is intentionally scheduled the week before Thanksgiving! It allows us another opportunity to give thanks to those who serve our students, schools, and communities. How will you celebrate this special week? How will you thank those who educated/supported you or who are educating/supporting your loved ones? 

I am thankful for the opportunity to share my love of music-making with students, staff, and communities everywhere. This academic year, I am thrilled to have been invited to guest conduct 7 honor bands in a handful of states. I was able to commit to conducting 5 of these ensembles. The first of these performances recently occurred in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania for Centre County. The student musicians were dedicated, focused, and eager to perform after a 3-year hiatus due to the pandemic. I look forward to the upcoming opportunities to lead more students and collaborate with band directors! In addition, I have space in my schedule to design/present a few more professional learning opportunities for the winter/spring. Please reach out if your school, organization, or company is interested in collaborating.
Please continue to support and celebrate one another. 🎉 Most importantly, tell those you admire, love, and respect what they mean to you.

Embrace uniqueness!
💗 Lori

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How are we showing gratitude to those who support, educate, and inspire us? Watch/Listen to Lori speak.

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“Sometimes we spend so much time and energy thinking about where we want to go that we don't notice where we happen to be.”
― Dan Gutman



Are we thanking those who guide us along our journey? If so, how are we doing this? As educators and leaders, we are in the business of human beings, but sometimes our human contact is diminished by a sense of urgency to achieve. We are programmed to respond with a quick “Thanks!” or “You’re the best!” or maybe a high-five, a thumbs-up, an emoji, a social media post, or dare I say—no response at all. What if we slowed the tempo a bit? What if we made a conscious effort to show gratitude? What if we gave thanks in a way that underscores how we really mean it? Do we make showing gratitude a priority?

How are you making key changes to show gratitude in meaningful ways?

Archived Article

Show Gratitude: Make Real Contact by Giving Thanks, and Meaning It


No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.”  — James Allen

Reflect on the most influential people in your educational journey. Are they former teachers from elementary, middle, or high school? Is one a professor from college, a tutor, a private instructor, or a mentor? Has a certain boss or administrator guided your path? What about a parent, partner, relative, friend, neighbor, or colleague? Have any clients or patrons been an inspiration? Has a particular student or mentee had a lasting impact on you? Now, think about the last time you showed gratitude to these people. What did you do or say? How did you express it? When did you communicate it? How was it received? How did you feel after you showed gratitude?

Archived Article


Friendship as Mentorship:
Colleagues Can Be Your Best Resource Professionally and Personally

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” — John C. Crosby

I suggested writing a letter of gratitude to the most influential people on your educational journey. For my part, I initially thought of my father and mother, grade-school teachers, private instructors, collegiate professors, student-teaching cooperating teachers, administrators, and recently retired colleagues. In reflecting on these amazing mentors throughout my life, I also began recalling past and present colleagues with whom I worked the closest. I thought about how they have supported and inspired me, too. They have taught me (and continue to teach me!) invaluable lessons. As I write this message to you, I realize I have even more gratitude letters to send!

American Education Week


Together for Safe, Just & Equitable Schools.

Thank you to the National Education Association (NEA) for the organization's efforts to "Celebrate public education and honor the individuals working to ensure that every student receives a quality education. Festivities honor the team of people who work in our nation’s public schools, everyone from the bus driver and classroom teacher to the cafeteria worker and administrative staff, plus countless others."

American Education Week is November 14 - 18, 2022! Each day of the week is designated with a specific theme:
  • Monday, November 14: Kickoff Day
  • Tuesday, November 15: Family Day
  • Wednesday, November 16: Education Support Professionals Day
  • Thursday, November 17: Educator for a Day
  • Friday, November 18: Substitute Educators Day
Consider creative and kind ways you can show gratitude to school employees throughout this significant weekand always.

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Music Reading Class

Music Reading Class (MRC) is considered the most unique online music reading course of its kind. Please consider this new resource for anyone, anywhere (students, adults, family, or friends – of ALL ages) who would like to learn to read music or to help supplement music learning. 

Explore: Music Reading Class

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Ask Lori to design and/or present reflective sessions to mentor or motivate staff or students in your organization. Review popular sessions.

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Lori offers mentoring sessions on your topic(s) of choice. Schedule a session. Popular consultations include:
  • making key changes in one's career
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  • refreshing a vision of a classroom, program, organization, or company
  • specific guidance for educators including:
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Guest Conductor

  • November 2 - 3, 2022
  • Bellefonte High School, Pennsylvania
  • Centre County Middle School Honor Band

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  • November 11, 2022
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  • November 25, 2022
  • Turning Points in Leadership - video & podcast
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