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Happy new year! I waited a bit to distribute this month's edition of the newsletter, because I felt as though everyone could use some time to tiptoe into the new year. 2020 and 2021 left many of us exhausted and overwhelmed. However, we have been encouraged to re-envision our lives, including our families, our work, and our passions.

I used to make resolutions for each new year and would notoriously break them before the end of January. "Lori" often read as the word "Loser" to me. Why did I think that I could immediately change my life come January 1 every year?!? Eventually, I started to make small "key changes" throughout the year that helped me to envision and maintain the life I imagined. I now start off each new academic year or calendar year by creating a vision board or poster that I look at each day. I write down my goals - sometimes daily, weekly, or monthly - learning to adapt and evolve them as needed. And, I have finally learned to share my hopes and dreams with others, so they can support me in my journey to reach my goals. 

My personal motto for this year is "With the support of our loved ones, we can achieve our dreams." To end 2021, I earned my doctorate. This goal was not obtainable without the support of loved ones who understood what I needed to manage my work, fitness, and family schedules. From my husband, to my parents/in-laws, to caregivers for our children, through their understanding, willingness to help, and love, I was able to efficiently study and effectively achieve this dream. I am thankful for them.

However, there are many goals I did not reach in 2021. For instance, I ate the most amount of candy IN MY ENTIRE LIFE from October through December! I am paying for that now, as I did not reach my health goal last year. Did you reach your goals for 2021? If not, so what! The gift is that we are ALIVE and we can start fresh in 2022. What is your vision for this new year? Have you shared this vision with others? Who can help you reach your goals? What support do you need? Are you willing to ask for help? Will you uniquely thank these individuals?

As 2022 unfolds, I am open to opportunities and collaborations. My dream is to continue to receive invitations to design/present school-based/district-wide professional development events for ALL subject area educators and to serve as an education correspondent for a notable news station. Can you help me achieve these goals? 

What is YOUR vision for 2022? How do you want to make a positive impact on your life, on the lives of others, and on our profession as a whole? What are your dreams? How can I help YOU achieve your goals? Are you willing to share them? Please connect with me.

If you tiptoed into this new year like I did, then it's about time for us to do some high kicks and make key changes to see our vision become reality! 

Embrace your uniqueness!
💗 Lori

Featured Reading


2021 National Association for Music Education's
Top Ten Most-Read Music Education Blogs

I am thrilled and grateful to have two of my articles make the National Association for Music Education’s list of the top 10 most-accessed music education blogs of 2021! Since 2016 I have been writing an article a month to focus on what I feel is most needed at the time in music education. The articles have been met with a great response and invitations to speak to educators. As time goes by, I have expanded my writing to encompass all areas of education. In 2021, I used this particular writing platform as an opportunity to share the experience with those I admire by inviting them to co-author an article with me or to guide others through the writing process for their first publication. One of these writing collaborations, an article co-authored with Andrew B. Spang, made the top-ten list.

Consider taking some time to read this year's most-read articles with topics including active thinking, codes of ethics, HBCUs, autism spectrum disorder, lessons learned, and much more! Congratulations to ALL of the educators who wrote and shared an article throughout the past year to better our profession. Click on the link below to read the top-ten articles.

Access the Full List of Articles



“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

~ Jonathan Swift



How are you making key changes to envision and maintain a better future? Watch short video.



What is your vision for this new year for you, your family, your work, and/or your organization? How does this vision look different than past years? What have you learned through trial, error, and/or success that will help you move at a more efficient and effective pace? What positive impact will this vision have on your family, students, colleagues, our profession, and society? Who can help you reach these goals? How will you maintain these goals? What support do you need? Have you shared your vision with others? Are you willing to ask for the necessary help? How will you acknowledge and thank the individuals who support you and your efforts to sharpen this vision and to achieve these goals?

Reading #1


Vision 2020: Did We Make Key Changes?

Are you a member of a state or regional association? Are you actively involved? Are you proud of the organization? Do you feel confident in its abilities to serve its members and most importantly—all students? If not, how are you making key changes to refresh the vision? Click on the link below to read the full article.
Read the Full Article

Reading #2


Sharpen Your Vision: Envisioning and Sharpening Your Program's Future

With the excitement and exhaustion of the first half of the school year fading away, now is a critical time to evaluate the effectiveness of your classroom or your program’s vision. Is it still in focus? As the leader of your classroom, program, or organization, it is imperative that you communicate a vision to all involved for the improvement or maintenance of the program, success of each student, collaboration with colleagues, and preservation of your sanity. Did you effectively articulate the vision to your students, their families, your colleagues, the community, and all supporters? Are you wishing you would have considered another component or worded something in a different way? Are you convincingly referencing the vision in your daily teaching, correspondences, and events? Most importantly, are you passionately embodying the vision through activities both in and out of the classroom, school, studio, or office? Click on the link below to read the full article.
Read the Full Article



Lift Music Fund

Thank you to executive director Emily Eng and the organization's founding team and advisory council for their efforts "to make achievement in music more accessible and equitable." The organization believes that "every student should have the opportunity to realize their full potential in music."

If you are unfamiliar with Lift Music Fund, please recognize how this amazing organization is helping underrepresented students overcome the barriers, financial and otherwise, to pursue a career in music.
Lift Music Fund

Student Opportunities


How can we support the goals of our students and celebrate their creative work?

Young Composer's Project

The Young Composers Project (YCP) as presented by the Maryland Music Educators Association supports Maryland music educators in their efforts to incorporate the National Standards for Music Education and the Maryland State Music Standards in their classrooms and rehearsals. 


Student Leadership Summit

The Maryland Music Educators Association is excited to host the 2nd Annual 2022 Virtual Student Leadership Summit. All students in grades seven through twelve as well as undergraduate students are invited to attend. Participants will learn from national and local leaders in the music education field as well as other arts industry leaders from across the United States. 
  • Information
  • Date: January 22, 2022
  • Registration: open through January 22, 2022

Educator Opportunities

Texas Music Educators Conference

"Experience unparalleled professional development, inspiring performances, and the best buys on anything the music industry has to offer. Over 280 clinics and 100 performances are presented, and more than 400 companies exhibit products and services."
  • February 9-12, 2022
  • San Antonio, Texas 
  • Registration
    • Lori will be presenting her session "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Am I Providing Opportunities Reflecting All?" on Friday, February 11 at 4 pm in room CC 220.


Searching for meaningful professional development (PD) opportunities?

Ask Lori to design and present PD sessions to students or educators in your school system or collegiate institution.

Searching for a Mentor?

Request mentorship from Lori or request a consultation for your classroom, studio, or program. Lori can also recommend a mentor who fits your specific needs. 
Request Mentorship

January Engagements



Conductor (postponed)

Howard County Middle School Honor Band
  • January 3 - 9, 2022 (possible rescheduled dates forthcoming)
  • Ellicott Mills Middle School
  • Eillicott City, Maryland


National Association for Music Education 
  • January 11, 2022
  • "The Meaning of Mentorship"
  • Interview with Dr. Neil Anderson, Steve LitWiller, and Dr. Jamila L. McWhirter


Bergenfield Public School District Professional Development 
  • January 17, 2022 - virtual
  • Bergenfield, New Jersey
  • Session #1:  "Perception is Everything and Routines & Relationships Rule"
  • Session #2:  "Build It and They Will Come: Recruiting and Retaining Students"


The Global Bandroom 
  • air date: January 28, 2022 
  • Interviewed by Keith Kelly

Coordinator (postponed)

Howard County Secondary Solo & Ensemble Festival
  • January 29, 2022 (rescheduled date forthcoming)
  • Long Reach High School
  • Columbia, Maryland


San Bernardino City Unified School District Professional Development 
  • January 31,  2022 - virtual
  • San Bernardino City, California
  • Program:  "Making Key Changes: Refresh Your Music Program" - Part 3 of 6
  • Session:  "Stronger Together: Create, Collaborate, and Connect with Administrators"



Lori enjoys the following invitations:

  • designing / presenting school-based / district-wide professional learning opportunities for ALL subject area K-12 educators (face-to-face & virtually)
  • receiving commissions to write stories about the amazing things people / organizations are doing to better our world
  • speaking in classrooms to K-collegiate students (face-to-face & virtually)
  • guest conducting / adjudicating bands of all levels
Please reach out if you have unique ideas for future collaborations. Let’s be creative and work together to make key changes in education!
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