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Summer often brings an opportunity for reflection and a chance to ponder our decisions, desires, and destinations more deeply. Consider taking some time to reflect on who, what, and where you had hoped to be at this stage in your life and career. Are you on the path you had dreamed of in your youth? If not, make the key changes that could put you back on that path to becoming the human, educator, and leader you always wanted to be. It is never too late to make a change or to alter the path ahead. Be honest and brave. Find the beneficial resources that you need to develop yourself to the fullest. Set an example for your students and colleagues. Take action!

Please continue to support and celebrate each other. Reach out if I can help you achieve your dreams! 

Embrace uniqueness!
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What would we tell our younger selves and what professional learning opportunities do we need to begin a passionate and purposeful new school year? Watch/Listen to Lori speak.



“You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”  – C.S. Lewis


Summer vibes often cause us to remember our childhood. We may have visions of fun, laughter, and play. If we could speak to our younger selves, what would we say? What words of wisdom could we have used at that time in our lives? What would our younger selves communicate to our current selves? Would we be proud of who we have become? What do we need at this time in our lives and careers? What do our students need? Are we willing to speak up for what is needed and suggest beneficial and timely learning opportunities for development?


If I Could Turn Back Time: A Letter to My Younger Self

“Ask yourself three questions [...] and you will know who you are. Ask: what do you believe in? What do you hope for? But most important - ask: what do you love?” ― Paullina Simons

Congratulations! You have finished another academic year of your career, one that has forced you to reimagine, recreate, and reflect on who you are and what you stand for both personally and professionally. You have persevered. I’m certain you will continue to do so in both the good and bad times. This year may have caused more confusion and uncertainty. Do not worry. You never have to apologize for taking the time to figure things out. Silence the critics who are telling you to follow a predetermined path. Rather, do it your way—blazing your own path in this amazing world. You are exactly where you are meant to be! By accepting this now, you will be truly amazed at the human, educator, and leader you will become.

Thank you to California Administrator Dr. Neil Anderson, Principal of Golden Hill School for Creative and Performing Arts, for collaborating on this article last year. It is still relevant! 

Read the full article: If I Could Turn Back Time: A Letter to My Younger Self

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From One End to the Next: Will We Be Ready?

“Don’t wait until you are ready to take action. Instead, take action, to be ready.”― Jensen Siaw

We crossed the finish line for one school year; however, the next start line will begin shortly. Will we be ready to lead, care for, and inspire students throughout the next school year? Will we feel motivated to develop ourselves, will we enjoy the time spent with our colleagues and students, and will we focus on the needs of the people in our immediate care? Take action to be ready!

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Back-to-School Tax-Free Shopping Dates

Every summer, select states offer tax-free dates allowing shoppers to do their back-to-school shopping for clothing, footwear, school supplies, computers, and other items without having to pay sales tax. This may include in-store and online shopping.

List of states offering back to school tax-free shopping dates in 2022.

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Ask Lori to design and/or present meaningful and reflective sessions to mentor or motivate staff or students in your organization. Review popular sessions.

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  • July 5, 2022
  • "From One End to the Next: Will We Be Ready?
  • Article published for the National Association for Music Education


  • June 9, 2022 - July 28, 2022 - virtual
  • VanderCook College of Music, Illinois
  • Graduate Course: "Making Key Changes: Refresh Your Music Program"


  • July 18 - July 22, 2022 
  • The University of the Arts (at Villanova University), Pennsylvania
  • Graduate Course: "Making Key Changes: Refresh Your Music Program"
  • Registration remains open: Information & Registration



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