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I have been doing a great deal of reading and researching regarding listening. I have heard it described as "active listening," "authentic listening," or "true listening." Regardless of its name, the ideas seem to be similar. Am I paying attention? Am I listening without interruption? Am I hearing the full message? Am I free of judgment? Am I seeking to understand? How am I responding or reacting? Do I plan to follow up?

How are we crafting our days and caring for those we lead? Are we racing through each day without giving thought to the people we serve? These may be students enrolled in our classes, patients of our practices, clients or employees of our companies, or family, friends, or neighbors. How do these people feel, interpret, and learn? Are we listening to what they have to say? Have we even taken the time to ask them? How are we adapting our actions to best serve them and acknowledging what we heard?

How do we know if students, patients, clients, or employees perceive a representation of themselves in the curriculum, classroom, company, and community? It’s simple. We ask them! We must ensure that in addition to their image existing in our learning spaces, their voices should be welcomed, celebrated, and heard in these critical environments. We must take time to ask questions regarding their interests, emotions, and needs. As leaders, we should build upon these answers to better care for, educate, and inspire these individuals to reach their fullest potential as learners and global citizens. 

My work continues to encourage educators to reflect on their current practices while making key changes to refresh strategies that represent a shared vision to enrich the curriculum, classroom, and community. In addition, it has expanded to companies and organizations to collaborate with their employees to refresh their vision and mission. Reach out if I can assist or speak at an upcoming event.

I am also in search of funding for an upcoming video project. Please contact me if you would like to learn more and potentially work together!

Please continue to support and celebrate one another. 🎉

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Are we listening to those we care for and serve and adapting our practices to best meet their needs? Watch/Listen to Lori speak.

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“If you want to serve, you must begin by listening, not assuming.”
― Jacqueline Novogratz 


Are you carving out the necessary time to listen to those you serve? When was the last time you dedicated the time to ask questions to a loved one, student, patient, client, or employee? Were you free of distractions, such as your device? Did you fully pay attention to what they were saying or did your eyes or mind drift to your phone, the next task, or a to-do list? Did you demonstrate you were listening by making eye contact, nodding your head, or reaching out with a kind gesture? Did you allow the person to speak without interruption? Did you focus on listening to the full message and not portions of it? Did you attempt to listen without judgment? Did you ask them to clarify or reiterate something if it was unclear or incomplete? Did you attempt to summarize their response or offer any feedback? Did you follow up to ensure you understood, adapted your leadership, or provided the necessary resources?

How are you making key changes to listen and adapt?

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The Student Voice:
Are We Listening and Adapting?

“If you want to serve, you must begin by listening, not assuming.” ― Jacqueline Novogratz

As educators, we cannot assume that we know how students feel, interpret, and learn. We must be willing to ask them, actively listen to them, and make the necessary key changes to ensure their voices permeate each learning space. As we dive deeper into this new academic year, can we honestly claim that we are incorporating the student voice into our curricula, classrooms, and communities? Have we even thought to do so? Are we inquiring with our students about how they feel, interpret, and learn? Are we listening to their unique answers? Are we adapting our teaching practices based on their individual responses? Are we following up with students to ensure that we understand what they are saying? How are we best serving our students―all of them? 

Thank you to Carla Kalogeridis, Publishing Team Leader for Teaching Music Magazine; Jacqueline Novogratz, Founder and CEO of Acumen and author of two outstanding books; and Laura Thomas, Core Faculty and the Director of the Experienced Educators Program at Antioch University New England, for allowing me to share their words as quotes for this article.

Read the full article: "The Student Voice: Are We Listening and Adapting?"

Archived Article


A Pathway to Perpetual Purpose and Pride:
Sharing Stories about Ourselves

“The courage it takes to share your story might be the very thing someone else needs to open their heart to hope.” — Unknown

Have you ever asked someone a question—or have been asked a question—and were disappointed when the inquiry or explanation was not reciprocated? Have you shared something about yourself, but failed to ask the other person if they would like to share information with you? Consider how it makes you feel when someone carves out the time and makes the effort to ask about you or show concern. Do you feel they understand you better? Consider how it makes you feel when someone takes the time and makes an effort to share information about themself with you. Do you feel you understand them better?

Thank you to Jonathan Grantham, music educator at Amador Valley High School (California), for co-authoring this article.

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Music Reading Class

Throughout the last 2.5 years, Todd Butler, music educator and performer, has dedicated immense time to creating the Music Reading Class (MRC) flagship course, which is the most unique online music reading course of its kind. I'm thrilled to be featured as one of the premier instructors and to help people of all ages all over the globe learn to read music!

The official Launch Date is scheduled for September 28: Music Reading Class

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