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Weston A Price Foundation 

Goodness, you’ll be saying. You’ve actually received a newsletter ! 

This is very overdue. I have kept putting off writing, because I kept thinking I would be able to tell you of the behind the scenes work that has been going on, to establish our very own WESTON A PRICE location. The hassles have been huge, but hey, we have got through them!

Yes, a place where any morning you can source products and information!

Of course, conversation will abound, swapping of experiences, ideas, recipes, growing tips etc.

We will be having an open day soon, I will let you know the address, date and time when all is in place.

But for now –

The latest issue of ‘Wise Traditions’ is out.  I will not be able to keep this issue out of my husband’s hands.  Being dowsers, we are only too aware of the impact that EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) have on us.  Well the Weston A Price Foundation have put together some interesting articles on this subject, including how to protect yourself from these frequencies, in relation to diet.   If you are not a member, go online to the annual cost is $50US.  Well worth it.

I just have to share one of the letters to the editor in this latest issue of the Wise Traditions. It says it all, we will all connect with Michelle’s comments.  But the lovely surprise, is that she is  a New Zealander. –


I’m writing to thank the Weston A. Price Foundation for their valuable information. In the past I have read hundreds of books on nutrition and despite keeping religiously to conventional guide lines, I suffered very low energy levels, struggled with weight gain, had bad gum disease and always felt hungry.   The dentist said I would lose my teeth before long.

Knowing these problems had to be diet-related, I started to research diet again with a more open mind and Googled “ the benefits of saturated fats”.  This finally led me to the Weston Price Foundation website and it all made sense to me.  Eat like traditional people eat!  Funnily enough, I had been doing that with my dog and cats for the previous five years, feeding them a raw meat and bone diet, and their health was fabulous. It hadn't occurred to me to do the same for myself.

My energy levels now are awesome, I'm feeling physically satisfied so I don't want to eat quite so much, and my gum disease is a thing of the past. Even my dentist is impressed as I no longer have inflamed, sore and swollen gums. I know my teeth will last me for the next forty years or more. I feel better than I have in years. And the food tastes better too!

I try to speak to people about my diet and WAPF but people look at me like I'm a nutter. They can't get over the whole "saturated fats are bad" thing. People are so well indoctrinated they won't even be open-minded about it. I'm a bit careful now how I share and just explain that I don't eat processed food. Telling them that saturated fats are fine and healthy seems to be too much for them to handle. They think I'm heading for heart disease because of the nice wad of butter on my eggs at lunch. Little do they know!

Whenever I want information on health I look it up on the WAPF website. This is my heath bible now. It provides all the information that I need to be healthy. I will remain a member forever! Thanks again to all of you who run the Foundation. The information you provide is priceless.

Michelle Cox 

Patumahoe, New Zealand


It's over eleven years ago that Sally Fallon Morell first came to New Zealand.  There were only a few of us.  My only contact was Sherry in Invercargill.  Now we are a force to be reckoned with, and for me personally after those first very lonely years, to see a letter in print from little New Zealand brings tears to my eyes.  Oh by the way, population percentage wise, we are coming in at the top of the ladder internationally!  Our chapter leaders now number 13!

I am sure we would love the world to wake up to real food, but ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day!’.  I have had three speaking engagements, in the last six months.  Two to club gatherings, and one a smaller one with a family.  It is so great to ‘see the light come on’ as the eyes shine, at the realisation that some old eating habits were actually okay.  

This coming Saturday the 28th February, I will be at the Helensville A & P Show in their farmers market marquee.  If you happen to be there, do come in and say hello.

Do think of the Weston A Price message - if you are looking for a speaker, call me!

Warm regards
Alison Ellett

Chapter Leader

Weston A Price Foundation

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