The Regional Economics Applications Laboratory
Announces a Seminar by:

Kijin Kim

Department of Economics

 "Bayesian estimation of labor demand by age: Theoretical consistency and an application to an input-output model"*

* Co-authored with Geoffrey J.D. Hewings




Davenport Hall


Abstract: This paper finds that a static labor demand model restricted with theoretical requirements yields empirically coherent wage elasticities of labor demand when the recent Census data are used. A Bayesian approach is used for more straightforward imposition of regularity conditions. The Bayesian model confirms elastic labor demand for youth workers, which is consistent with what past studies find. Comparison with other conventional methods suggests that monotonicity and concavity must be checked and addressed particularly in the case where one or more factor shares are so small that monotonicity is likely to be violated. Additionally, to explore the effects of changes in age structure on a regional economy, we integrate the estimated age-group-specific labor demand model into a regional input-output model. The new model suggests that ceteris paribus aging population attributes to lowering aggregate economic multipliers due to the rapidly growing number of elderly workers who earn less than younger workers.
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