The Regional Economics Applications Laboratory
Announces a Seminar by:

Sandy Dall’erba

Associate Professor - Dept. of Agricultural and Consumer Economics

 "The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture in the Southwestern United States: 
the Ricardian Approach Revisited"*

* Co-authored with Francina Dominguez,
Assistant Professor - Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences




Davenport Hall


Abstract: This paper estimates a Ricardian model of farmland value across the counties of the semiarid Southwestern United States. Compared to previous contributions, we focus on one climate zone and include the presence of extreme weather events and of farm subsidies in our analysis. We also control for heterogeneity and for various types of spillover effects. Once calibrated, the model is used to project changes due to future climate conditions. We find that the probability of a decrease in the fitted values is great in highland counties while an increase and a decrease are relatively equally probable in lowland counties where climate impacts farmland value less.
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