In this week's Newsletter: New report on large buildings sheds light on their inner workings, new GPRO and BPI classes this fall, get ready for a La Niña winter and much more!
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NYC Energy & Water Use Report Sheds New Light on How Large Buildings Work

As part of the city's continuing efforts to lower carbon emissions and create a more efficient city, Urban Green Council, the Mayor's Office of Sustainability and the NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP) have teamed up to study the city's benchmarking data combined with building auditing data that reveal, for the very first time, exactly how NYC's large buildings run, giving a much more specific picture of not only which resources are used and in what quantities, but also how they are being used.

The report, which uses data from 2013, is available here. Among the findngs are the top three ways that we can improve buildings based on the data.
  • Improve heating efficiency: refurbishing and replacing steam heating systems can yield deep energy savings.
  • Reduce energy loss from ACs: Leaks from window and wall air-conditioning units—roughly equivalent to punching a six-square-inch hole in your wall—are costing building owners up to $180 million every year.
  • Update lighting: Roughly 40% of multifamily buildings and 25% of offices are lit by older, inefficient and poorly controlled systems.
You can find a very summary of the report, some good charts and more analysis of the report on the Urban Green Council website here.

And if you are a building operator, manager or superintendent, check out these trainings from the NYC Retrofit Accelerator coming up next month!

If you're interested in learning more about changes to the energy mix in New York, don't forget to sign up for the New York REV Future 2016 conference!

Discounted BPI and GPRO Trainings Coming Up This Fall

Solar One is offering GPRO Operations and Maintenance and BPI Multifamily Building Operator training in September-October.  These classes are being offered for a limited time for a 60% discount with funding from NYSERDA.

Whether you are a superintendent, property manager, or building maintainer, these courses and certifications will help you make informed decisions about how to operate buildings efficiently and safely. Going green will reduce costs and tenant complaints while increasing comfort and energy efficiency.

Courses will be held on the following days:

GPRO Operations and Maintenance (2 day class): 9/13/2016, 9/15/2016

BPI Multifamily Building Operator (6 day class): 9/22/2016, 9/23/2016, 9/29/2016, 9/30/2016, 10/6/2016, 10/7/2016
(The last day of BPI will include a review and online exam with an additional 2 hour exam to be scheduled for each individual.)

Classes are held at our Training Facility in Long Island City, Queens, conveniently located to  many subways, with parking nearby.

For more information, please visit our website here.

To register for GPRO go to: Solar One GPRO Training
To register for BPI go to: Solar One BPI Training

Dreaming of a White Christmas? Be Careful What You Wish For

While NYC is experiencing a reprieve from super warm and muggy weather, the 2017 Farmer's Almanac is out and predicting a very cold, snowy winter.

Last year was an El Niño year, with unseasonably warm temperatures, and despite that one big snow back in January, very little snowfall. This year's La Niña weather patterns will turn that on its head, with snowfall coming as early as November and reaching a peak in February.

At least there's a bright(ish) side: Shoveling snow is great exercise and is actually kind of a fun way to enjoy snow, as long as your hands and feet stay dry! Sign up for our volunteer list if you think you might like to help shovel in Stuy Cove Park this coming winter!

You can read more about the predictions for Winter 2017 on here.

Upcoming Events at Solar One

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Other Events

Fishing Clinic at 10th Street with the Lower East Side Ecology Center
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