In this week's Newsletter: The latest on the L train shutdown, giant sturgeon spotted in Hudson, help us make a giant mobile mural that celebrates the waterfront and much more!
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What's Going On with the L Train Shutdown?

The MTA is often a source of NYC drama, with its crowds, under-capitalization, fare hikes and constant signal issues, but the drama over the reconstruction of the Canarsie Tunnel seems more dramatic than usual. After four years of planning, the whole plan seemed like it could be postponed or scrapped. But now it's March, and the L train is really going down, starting on April 27 for 5 months. During that time, there will be no service under the river and no service across 14th Street in Manhattan overnight and on weekends.

The original plan called for the entire tunnel to be shut down, with no service at any time. The new plan will preserve service during weekdays when most commuters rely on the crosstown subway line.

According to Fernando Ferrer, the acting chairman of the MTA, the new Canarsie Tunnel rehab plan will take between 15-20 months, with those night and weekend closures. There will still be additional service on the J/M/Z and 7 lines, but what this means for other mitigation efforts planned alongside the L train shutdown—expanded bus service, new bike lanes, and more Citi Bikes—is, at this point, unclear.

You can read more about the current shutdown plan on here.

Giant Atlantic Sturgeon Spotted in Hudson River

The Atlantic sturgeon is an endangered river bottom feeder that lives along the entire Eastern seaboard, from New Brunswick down to Florida. It is an ancient and very bony fish, sometimes referred to as a living fossil. And two researchers got a really huge surprise when sonar tests of the Hudson revealed a 14 foot sturgeon- twice the size of a regular sturgeon- as they were doing studies to determine the ecological effects of an anchorage for tanker ships in the Hudson, a controversial practice that detractors say is bad for river wildlife.

John A. Madsen, the University of Delaware geologist running the sonar, recalled the screen was showing the expected mix of bottom features—areas where currents had sculpted “sand waves,” scrapes and furrows in the anchorage. But then he saw the giant.

“When I first saw it, I said, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me,’” Madsen recalled. But there was no mistaking the image. He and his colleague, Dewayne A. Fox of Delaware State University, have extensively used this sonar system in sturgeon habitat elsewhere along the Atlantic Coast and in the Republic of Georgia, home to half a dozen species of sturgeon, all deeply endangered, including Huso huso, which can reach lengths of 18 feet and is the source of Beluga caviar.

The debate over adding anchorages along the Hudson is on hold for now after fierce opposition from environmental groups and scientists, including a cautionary 2016 letter to the Coast Guard from Madsen and Fox, who’ve been doing surveys around Hyde Park for several years.

You can read more about this on the National Geographic website here.

Join Us April 6th for Ecological City Mobile Mural Workshop

Solar One, NYC Parks and Earth Celebrations invite you to join us for a day of art for adults and teens on Saturday April 6 from 12-4pm at the Asser Levy Recreation Center on 23rd Street.

Earth Celebrations' Ecological City pageant moved to the East Side last May, and this year's event will focus on the East Side Coastal Resiliency Project and the future vision of the East River waterfront. At this workshop, Artist-in-Residence Katherine Freygang will be leading the group to create a 40 foot long mobile mural of the East River and its surrounding neighborhoods, including the parks, community gardens and green spaces of downtown Manhattan, with native species, wildlife and human activities all represented. The mural will be part of the pageant on May 11, 2019.

You can register here, and we hope you do! The workshop and the pageant are free and open to everyone, and this is a great way to exercise your awesome creativity while showing your support for a sustainable, resilient and verdant waterfront.

See you on the 6th!
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