In this week's Newsletter: GDL case study featured in GSCQ, small steps for the planet: new cable boxes, carbon capture and storage may be our last best chance to stay under 2 degrees of warming and much more!
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GDL Case Study Featured in Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly

Solar One's Karen Alsen wrote this excellent and comprehensive article about Solar One's Green Design Lab K-12 Education program, explaining the work we do in the schools and how that work is part of the city's OneNYC plan for resiliency, equity and sustainability for the Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly. If youy've ever wanted an in-depth look inside this award-winning program, this is a great place to start.

The article's main focus is the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program offerings. These programs aim to inspire students to explore green careers in environmental engineering, solar development and climate science, while also building environmental and climate literacy as well as an awareness of environmental justice issues in stufdents' own neighborhoods. In the words of one CTE student:

"I would be interested in a career as a solar installer because this industry would help the emnvironment to recover because it is using sunlight. It is a cleaner way to produce power."

Congratulations to Karen and the whole GDL team on a job well done!

Baby Steps for the Climate: Change Your Cable Boxes

We've known for a while that set-top boxes (like cable boxes and DVRs) are huge energy hogs that can never really be turned off entirely. Ten years ago, a single DVR box could consume 275 kilowatt hours per year- more than an Energy Star refrigherator. 

So that might be another great reason to cut the cord and use a Roku box or Smart TV- those devices use just a drop of the power that traditional boxes require. But if you're still using cable, consider ordering a new box, because the latest models are a lot more energy efficient than even last year's versions.

You can read more about this as part of the NY Times weekly Climate Forward newsletter here.

Is Carbon Capture & Storage Our Last Best Hope to Stay Under Two Degrees of Global Warming?

David Wallace-Wells has made a career out of scary climate journalism; his piece from a couple of years back, The Uninhabitable Earth, was as controversial as it was popular. Now he's expanded that article into a book of the same name which actually offers some reasons for hope. 

By far the most fascinating of these is Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), where industrial machines suck the carbon back out of the air and condense it back into, essentially, the coal that it used to be: compressed pellets of carbon that could then be re-buried under the ground.

The article explains (at length) where the obstacles to this idea lie- the machines need to be powered themselves, the technology exists but has never faced a real test of scale, we'd need a LOT of these machines- but also points out that, huge and unwieldy as the climate problem is, this solution is still cheaper than trying to plant forests to reach carbon neutrality. In fact, it's still cheaper, at $3 trillion per year, than any other proposed solution, including a carbon tax.

You can read the entire excerpt at the site here.
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