In this week's Newsletter: Resilient solar comes to Brooklyn, open volunteering in Stuyvesant Cove Park, 1 in 5 Americans now live in a place committed to 100% renewable power and much more!
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Resilient Solar Comes to Brooklyn

For those of us who experienced it, Superstorm Sandy was an unforgettable event, and for Solar One, an amazing opportunity to demonstrate the importance of battery backup during a major storm. Because our little building has a battery storage system, we were able to use it while the grid was being repaired without causing dangerous current to potentially harm workers; solar systems with grid backup were unusable during repairs (we got a lot of calls from homeowners in New Jersey about this at the time).

But next time, thanks to the Governor's Office of Storm Recovery's (GOSR) new Solar Power & Battery Backup program, we'll be prepared. Almost $1 million will be invested in solar + storage systems to be installed at Brooklyn Public Library branches and other community facilities in neighborhoods that were hit hard by the 2012 storm.

“When Superstorm Sandy devastated the traditional power supply of New York City, the hundreds of solar installations in the city could not be utilized because they did not have the ability to store energy. We are excited to provide reliable backup power to underserved, low-lying communities through solar power coupled with energy storage systems,” said Angelica Ramdhari, Director of Resilient Solar for our Here Comes Solar program. 

You can read more about this project at the Brooklyn Paper website here, or watch a video from Brooklyn Channel 12 News here.

Open Volunteering in Stuyvesant Cove Park Mondays from 3-6pm

Community volunteer days are a great way to spend a weekend morning, but weekends don't work for everyone. Come to Stuyvesant Cove Park on Mondays between 3-6pm to learn about native plants (with a focus on edibles), invasive species and best practices for cultivating wanted plants and getting rid of pesky ones.

Please wear weather appropriate clothing, closed toed shoes and bring a water bottle or cup. Weeding, watering and planting are some of the most therapeutic and educational activities you can do outside! Many of us, especially in the urban environment, suffer from "plant blindness"; gardening in the Park can help you overcome it.

For more information, please contact Park Manager Emily Curtis-Murphy here. You can also arrange private volunteer events for families and businesses. See you in the Park!

1 in 5 Americans Now Live in Communities Committed to 100% Clean Power

For 20% of Americans, the clean energy revolution is happening right now: Washington State just joined Nevada, New Mexico, California, Hawaii, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico which have all passed 100% renewable energy bills, and similar bills are pending in Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, Massachusetts, and our own state of New York.

“Voters and state legislatures are being pretty darn clear that there’s widespread support for getting the electricity sector to 100 percent clean,” said Josh Freed, who runs the energy program at the Third Way think tank in Washington, D.C. “In our wildest expectations, we couldn’t have anticipated this much action this quickly.”

There’s more than one good reason to focus on building a carbon-free electric system. Though there are still hurdles to leap, states basically know how to eliminate emissions from the electrical grid, said Mike O’Boyle, head of electricity policy at the think tank Energy Innovation in San Francisco. You can’t say the same about eliminating emissions from air-travel or concrete production, at least not yet. So squeezing the greenhouse gases out of electricity is a clearly achievable goal. And there are beneficial knock-on effects: It paves the way to clean up transportation (by switching to electric vehicles) and buildings (by switching to electric heating and cooling).

You can read more about this at here.
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Upcoming Events at Solar One

NYC Wildflower Week Native Plant Fair

Community Volunteer Day

Upcoming Events

E-Waste Recycling with the Lower East Side Ecology Center: Little Neck
St. Anastasia Church, 45-14 245th Street at Alameda Ave, Queens, 10am-4pm, free

Ecological City: Procession for Climate Solutions
The Loisaida Center, 710 East 9th Street bet Aves C & D, Manhattan, 9am-6pm, free

Happy Mother's Day!

Rethinking the Estuarine Circulation: A case study of the Newark Bay Estuarine Network
Hudson River Foundation, 17 Battery Place, #915, bet Little West & Washington Sts, Manhattan, 10:30am-12pm, free

Conquering the Energy Code for Architects & Engineers: Commercial
The Center for Architecture, 536 LaGuardia Place between West 3rd & Bleecker Sts, Manhattan, 9am-5pm, $99 general admission

Cooper Recycling Tour & Talk
Cooper Recycling, 123 Varick Avenue bet Meserole & Randolph Sts, Brooklyn, 9:30-11am, $10 Urban Green members

Present to Win: A BE-Ex Special Encore
Building Energy Exchange, 31 Chambers Street, suite 609, bet Elk & Centre Sts, Manhattan, 6-9pm, $25 general admission
Use code PUBLIC to register.

Community Board 3, Manhattan: Parks, Recreation, Waterfront, & Resiliency Committee
BRC Senior Services Center, 30 Delancey Street bet Forsyth & Chrystie Sts, Manhattan, 6:30-8:30pm, free
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