In this week's Newsletter: 165 leaders come to NYC to sign COP21 climate deal, old people don't care about climate change so you have to, Gowanus Canal cleanup postponed for the umpteenth time and much more!
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165 for COP21: Leaders Meet in NYC to Sign Climate Agreement

Last Friday, Earth Day, world leaders gathered at the United Nations to sign the climate agreement negotiated four months ago at COP21 in Paris: An agreement that, at least in theory, represents a binding pact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and get serious about mitigating climate change.

The U.N. expects some 60 heads of state at the signing ceremony. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, French President Francois Hollande and Canada's Justin Trudeau joined John Kerry, the U.S. secretary of state, for the event, the largest single-day signing of an international agreement.

"We are breaking records in this Chamber—and that is good news," U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in opening remarks Friday. "But records are also being broken outside; record global temperatures. Record ice loss. Record carbon levels in the atmosphere. We are in a race against time."

Let's try and make it a winning race!

You can read the rest of the story on here.

Old People Don't Care about Climate Change, So You Have To

Climate change is a problem that affects us all...but it affects some of us more than others, specifically the millions of millennials and other youngsters who will have to live with more of the effects of a changing climate than older folks will.

That point is brought home to hilarious effect in this Funny or Die video, which features famous octogenarian funnypersons like Cloris Leachman, Ed Asner and Bill Cobbs explaining that they don't need to care about the climate, because "that’s an after-I’m-dead problem”.

As for the rest of us? Not only do we need to care, we need to start doing something serious about it.

Gowanus Canal Cleanup Pushed Back...Again

This week, ABC Eyewitness News reports that after decades of squabbling, delays and disagreements, the city and the federal Environmental Protection Agency were finally able to come to some agreement about where to put a necessary retention tank for the cleanup of the infamous waterway and Superfund site, the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn.

Unfortunately, the start date for the project has once again been pushed back several years.

This is unwelcome news for a community that has been trying to get the canal restored to a healthy condition for years. "Every single day for the last several decades the community here has been burdened by this canal. It is the city's open space, the people's open space. And the quicker we clean up, the quicker we can restore it to it being useful for the community," said Sean Dixon, a riverkeeper.

Meanwhile, as Brooklyn real estate grows ever more valuable, more and more residents are moving into the area, even as hopes of an eventual cleanup start to fade. And residents are clearly losing patience.

"You came here and you promised us a solution to this problem. And I think this agreement will allow the city to become a problem to the solution," a resident said at Monday night's EPA public information meeting.

You can read more about this on the ABC News website here.



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