In this week's Newsletter: 2015 was a very good year for solar, new NYC school generates more energy than it consumes, come to the Art Pow wow opening at Ivy Brown (10% of proceeds benefit Solar One) and much more!
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2015: The Year in Solar

2015 was solar's biggest year so far, and 2016 will likely be even bigger. Capacity is ramping up on every front: solar farms, rooftop systems and shared solar are all making up a bigger share of the electricity generation mix.

From the EnergySage blog, here are the top three things that happened in solar in 2015, and a prediction for the biggest three things that will happen in 2016.

1. Solar installation keeps breaking records: In 2015, 7.4GW of solar were installed, more than any previous year and almost 20% more than in 2014.

2. Congress extended the federal investment tax credit for solar, allowing homeowners and businesses to save a lot- 30% of the cost!- when they choose solar.

3. 195 countries around the world signed the Paris Climate Agreement, which, while not strictly enforceable, still represents an important signal to global markets that renewable energy will replace fossil fuels.

Further, here are some of the landmarks we may well be hitting in 2016:

1. The US will pass the one million solar homes mark. And the more homes have solar installed, the more their neighbors will want to know more about getting their own solar systems.

2. Solar will become totally mainstream: There'll be no more grumbling about how solar technology isn't ready or won't scale properly- 2016 will be the year to put those arguments to rest.

3. Solar prices will continue to fall, and consumer choice will increase: More investments will create a bigger, more resilient solar market, which will encourage competition, which will keep prices moving downward.

So here's to a sweet solar '16!

NYC's First Net-Zero Energy School Opens in Staten Island

Architecture firm SOM has completed the first public school that generates as much energy on site as it consumes. Called the Kathleen Grimm School for Leadership and Sustainability, named after the late Deputy Chancellor Kathleen Grimm who was a tremendous supporter of Solar One's Green Design Lab program, the 444 seat, 68,000-square-foot primary school is located on Staten Island, the least populated of the five boroughs.

Set on a 3.5 acre site (1.4 hectares), the building features a large canopy holding an array of solar panels that generate power for the school. Brightly colored window frames punctuate the textured pre-cast concrete facade. In addition to generating its own power, the building uses 50 per cent less energy than a typical New York City school. Skylights and reflective ceiling panels bring natural light deep into the building and reduce the need for artificial light. Geo-exchange heating and cooling systems, which use the earth's natural warmth to regulate temperature, and solar hot water units further reduce energy use.

To see more pictures of the school and ready about even more of its features, check out this article from Dezeen.,com here.

Art Pow Wow Presents "Sitcom Studies" by Amber Boardman at Ivy Brown Gallery

Art Pow Wow is pleased to announce its inaugural solo exhibition of new paintings by Sydney-based American artist Amber Boardman. Sitcom Studies will open on January 22 and run through January 31 at Ivy Brown Gallery. We are thrilled to present Boardman's paintings as our first exhibition of a solo artist 'in-the-flesh.' The artist will present a body of new paintings in Sitcom Studies, and will attend the opening reception.
Boardman's mythic depictions of human fates and foibles prove her to be a subtle trickster. She seduces the viewer by improvising with juicy wet-into-wet paint, eye-catching jewel-like hues and earthy, fleshy tonalities. Her imagery - at once desirable and wryly repugnant - taps into the 'universal toddler' in all of us by flagrantly testing our attitudes to the boundaries of acceptable behavior, and then - with evident sympathetic fondness for her characters - offers comforting distance through cartoon-like form. Her pictures skew and flatten perspective into fabulous patterns and impossible angles to propel narrative’s capabilities. “I’m not afraid to put it all out there… my paintings are like going down a rabbit hole - I make the first mark and then follow it to see where it all will lead,” she says.

Art Pow Wow is a social network and e-commerce website where selected artists can connect with an international community of artists and collectors. Established in 2015 as an alternative to the noisy social networks and unfiltered online art markets that dominate the industry, Art Pow Wow is a curated site that offers artists the opportunity to sell their art directly to collectors, meet curators, and trade their work with other artists. Art Pow Wow is also a passionate supporter of environmental conservation and will be donating 10% of the exhibition's proceeds to Solar One!

The opening will be January 22 at 6pm at Ivy Brown Gallery, 675 Hudson Street in Manhattan, where the show will be up until January 31.

Upcoming Events at Solar 1

There are no upcoming events at Solar 1. See you in the spring!

Other Events

Mulch Fest
Various locations throughout the city, 10am-2pm, free

Winter E-Waste Recycl;ing with the Lower East Side Ecology Center (Willowbrook)
College of Staten Island, Parking Lot 6, 10am-pm, free

Winter E-Waste Recycling with the Lower East Side Ecology Center (Flushing)
Queens Botanical Garden, Parking Lot, enter on Crommelin Street 10am-4pm, free

Park Slope Greens Monthly Meeting
PS United Methodist Church (basement/garden entrance), corner of 6th Avenue and 8th Street, Brooklyn, 7-9pm, free

GCU Presents a Conversation with Jeffrey Kalinsky and Fern Mallis
Glasgow Caledonian University New York, 64 Wooster Street bet Spring & Broome Sts), Manhattan, 6:30-8pm, free

Solar Salon NYC
Community Church of NY, 40 East 35th Street bet Park & Madison Aves, Manhattan, 5:30-8:15pm, $20/no one turned away
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