Elections and Strategic Planning. Please mark your calendars, we have a compressed schedule over the next 3 weeks as we approach the "finish line" for several important goals that we have set for our organization.
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Elections and Strategic Planning.

Please mark your calendars.

We have a compressed schedule over the next 3 weeks as we approach the "finish line" for several important goals that we have set for our organization.

Reaching to Meet Our Goals

The Month of September was the deadline we gave ourselves.

Here's what we need to accomplish:

  1. Complete the DPNA Bylaws. (Important for our organizational growth).
  2. Elect a new Board of Directors. (The current board has served about 16 months).
  3. Set a 3-year strategic plan

Plus, a few extra items arose.

  1. Complete Streets Coalition. 
  2. Pasadena Heritage's Semes Lecture (which conflicts with our regular meeting time).
We've been working on the Bylaws for quite some time (they sound tedious and boring but actually provoke a lot of interest and discussion).  It's important to get them right, and it's also important that they have broad formation and agreement.  The election of the Board of Directors should follow the process set in the new bylaws.


  1. Complete Streets Coalition, Sat Aug 24th. Day One. Details below. at 10am, with an optional walk/ride beforehand.  Details: www.pas-csc.org

  2. Special BYLAWS meeting, Monday, Aug 26th at 6:30pm. PPC Gamble Lounge.

  3. Strategy World Café to set a 3-Year Strategic Plan: Saturday Sept 7th, 9am-noon.  PPC Gamble Lounge.

  4. Rescheduled September DPNA Meeting to finalize bylaws and elect a new slate of directors: Thursday Sept 12, 6:30pm. PPC Gamble Lounge.

  5. Pasadena Heritage Semes Lecture: Thursday, Sept 19th, 7pm. Central Library.


1.  Complete Streets Coalition "Launch"

First official meeting as a new organization

This  Saturday, Aug 24th,  8:45/10am to 12, Day One 

We will kick off the meeting by splitting into walking and biking groups which will tour parts of town to examine potential areas for improvement.  Meetup at 8:45am, planned departure  is 9am.

Please be on time if you can join us for the walk/ride portion of the meeting.  If you're running late or a late riser, you may also join us upon our anticipated return at 10am. Light refreshments and beverages will be served.

What: Pasadena Complete Streets Meeting
When: Saturday August 24th (9am-12pm)
Where: Day One, 175 N. Euclid Ave., Pasadena 91101 (just north of Pasadena City Hall)

8:45am - Meet
9-10am - walk/ride depart
10-12am - return, debrief, discuss, next steps


2.  Special Bylaws Meeting

Setting the "rules" for elections, handling of monies, etc.

This  Monday, Aug 26th,  6:30pm, Pasadena Presbyterian, Gamble Lounge

During the June, July, & August meetings we decided the basics (eligibility for membership, powers of the board of directors, etc.) but ran out of time.  

We will spend the entire time of this special 'extra' meeting focused on the bylaws, and we'll get into the details by reading through a sample document.

To view the draft bylaws and add your comments, go to: DPNA Bylaws--Google Drive


3. Strategy World Café 

Setting a three-year plan for the DPNA

Saturday, Sept 7th, 9am-12pm. Pasadena Presbyterian, Gamble Lounge

How can we make the greatest difference?

Our moderator will guide us through conversations at café table, and we will collectively brainstorm and settle on a plan to follow.

Light snacks to set the mood, and then at noon, we'll walk to a nearby restaurant (El Portal? Tender Greens?) for lunch!


4. Elections for Board of Directors and Adoption of the Bylaws
Re-Scheduled September Meeting

We will not meet on the third Thursday, as normal, but will move to second Thursday instead.

Thursday, Sept 12th, 6:30-8:30pm. Pasadena Presbyterian, Gamble Lounge

We'll cast a vote to adopt the Bylaws (as formed at the Aug 26th meeting and subsequent emails/postings);

To view the draft bylaws and add your comments, go to: DPNA Bylaws--Google Drive




5. Pasadena Heritage Semes Lecture

"Old + New: Designing New Buildings in Historic Settings"

Thursday, Sept 19th, 7-8:30pm. Pasadena Central Library

Steven Semes, associate professor at the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, is a strong proponent of form-based codes, and the topic is a critical one for our downtown districts.

To view details, go to: Pasadena Heritage



See you on:
Aug 24, Aug 26, Sept 7th, Sept 12, & Sept 19th!



The Complete Streets Coalition & Pasadena Heritage meetings will be elsewhere (see details).


Monday, August 26th  6:30pm

Saturday, Sept 7th  9am-12pm

Thursday, Sept 12th  6:30pm

Pasadena Presbyterian Church

Gamble Lounge

585 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91101

If you're driving, Parking is to the rear and side of the Barcelona Apts (85 N Madison).



Contact the DPNA: CLICK HERE or call (626) 539-3762

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The Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association is the voice of the residents of the Central District of Pasadena, California.

The DPNA promotes a walkable urban lifestyle in a city that is vibrant with thriving businesses, excellent arts, good government, and active public spaces.  

The DPNA advocates for urban parks, wider sidewalks, pedestrian-biased street design, bike lanes, trees & shrubbery, mixed-use & transit-oriented development, enduring architecture, a streetcar, and other amenities that improve life for residents of an urban city center.

DPNA Events

8/26 - Mon
Special DPNA Bylaws Meeting
6:30pm, PPC Gamble Lounge

9/7  - Sat
Strategy Retreat
"A 3-Year Plan for the DPNA"
World Café format
9am, PPC Gamble Lounge

9/12 - Thursday
Rescheduled September
Monthly Meeting
Board Election
Bylaws adoption
6:30pm, PPC Gamble Lounge


Other Pasadena
News & Events

8/24 - Sat
Complete Streets Coalition
9am, Day One

8/24 - Sat
Pasadena's First "Long Table"
5pm, Green Street

The inaugural Long Table is a Playhouse District celebration of community with a sit down dinner for 300 of our friends and neighbors. Green Street will set the perfect space for the long table and provide a shaded canopy to cool the summer evening. Delectable food will be served featuring a series of courses prepared by District restaurants

9/19 - Thurs
Pasadena Heritage Lecture
7pm, Central Library

9/20 - Fri
International PARK(ing) Day
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