In this Issue: More Thoughts on The Guide & Homosexuality, Evening with the Elders, More Recollections of Catherine, Job Offering, Online Offerings
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April, 2021
More Thoughts on Assessing the Implications of
One Aspect of The Guide’sTeachings on Homosexuality

by Paul Paquette,
President of the International Pathwork Foundation

In the December 2020 edition of this newsletter, I wrote about the fact that the Board of the International Pathwork Foundation had invited helpers and other community leaders to discern how to respond to criticism of the Guide’s treatment of homosexuality, particularly lecture 53 where the Guide discusses homosexuality as a sickness.   Based on feedback and discussion, a further meeting of the committee, and my reflections, I want to address this again today.

Let me say though that I am speaking for myself.  I see my role as President of the Foundation as engaging in the topic under discussion and to share what I see, hear and feel.  But as far as any action that might be taken in the name of the IPF, it’s my responsibility to support the finding of a consensus.  It’s not my choosing; it’s the choosing of those that invest in the process – the process is of course the Pathwork.  The objective of the Pathwork is to mold the inner creative life substance that we channel to act with love and care rather than hate and mistrust.  The cornerstone to do this is to face oneself in all honesty (see lecture 181 the Meaning of the Human Struggle).  This is said in many ways throughout the lectures as is the Guide’s intention which is to develop our inner authority to conscientiously make the loving choices.
Pathwork Around the World
An Evening with the Elders
An Interview with
Senior Pathwork Helpers
Carolyn Tilove and Sue Van Doeren
Carolyn Tilove worked with Eva Pierrakos in the early days of Pathwork and founded the Philadelphia Pathwork. Sue Van Doeren founded the Pittsburgh Pathwork. The interview is moderated by Kim Fitzpatrick.

More Remembrances of 
Catherine Karas

Reflections from Zoe Willow, IPF Administrator, and Ellen Braunstein, Longtime Pathworker 

From Zoe Willow:

To Catherine,
Words cannot express how grateful I feel for the time we worked together. You were an exceptionally generous mentor to me for nearly 20 years. You often said I could call on you anytime and showed your support so consistently throughout the years. You also embodied what a good, compassionate woman in leadership can look like, and it is often your face I see when I consider “woman in leadership." You helped bridge divides—both inner and outer in the community—with diplomacy, while trusting that things would unfold as they should. You were able to shine a light on the way forward when things got tough, and I trusted your guidance. I will miss your presence, your beautiful smile and your genuine, caring, open and generous spirit. 

From Ellen Braunstein, January 20th, 2021

Catherine, how do I love you - let me count just some of the ways:

While there’s no way to encompass the depth and breadth of our more than 50 year friendship-(yikes -1/2 century!), so many tender, funny, significant moments have been flashing before me.  You have been such a dear loving friend!  You are an inimitable vibrant melding of practicality, Italian earthiness, honesty, optimism, humor, aesthetics, compassion and more. You have such sparkling gifts, like your radiant smile, that I hope you know I’ve appreciated through the years. 
It was a treat to see you, Dimitri and Christina in your beautiful Laguna Woods home blossoming with exquisite orchids, bountiful lemon tree and sweet dog.   

Catherine and her husband, Dimitri

Editor's Note:  Thank you to Ellen Braunstein for providing Catherine's obituary (written by Catherine's nephew, Michael Karas) for last month's issue.


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