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July, 2020
NonDual Pathwork:
Pathwork NonDual Teachings on Ultimate Reality

By Liam Quirk
Associate Pathwork Helper from Mid-Atlantic Pathwork, USA
More and more you will discover the truth of unification, where dualities cease to exist and contradictions no longer contradict; where you experience two previous opposites as valid aspects of the same truth. –PL 224, Creative Emptiness

Are the Pathwork lectures truly nondual teachings? Or do they simply touch on the topics of nonduality as they explore and explain the human experience of living in duality? The answers to these and similar questions about Pathwork’s place in spiritual traditions can be answered by examining the core Pathwork principles in light of what nonduality means and implies. Moreover, the question must be asked: do the Pathwork teachings help us to experience the truth of nondual consciousness?

Pathwork Around the World

What's Happening
at the IPF?

Taking Advantage of Zoom

By Paul Paquette,
IPF President
The IPF exists to protect the integrity of the lectures and other material as channeled by Eva Pierrakos. We also look to see how we can serve the workers, helpers and communities that are living with this material. Keep in mind that the core of the Pathwork is how it enables individuals to do their inner work. For this they need helpers, teachers, communities, like-minded souls!

Read More...  to find out about current and upcoming Zoom offerings, recorded online May 2020 conference presentations and links to youtube videos.
The Pandemic - Changing Our Lives Forever

by Paul Paquette,
IPF President
It's interesting for those of us engaged in a spiritual path that requires time out for self-observation and self-reflection, that some commentators are observing that this extensive "time out" from the distractions of our regular routines is shifting consciousness broadly. Of course, some have been intensely affected by having to struggle with health and economic issues and for these we wish the best. For many, however, it has allowed time to observe, think and discuss things that might otherwise remain hidden.


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Online Offerings
Ego, Personality & The Real Self: 
3-Session Group with Liam Quirk
July 9th, 16th and 30th
12:30pm-2pm EDT

Relationships and Healthy Boundaries with Julia Jensen and Kimberly Middleton
Meets every other Sunday
Sept 13-Nov 22, 3-4:30pm EDT
Upcoming Retreats and Trainings

Philadelphia Summer Pathwork Institute Programs for 2020 With Madeline Dietrich, Brian O'Donnell, and Sage Walker Jul 30th - Aug 5th Philadelphia, PA

The Mid-Atlantic Pathwork Transformation Program at Sevenoaks / Fall 2020

Pathwork Helpership Development Program Offered by Ottawa Pathwork Fall 2020 / Ottawa
For more info contact Madeline Dietrich at:

Creativity Corner

A Prayer

By Margaret Ann Watson
Submitted by Helen Watson, Pathworker from
Johannesburg, South Africa
Do not worry
 Show us Thy peace hid secret in the heart,
And let our minds from restlessness depart. 
Help us to see the falsity of fear
That we may understand Thy loving care
Do not anger
 Let us not heed the moods of troubled flesh,
And give us strength to anger not, but bless.            
May we stand firm and thus our courage keep
That no more when men sigh and weep – we weep.
Be humble
 Give us that inner deep placidity,
To know that “I am You, and You are me”.               
So may we bless and love those whom we see,
And yet be still, abidng safe in Thee.
Be honest
Dear God, help us to know we are of You
To stand secure – to start our lives anew.                
Help us to recognize Your endless grace
That sees beyond the darkness that we face.
Be Compassionate
May we forgive all others – and ourselves,
Then turn within and claim Your love that dwells           
So strong and deep within this form on earth,
That we at last may find our Godlike worth
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