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The President's Corner: Obrigada, Brazil!

As you may know, the 2018 International Pathwork Conference was held in Rio de Janeiro from May 24 to May 27, and it was glorious!   If you have never been to Brazil or met Brazilians, I can tell you that they are warm, welcoming and loving! I had LOTS of WONDERFUL hugs during our time there.

The conference was attended by about 330 Pathworkers, mostly Brazilians.  There are 9 different Pathwork regions in Brazil and many, many Pathworkers.   And the conference was packed full of different events and workshops. Read More. Portuguese Translation

International Pathwork Conference in Rio 2018

Rio Conference: The Beating Heart of the Pathwork

Contributed by Alan Saly

Over 330 Pathworkers, most from Brazil, came together at the Gran Nobile hotel in Barra, in the City of Rio de Janeiro, during four days in May to celebrate our shared Pathwork. I was privileged to be part of it—the beaches, the bossa nova, and our beautiful process. Twenty offerings of workshops and seminars allowed the Brazilian Pathworkers, who have accomplished so much in their personal lives and for the Plan of Salvation, to demonstrate how alive the Pathwork is in Brazil.

The Conference was full of strong, grounded energy, as participants explored such topics as finding abundance, the connections between men and women, finding creative fulfillment through emotional maturity and the influx of the divine and the Christ consciousness into our human society. There was also a men's group exploring the theme of authenticity. Read more. Portuguese Translation

View Videos from the Conference
View Photos from the Conference
"Who Was Eva Pierrakos" presented by Paul Paquette at the International Conference in Brazil last month.

IN Memory of Frances Dubois

Contributed by Pathwork Ottawa

Frances Dubois, a very beloved member of our little community—whom it is worth knowing a little more about. She was a student in Roddy’s and my first PTP – and a challenging and sometimes exasperating student and classmate she was! But with determination and deep faith she persevered, on;  through the second shorter program we ran called Soul’s Journey.
Then she returned to the second version of PTP a few years later. Over the years we came to love her combination of “feist and fear”. It took more than three years of PTP before she could bring herself to overcome her history and light a candle, yet nothing could stop her on her journey. She taught us to belly-dance! We learned she had an MA in Math and used to ride a motorcycle. In all her insecurity, she had a good marriage and two great kids.

At the end of the second period of studies, her teachers (no longer me at that point) decided she could apply for Helpership in Vermont. I believe she was accepted, but I was not involved in that process, so am not certain. In any case, cancer caught up with her in summer 2016 and she was too ill to go; she died last summer.
By that time, she had long evolved from “exasperating student” to our community teacher and helper! During the whole process of her dying, she kept up with the doings of the community; she seemed fearless, knowing very well that she was going Home. Towards the end she got a bit pissed with God, wondering why He was keeping her hanging around when she was so ready to go! Eventually, there seemed nothing left of her but her indomitable humor and the light of her spirit. The last couple of times I saw her, and at her funeral, I felt my heart lift in joy. 
DYING INTO LIFE is an amazing Pathwork mystery school experience that has been the curricula for the graduating class of the Mid Atlantic Pathwork Transformation Program for many years.  It is a powerful way to focus your inner work by consciously facing your death through a 9-month meditation on, process work around and ritual ending of your current incarnation. This is a very powerful way to meet ourselves and transform our experience of life. Read more. 
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