In this Issue: A Devotional Format of the Pathwork Lectures,  'Woke' and Divided, Sevenoaks Reopening, Poetry Corner, Online Offerings
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May, 2021

A Devotional Format of the Pathwork Lectures
by Gary Vollbracht,
Associate Pathwork Helper from 
from Ohio, USA

Each of us in Pathwork has a unique relationship with the Guide’s wisdom as embodied in the Pathwork Lectures. While my journey with the Guide did not begin until late in life, it seems as though I have unknowingly been being prepared for this influx of wisdom my entire life.
As a youth and throughout my first five decades I was drawn to the Bible as the foundation of my life – being active in a conservative Lutheran church, I enjoyed reading the bible regularly, studying it, participating in and leading bible study classes, memorizing passages, and listening to audio versions of the bible as well as to recordings of sermons, lectures, and books related to Christianity and spirituality. My library grew to over a thousand books!
In my mid-forties, however, I began feeling increasingly lost spiritually. My foundation was not holding. From this sense of missing something important in life, at fifty I entered a decade of searching for something deeper. These ten or so years of my fifties included non-specific 12-step type programs, several years of graduate-level courses from a Catholic seminary, and participating as an assistant chaplain in a Clinical Pastoral Education program at a local hospital. I also began receiving regular spiritual direction. I was searching, searching, searching

Editor's Note:  You can access Gary's powerful and meditative devotional format of the lectures here.
Pathwork Around the World

'Woke' and Divided
by Anne Rice,
Pathworker from 
Colorado, USA

After reading Paul Paquette's article on homosexuality, I felt surprised. I’ve been a student of Pathwork and a Sufi healer/teacher for over 20 years, and, almost 30 years ago, studied and practiced multiculturalism in depth as a counselor at Colorado University. During my time at the counseling center, I had wholeheartedly learned about the subtlety and sensitivity of the cultural, personal, interpersonal and institutional struggles of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. The study illuminated my hidden biases and gave me a window into other cultures. It also became very challenging as I continually bumped up against the limits of this way of thinking. Not once, was there any exploration into the teaching behind the experience of being born into a “marginalized" group. When I attempted to open the discussion in that way, I was met with great offense and scorn. I learned quickly that this woke cultural orientation stops with victimhood. I left this multicultural paradigm behind as I came to realize that victimhood was being used as a means to create division between identified marginalized groups and the rest of society. Since then, I have watched how ‘woke’ culture based on multiculturalism has infiltrated institutions and society at large. I am surprised, but also hopeful seeing how it is reaching Pathwork as well. Pathwork, I feel, is one of the communities where it can be held in a deeper light and resolved.

Sevenoaks Reopening
in June!

A Message from the
Mid-Atlantic Pathwork/Sevenoaks Board of Trustees, 
Virginia, USA


Hello friends,

The paths we have traveled in 2020, albeit not far from home, have taught us many things. Separate, yet together on parallel paths, we grieve what we have lost, celebrate what we have gained, and in doing so learn what is most valuable to each of us.

Here at Sevenoaks, we are hopeful and welcome new beginnings. We know going back in time isn’t an option but together we can support each other on the journey forward. With great love and care, we have been preparing to invite you back to the land. We have thoughtfully researched and planned our COVID protocols.
See them here. We look forward to helping you and your community gather together and connect in safe ways. In addition, please note that several buildings on the property are available for rent via Airbnb.

Starting in June, we invite you to join us to host a Day Retreat, and we will host overnight groups beginning July 1, 2021.

We look forward to seeing you and welcoming you home. Please contact Gretchen Comer, Events Coordinator - 540-948-3185: Email:

With gratitude,
The Board of Trustees, Mid-Atlantic Pathwork
Poetry Corner

We Have the Power

by Lorne Oullet,
Pathwork Helper from
Montreal, Canada

We have the power to choose which way to go…

We have the power where to say yes and where to say no...

 We have the power to resist… what comes easiest….

We have the power to refuse the urge to submerge…

We have the power to say no to the places we go…. in times of woe….

We have the power to dissolve the wall…

We have the power to say yes to it all...

We have the power to remain the opening…

We have the power to yield to the more beyond the mind...

We have the power to let in the power…

When you realize that everything you need you already have,

neediness becomes needless…

Online Pathwork Offerings
Editor's note:  Those with a Helper-level membership in the IPF are eligible to have their events listed here.  Please submit your offering by the 15th of the month for inclusion in the following month's issue. Incude your name, title of the offering, date, a graphic, and link to a website with details/registration info (or an email address).  The graphic should be in landscape orientation. Send to Thank you! 

FREE Meditation
with Jean Millar 
May 11th; 4-5:30pm ET Email
Donations welcome

FREE Open Lecture Study
May 19th 7-8:30pm ET
 Lecture #181 with Janet Mullen
Donations welcome

Sacred Dimensions of the Pathwork
Abiding by the Law of Brotherhood
with Erena Bramos
June 10th-13th

FREE Pathwork Steps Meetings
with Jan Rigsby
Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

We would like to invite Pathworkers from all corners of the world to share your articles, photos, videos, poetry, or other news that might be of interest. Please send submissions to: We reserve the right to edit content as needed. Thank you!

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