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Peace in a Time of Unrest

Contributed by Catherine Karas

Recently the political climate in the United States has been one of unrest and division.   And it seems that this is true in other countries as well. The leadership in my country has become so partisan that the priority seems to be party rather than the general good of the country. This has left many of us agitated and anxious. I know this is true for me. I have had to STOP watching news shows to which I had become “addicted” in the last couple of years. Read more.
Take just a minute to meditate on these words from the Pathwork Lectures.

About Meditation

A long time ago I suggested a meditational exercise in which you do not think, in which you make yourself empty. Those of you who occasionally try this exercise experience how difficult it is to do so. The mind is filled with its own material and to still it is not an easy undertaking. There are several ways of doing it. Eastern religions usually approach it by long practice and discipline. This, in conjunction with solitude and outer stillness may eventually produce inner stillness. Read More.

Processing—the Pathwork in China

Contributed by Brian O'Donnell

I was part of a team that included David Schwerin and Feng Wu. We visited four cities all together. In two, we spoke at Universities to large groups of students and faculty, and in two other cities we offered process weekends.

Personally, I was struck by the dynamic development occurring everywhere in China. Infrastructure projects are exploding in large cities and small hamlets. A surge of modernity is sweeping the country. They have technologies that surpass those we have in this country that create ease and flow in a country that contains a quarter of the earth’s population. Co-existing is a reverence and honoring of their ancient traditions and heritage. They are also attempting to cobble together Communism and capitalism—not an easy task. Read More.


A Call to Membership

Contributed by Alan Saly, Pathwork Press Chair

Dear Pathwork Helpers and Students Worldwide,

At this critical point in world history, where threats to humankind from weapons of war and to the environment from continued exploitation are growing, our Pathwork is poised  to play a vital role in the development of humanity.

We know well that raising consciousness is the single most important work that can and should be done here on this earth. With more people who understand their inner conflicts and dynamics, and who  can find their connection to their God-self, the overall condition of humanity improves, and much sorrow and pain can be averted. This is our task – to raise our consciousness, and to raise the consciousness of the human family. Read More.
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