Pandemic Leads to IPF Conference Postponement
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March, 2020
Pandemic Leads to IPF Conference Postponement to 2021
About a month ago it became clear that the corona virus outbreak in China had now moved to other countries.  Questions arose on whether we would be able to host the International Conference in Ottawa in May 2020.  However, May still seemed a long way off and we started to reflect on the theme of our conference, Learning to Trust While Not Knowing What is to Come, and what the spiritual meaning might be at this time.   

That said, events on the temporal plane overtook us.  The corona virus continued to have its way with humanity and when the Canadian government closed the border around March 16th, it was clear the conference would not take place in Ottawa as planned in May 2020. 

Our planning committee is an international group and we consulted with each other to come up with this plan: 

1) Postpone the conference until next year with proposed dates as follows: 
Members' General Conference - June 17 - 20, 2021 
Leadership Meeting  - June 15 & 16, 2021 

2) Launch Path to Conference 2021 for the benefit of those registered for the Members' General Conference 
  • Invite the Helpers scheduled to present at this year's conference to record their presentations, particularly focusing on the theme of the conference:  Learning to Trust While Not Knowing What is to Come! 
  • Make these available to conference registrants so as to allow them over the next year to view and work with the material that is presented. 

3) Launch Leadership Meetings bi-monthly through Zoom to allow leaders across the world to get to know each other and explore common concerns in anticipation of coming together in 2021. 

These online meetings are fully intended to help build the connections with the teachings and each other that will make an in person meeting in 2021 that much richer and more beneficial.   

Anyone who has paid the conference fee or goes to the website and pays the conference fee will have unrestricted access to the videos that are posted. There will also be a subscription available to those who want to only view the videos, whether with unrestricted or on a single pay per view basis. 

Please note that the fees paid for the conference and access to the videos are very important to sustaining the mission of the IPF.  

We see it as important not only to promote access to the Lectures but also promote the work of the Helpers who coach on how to work with the Guide's material in a self responsible and self healing way.  While most of the work that sustains the IPF is done on a volunteer basis and, as far as I can tell, done with the delight that comes with serving, there are hard expenses that require funds - website fees, accounting fees, system maintenance,,,,,,,,,,, 

We hope Pathworkers around the world are getting local support from their Helpers and communities in this difficult time of a pandemic.   

We also hope our Path to Conference 2021 will be additionally helpful to you.

Stay tuned for more details on how to participate in this online format.

Best wishes! 
Paul Paquette, President, IPF
Pathwork Around the World 
Unlocking Pleasure: An Interview with

Pathwork Helper Madeline Dietrich

By  Amy Rhett
As part of the 2020 season of the Philadelphia Pathwork Summer Institute, Madeline Dietrich will be offering a week-long program on pleasure.  Madeline has studied the Pathwork teachings on pleasure for over 25 years and has developed this theme deeply through her work with individuals, couples and groups. Amy Rhett of the Philadelphia Pathwork spent some time talking with Madeline about what inspired her focus on this topic and how she envisions the program this summer.

                       Read more here...
Sevenoaks Closes Due to Covid-19

Sevenoaks Retreat Center, owned by the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork in Madison, VA has had to temporarily close due to Covid-19, and we are reaching out to the International Pathwork Community to help us bridge the gap for the next few months while the Center cannot welcome guests.    Please read the letter here.

A segunda turma de Helper vinculada a Associação Pathwork Ceará, finalizou sua formação no início de março de 2020, em Fortaleza, com a coordenação da Helper Fátima Macedo. É um momento de alegria e também de homenagem a Helper Fernanda Do Nascimento (in memória) que foi a fundadora da Associação no estado do Ceará e que criou esse grupo. “O caminho é infinito e este foi só mais um passo dado por todos que fizeram parte deste grupo”.  Parabéns a todos os novos helpers!
The second class of Helper of the Pathwork Region Ceará (Northeast of Brazil) finished their training in early March 2020, in Fortaleza (the capital), with the coordination of Helper Fátima Macedo. It is a moment of joy and also a tribute to Helper Fernanda Do Nascimento (in memory) who was the founder of the Region in the state of Ceará and who created this group. "The path is endless and this was just another step taken by everyone who was part of this group". Congratulations to all the new helpers!
Online Offerings

Online Pathwork Circle of
Compassion with Darlene Rollins
Mondays, Apr. 6th - Jun. 1st

Online Pathwork Easter Sunrise Service with Darlene Rollins
April 12th, 6am-7:30am EDT

Growing with Pathwork Studies
A free Online Lecture Study Series
offered by the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork
2nd & 4th Mondays / 8-9:30pm EDT

Medicine Wheel of Life and Death
Online with Darlene Rollins
Sundays 7:30pm - 9pm EDT
May 17th - Jun 21st
Upcoming Retreats and Trainings

Philadelphia Summer Pathwork Institute Programs for 2020 With Madeline Dietrich, Brian O'Donnell, and Sage Walker Jul 30th - Aug 5th Philadelphia, PA

The Mid-Atlantic Pathwork Transformation Program at Sevenoaks / Fall 2020

Pathwork Helperhsip Development Program Offered by Ottawa Pathwork Fall 2020 / Ottawa
For more info contact Madeline Dietrich at:

Creativity Corner
Slip 'N Slide
A poem by Michael Dagen
Hewitt, MN           
Lower self slip n’ slide
grab the hose and wet the ride.

Noose trip fall booby trap
self inflicted vice price wrath.

There must be a higher path
walked by those who under-stand.

That once you open the gate
demons flood a poisoned fate.

Well here I go, so long for now
may we rise and meet in Love
We would like to invite Pathworkers from all corners of the world to share your articles, photos, videos, poetry, or other news that might be of interest. Please send submissions to: We reserve the right to edit content as needed. Thank you!

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