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November, 2020
Politics, Pathwork Style
By Alan Saly
Board of Directors, New York Pathwork, USA
Pathwork Press Committee Chair

Politics in a democracy has to do with making a specific choice — which candidate to vote for. This truth mirrors the dynamics of personal decisions. At some point, decisions must be made — and failure to make a decision — just like sitting out the responsibility to vote in an election — is also making a decision.

Both political parties are portraying the US Presidential election as a momentous event with huge consequences for the country. But in a seeming paradox, no matter how the election goes, our personal, individual struggles will still continue, and that reality will be of more concern to us.

In Lecture 65, given on May 13, 1960, the Guide answers a question about the effect of prayer, but then gets into politics:
Pathwork Around the World

Re-Envisioning Our Future

An Update from Sevenoaks/
Mid-Atlantic Pathwork, USA

Sevenoaks Retreat Center and the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork have begun a revisioning process intended to recreate a flourishing and thriving sanctuary for spiritual growth and consciousness-expansion. The current pandemic has created a “space for reflection” allowing us to look inward and take up the work of building our path to the future.
We are creating a new vision that better aligns and integrates the organizational aspects of our mission with our spiritual values,  while engaging our community in the process. Stakeholders will work together to create a vision that will result in all parties being in full strategic alignment. This vision will guide and inform all decisions made going forward.  More information will be forthcoming as this process unfolds.

"Certain unalterable laws of growth and development apply to all living organisms in the universe. They are identical in principle and procedure for the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual organism. They apply to the macrocosm and the microcosm —to the one-celled life organism, to the individual human entity, and to humanity as a whole.” PL #120
Poetry Corner

A New Now

By Lorne Oullet
Pathwork Helper in Montreal, Canada

Life cannot revive you
When you turn away from what’s inside you…

And when you find yourself not wanting to be enlivened….
See if there’s a pain you’ve chosen to deaden…

It’s not that you have a no to life
You have a no to experiencing the presence of strife…

You shut it all down…          
When you shut down to the pain
So let’s go back to the place of departure
And allow yourself to yield again

For you need not stay in the places you go…
that maladaptively mitigate the presence of woe….

Far greater than feeling the truth of what is lacking…
is the pain of remaining contracted

Strife doesn’t need such heavy artillery
But the willingness to concede to your immediacy…
Where every now is another opportunity
To reopen the self to internal reality…

The courage of reopening the heart
May feel like stepping into the abyss
But it’s the only real action
That can rectify what’s amiss

So let’s make this a new now
One that no longer disavows…but allows
The permeable self to unfurl and flourish once again…

Online Pathwork Offerings

Being and Becoming Study Group 
5 Essential Pathwork Lessons with Liam Quirk
Series begins Nov 5th

You Already Are Who
You Want to Be!
with Isabelle Meulnet
Series begins Nov 15th

An Early Winter Retreat -
Cultivating Stillness with 

Madeline Dietrich
Dec 3rd-6th

Dying into Life:  A Six Month Pathwork Mystery School
with Darlene Rollins
Series Begins Dec 26th

CT Pathwork Lecture Zoom Discussions with
Kathleen Kiley Fisher
Wednesdays 7-9pm EST

Free Lecture Presentation
offered by Pathwork Vermont
First Monday of each month
6-7:30pm EST

Growing with Pathwork Studies
A free Online Lecture Study Series
offered by the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork
2nd & 4th Mondays / 8-9:30pm EST
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