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June, 2021
Pathwork Around the World
Please Assist the Development of the Pathwork in China
By Senior Pathwork Helpers Brian O'Donnell, Michigan, USA and
David Schwerin, Philadelphia, USA 
Pathwork Group in Hebie, China, 2019
There is a considerable interest in spiritual pursuits in many parts of China. There is also keen interest in psycho-spiritual teachings. For nearly 20 years there has been a concerted effort to bring the Pathwork to China to answer these interests. David Schwerin was the first to hear the Call to bring this work there. He was joined by Donna Evans Strauss, Jan Rigsby and Jan Roelofs and over a number of trips they traveled the country and gave talks based on Pathwork Lectures. Lorraine Marino was also instrumental in presenting this work to Chinese visitors who came to the United States. In the past several years the teaching expanded to include workshops and process work led by Brian O’Donnell in numerous cities in China. These events were met with great enthusiasm.
The pandemic has put a halt to this in person teaching for now. There have been several online opportunities to further the work. We hope to restart trips there as soon as possible to continue the momentum that has been established. We realize that a web presence is vital to moving forward and so have recently established a website:
here is a young woman in China named Angela who we met several years ago while we were there who has a passion for this work and has been invaluable in logistics and administration for our task. She would like to pursue further studies in the Pathwork and is committed to helping us move forward.

We are requesting your financial support through donations to assist this endeavor.

Donations are tax deductible for US taxpayers. When you make your contribution online, please note in the Comments box that it is intended for the China project.

To help pay for translation, for web maintenance, logistics and to help Angela in her coordination and studies and the many tasks that will forward this expansion into China of the Pathwork. If you feel called to assist in this project you can make a contribution to the Pathwork Foundation at:
It is tax deductible for US taxpayers. Please denote on the contribution that it is intended for the China project.
There is a strong need currently in the world for cooperation between the East and the West. This project is a link in the chain of this possibility. There is also immense potential for sharing this amazing teaching in this vast country. Your contribution would serve this effort.

David Schwerin and
Brian O'Donnell
Hebie, China, 2019


A Personal Sharing
On the Evolution of the Pathwork Community

by Kathleen Goldberg,
Senior Pathwork Helper from Oregon, USA

Holding the Community in its Diversity While Seeking Unity
E Pluribus Unum
(From the many, One)

“The one is made up of all things, and all things issue from the one.” Heraclitus

The Pathwork global community has evolved over the years to be made up of a wide range of people with different life experiences, languages and beliefs. We come together to study the lectures, learn from each other, and form deep emotional bonds. We are spiritual beings in a human community still learning to do no harm as we expose our human faults, misconceptions. In that sense we are one and many.

In Connection offers us an opportunity to gather together to build a deeper understanding of who we are in this global spiritual community. We are facing some of our differences as we  claim our views and our inner authority. We want to be ourselves and belong on this path to unification. How shall we move forward and evolve while we honor our traditions? Can we develop and embody a higher level of group consciousness?

Recently postings offered in In Connection address the Guides’ view of homosexuality in some of the lectures, particularly Q&A #250 and PGL#53. Many of us have had opportunities over the past decades to share our emotional reactions and to parse out the Guides’ meaning of “sickness” and “perversity” in reference to love in heterosexual and homosexual development.

The Jab
by Sagewalker,
Senior Pathwork Helper From Toronto, Canada

I feel like I’m living on the top floor of the tower of Babel. It has no elevator or stairs.  It could be called, the tower of Jabbel. Nothing connects the different levels everybody lives on.
Locked up here during the pandemic, I’m grateful for movies. They are visitors and company and sometimes, medicine. I recently watched The Father, an Anthony Hopkins masterpiece. Not long into it, as the director had hoped, I began to feel demented. It wasn’t shocking. It felt familiar. It gave me a name for what is becoming a normal state as the virus rages on, and people who love one another do too.
This demented state is not because I’m 74. Sometimes my husband and friends laugh because we can’t argue anymore. After a while nobody remembers what the fight was about or how it started. It’s good. This way, nobody ends up winning or losing.
No, the demented experience is because of the Jab. Sound bite word for the Covid Vaccination. 

Online Pathwork Offerings
Editor's note:  Those with a Helper-level membership in the IPF are eligible to have their events listed here.  Please submit your offering by the 15th of the month for inclusion in the following month's issue. Incude your name, title of the offering, date, a graphic, and link to a website with details/registration info (or an email address).  The graphic should be in landscape orientation. Send to Thank you! 

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