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June, 2020

By Saskia Hontelé Gommers
Pathwork Helper in The Netherlands

There are numerous ways of studying the Pathwork lectures. Nevertheless, I want to make a passionate plea to read the lectures in chronological order. This order has clearly been structured in a brilliant way and I have experienced a surplus value, a synergistic effect, in reading them this way. As a baby first learns to crawl before she/he can learn to walk, I believe the development of our purification process has predictable phases. The difference between the consciousness of the Guide and our temporary, primitive, earthly consciousness is huge, and the Guide’s wisdom succeeds in making the purification process understandable for both “beginners” and “advanced” people alike.
Pathwork Around the World
International Zoom Calls in May

By Susan Thesenga
Pathwork Helper from
Sevenoaks/Mid-Atlantic Pathwork, USA
A woman from Brazil shared that a good friend’s husband had died from Covid, leaving her friend with their 12-year old son to raise alone.  She’s felt helpless to comfort her friend, empty of words that might be healing.  Near the end of our two-hour call, she said she was feeling “filled up” with Love and Presence, and knew that this is the gift she can now offer her friend.


Pathwork in the New Age

By Agnes van Nierop
Pathworker from The Netherlands
I am a child of the New Age.  Pathwork Community felt like a good place to be. And I trusted this feeling. I discovered people in Pathwork are just as conservative as people anywhere. And the child in me was upset about this.  Isn't Pathwork about letting go of the Old Age and welcoming the New Age?


Divine Sexuality....
An Invitation

By Sagewalker
Pathwork Helper from Canada
Sagewalker, a senior helper/teacher and leader from Toronto, Canada, has created a body of teachings mined from the Guide’s lectures. It is called Divine Sexuality. After offering these teachings to individuals, couples and groups for over 35 years, she is ready to offer these teachings through a book and perhaps podcasts. As part of this development, she is inviting individuals to write a letter to her with a “burning question” about their sexuality. (Please see linked material which will give you more details about this opportunity).

If you are interested in entering this process, please email her

Online Offerings
Ego, Personality & The Real Self: 
3-Session Group with Liam Quirk begins Tuesday, June 9th,
7:30-9pm EDT

We're All in this Together: Removing Obstacles on the Path with Julia Jensen and Miriam Smith
Meets every other Wednesday
begins June 10th, 7pm-9pm EDT


The Inner Journey of Finding Ourselves with Cibele Salviatto and John Claude Wepner
Saturday, June 13th, 9am-1pm EDT

Upcoming Retreats and Trainings

Philadelphia Summer Pathwork Institute Programs for 2020 With Madeline Dietrich, Brian O'Donnell, and Sage Walker Jul 30th - Aug 5th Philadelphia, PA

The Mid-Atlantic Pathwork Transformation Program at Sevenoaks / Fall 2020

Pathwork Helpership Development Program Offered by Ottawa Pathwork Fall 2020 / Ottawa
For more info contact Madeline Dietrich at:

Creativity Corner

Staying Power

By Lorne Ouellet
Pathwork Helper from Canada
In the mist of hardship
Do we abandon ship
Or can we brave the waves upon us
And not give in to where we’ve been…

Cause ways of old have a way of taking hold…
until…we let go…of where we go...
in times of woe…. with our big fat No...

All boarded up in the house of negation…
Cut off from all now sensations… including elation…
When a no to now is your prime habitation…
Nothing gets through … a wall in formation…

Not the best use of self-regulation…

The last thing that pain needs is a going away present…
Pain needs staying power….
Now needs staying power…
Staying is the only way to go…
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