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December, 2020
Assessing the Implications of One Aspect of The Guide’s Teachings on Homosexuality
By Paul Paquette
President, International Pathwork Foundation

In the Pathwork lectures the Guide reminds us many times that the things the Guide is saying are not to be taken as dogma but rather are to be discerned and wrestled with, to the point where we are to arrive at our own conscientious decision as to their truth and merit.

In lecture 53 when the Guide refers to homosexuality as sickness, the Guide appears to leave no room for equivocation and the Guide appears to clearly believe that God’s plan unfolds in the union of a man and a woman.

For people steeped in the Pathwork, who have wrestled with the many times and ways one is triggered by the lecture material, the statement may not be seriously problematic.  One might shrug and say: “just another occasion, dear Guide, where, with all due respect, I beg to differ.  You appear to base your argument on homosexuality being a result of stunted emotional development and you don’t address nature itself – that human bodies get sexually aroused by attractions determined by DNA, not choice.”  
Pathwork Around the World

The COVID-19 Virus Pandemic as a Mirror of our Inner Virus
A Presentation by Nadya Beck,
Senior Pathwork Helper, Vermont, USA
January 24th, 12-1:30pm EST

The global pandemic is a virus causing disease, suffering and death in the outer world.  Its cure requires the discovery and recognition of our own Inner virus that has caused dis-ease, suffering and death for centuries.

For the first half hour of this Zoom webinar, Nadya will present her thoughts on the topic.  In the remaining time she will address the thoughts and concerns of attendees .  
Nadya Beck is a Senior Helper/Teacher.  Nadya has worked extensively with the Pathwork in North and South America as well as Europe over the last 35 years. Nadya has created and taught Helpership training programs in Canada, New York and Brazil.  She created and taught a 7 year program for Helpers with Sage Walker, named Renaissance.  The intention and study was to explore, expand and deepen our knowledge and relationship to the Lower Self and its effect on ourselves and our planet.

The webinar fee of $10 supports the work of the IPF.
Creativity Corner


By Agnes van Nierop
Pathworker in the Netherlands

(embroidered artwork by Agnes van Nierop)
By the looks outside we are a man or a woman.
By the feeling inside we are a man and a woman.
In the body is a constraint
A man cannot give birth to a baby
A woman cannot penetrate a man with her body
Our Being inside is not constraint
We feel the male and female powers
to learn to know how we are Whole inside
we need to connect with male and female energy inside


Therefore we need
an ungoing force inside
that wants to know who we Really ARE
Relationship is than becoming a form
in which we learn to know ourselves
the wounded woman
the wounded man
the willingness to take care of both
This process will bring us to Unified Love
Within our Self
Online Pathwork Offerings
Editor's note:  Those with a Helper-level membership in the IPF are eligible to have their events listed here.  Please submit your offering by the 25th of the month for inclusion in the following month's issue.  Thank you!

Meeting the Unwanted: Pathwork Teaching, Meditation, Dialogue and Sharing and with Brian O'Donnell. 
In English, Portuguese and Spanish
 Dec 12th, 9am-noon EST

Calling All Angels:  A Pathwork Blessing for the Season
A Free Online Event Offered by the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork 
Dec 13th, 7:30-9:30pm EST

The House of God:  A Pathwork Model for Relationship and Community with Liam Quirk
Dec 14th, 6:30-7:30PM EST. Free. email
See Video on The House of God 

Dying into Life:  A Six Month Pathwork Mystery School
with Darlene Rollins
Series Begins Dec 26th

Pathwork as a Full Spectrum Path: A Free Online Experience with Susan Thesenga.  Dec 27th, 11am-12:30pm

Healing Destructive Patterns: An Online 3-Part Pathwork Series with Julia Jensen and Miriam Smith Begins Jan 13th, 7-9pm EST

The COVID-19 Virus Pandemic
as a Mirror of our Inner Virus
with Nadya Beck 
Jan 24th, 12-1:30pm EST

The Sacred Journey: An Online Preparatory Series for the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork Transformation Program with Julia Jensen and Miriam Smith Begins Jan 24th

The Call to Consciousness: Self-Awareness to Heal the Divide
Free Monthly Lecture Series offered by the Philadelphia Pathwork


Growing with Pathwork Studies: 
Free Online Lecture Study Series
New Curriculum for 2021!
Pathwork as a Full Spectrum Path

offered by the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork
2nd & 4th Mondays / 8-9:30pm EST

Free CT Pathwork Lecture Zoom Discussions with
Kathleen Kiley Fisher
Wednesdays 7-9pm EST

Free Lecture Presentation
offered by Pathwork Vermont
First Monday of each month
6-7:30pm EST
We would like to invite Pathworkers from all corners of the world to share your articles, photos, videos, poetry, or other news that might be of interest. Please send submissions to: We reserve the right to edit content as needed. Thank you!

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