Empowerment Cafe Weekly Bulletin 17-23 October 2015

VIETNAM: Couple with Disabilities Get Dream Wedding

THAILAND: Phitsanulok Governor Invites Disabled Boy to Join Bike for Dad Activity

WORLD: Your Complete Guide to Disability Benefits

NEW ZEALAND: Jobseekers to Dispel Disability Myths

THAILAND: Thailand's Largest Child Development Institute is Expanding

PHILIPPINES: How to Make Disaster Response Sensitive to Persons with Disabilities

CAMBODIA: NGO Gets Unicef Aid for Speech Therapy Training

AUSTRALIA: Sydney Performers With Disabilities Seek Funds for Overseas Adventure

CAMBODIA: Motorized Wheelchairs for Two Teachers in Cambodia

SINGAPORE: Home for Persons with Intellectual Disability Ready in 2018

WORLD: 5 Celebrities Who Have Siblings on the Autism Spectrum

SINGAPORE: Ask Persons with Disabilities How Best to Include Them

BRUNEI: Seven Living Centers for Persons with Disabilities Proposed in 2016 Budget

MALAYSIA: Plans for Disabled Friendly Housing Units to Be Carried Out Soon

AUSTRALIA: Why a Corporate Man Changed His Life to Spread the Word on Understanding Disability

CHINA: Artist Uses Magic Ink to Help China's Blind Children

SOUTH KOREA: Blind Marathoner Breaks Stereotypes of Disabled People

PAKISTAN: Sanghar Girl Unstoppable Despite Disability (VIDEO)

INDIA: Disability Seat for Dialysis Patients in Buses

WORLD: Dad's Involvement Crucial to Mom's Mental Health in Autism

INDIA: Why Government's Accessible India Campaign in an Excellent Idea

AUSTRALIA: Most Common Disabilities in Australia

*Some headlines were shortened and/or modified for readability
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