Empowerment Cafe Weekly Bulletin 5-11 September 2015
AUSTRALIA: Disability Action Week Gets Underway 13-19 September 2015

THAILAND: Crown Prince Designs Special Modified Bike for Boy with Disability

WORLD: Antipsychotics Inappropriately Prescribed to Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

BRUNEI: Mobility Camp for Persons with Disabilities Sees First Success

WORLD: French Woman Allergic to Wi-Fi, Gets Disability Grant

JAPAN: 28 Municipalities, Businesses Receive Japan's First Toilet Awards for Improved and Accessible Facilities

BANGLADESH: Bangladesh Garment Sector to Hire Workers with Autism

AUSTRALIA: Free Classes to Boost Disability Workers Ahead of NDIS Shakeup

WORLD: Dear Parents of Children with Disabilities, It Gets Better

WORLD: What Every Parent Should Know About Autism Screening

AUSTRALIA: Parents Lament Lack of Disability-Friendly Rides at Melbourne Show

FIJI: Persons with Disabilities 'Want Their Voices Heard'

VIETNAM: Vietnamese with Disabilities Gain Professional Skills, Jobs

WORLD: The Social Security Disability Fund is Disabled (COMMENTARY)

WORLD: Rise in Disability Benefits for Children with Mental Disorders Consistent with Population Trends

BANGLADESH: Disability Can’t Keep Down Talent

SINGAPORE: Different Abilities, Same Desire

WORLD: Early Flu Treatment Reduces Hospitalization Time, Disability Risk in Older People

WORLD: How Persons with Autism Helped Shape the Modern World

MYANMAR: Lifeworks Mankato Celebrates 15 years of Helping Persons with Disabilities Find Jobs

SINGAPORE: Disability Toilets More About Lowering Barriers

CHINA: Hong Kong, China Wheelchair & Disabled Accessibility Travel Guideline (VIDEO)

WORLD: Working with Families Touched by Autism, a Most Frustrating, Rewarding Job

WORLD: First Responders Attend Autism Training

WORLD: Children With Disabilities in Russia Face Discrimination

BANGLADESH: Persons with Disabilities can Contribute to Society

AFGHANISTAN: Disabled Cricketers Beat Host Bangladesh in Five Nations T20

FIJI: Literacy is for Everyone, Including Persons with Disabilities

NEW ZEALAND: Work on Disability Access to Lake Puketirini Begins

INDIA: State Disability Activist Receives Ashoka Samman

SINGAPORE: Paralympian Cancer Survivor Begins 50-Hour Endurance Feat for Charity and SG50

INDIA: Disability and Homelessness Do Not Deter This Activist from Filing RTIs in Delhi

AUSTRALIA: Disability Action Week Now Includes Filmmaking Workshop

JAPAN: 'Standing Out' as a Disabled Foreigner

AUSTRALIA: Photographic Portrait Project Alters Realities for Persons with Disabilities

WORLD: Global Disability Inclusion and FTL MODA Partner to Build Visibility of Disabled Models

WORLD: Autism Cases Among Younger Children on the Rise, But Reason Still Unclear

BANGLADESH: Children with Disabilities Demand Friendly Schools

WORLD: How  ‘Best Practices ‘ are Vastly Overated in Today’s Educational Environment

MALAYSIA: Page for Persons with Disabilities

NEW ZEALAND: CCS Disability Action Welcomes Partial Victory

INDIA: Disability Census Till 11 September 2015

SINGAPORE: Quietly, They Build a Team to Play a New Sport from Scratch

INDIA: ‘Believe You Can Overcome Physical Disability by Mental Strength and Positive Mindset’

VIETNAM: Saigon Church Launches Scholarships and Free Courses for Poor, Kids with Disabilities

WORLD: 6-Year-Old with Autism Threatened with Year-Long Suspension for Speaking Out of Turn

*Some headlines were shortened and/or modified for readability
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