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Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse quality review

Reduced Substance and Diffuse  

Category: Reduced Volume
Sensation: Reduced Substance: The vessel lacks the sense of material content with diminished buoyancy, elasticity, and resilience. The sensation is analogous to a cigarette with less than the normal amount of tobacco filling it.
Sensation: Diffuse: The impulse feels wide, without clear boundaries and merges into the surrounding tissue of the principal impulse.  
Interpretation: These pulse qualities represent advanced chronic qi deficiency. The body is depleted of qi and blood, and the yang is being affected by the exertion of the body's attempt to maintain normal physiology while compensating for the deficiency.

Treatment of chronic advanced qi deficiency will be long term and include herbal prescriptions, lifestyle and dietary advice. In addition it is important that people understand pushing through tiredness will immediately worsen their condition. Activity should therefore be carefully balanced with rest to prevent  further depletion of qi.

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