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As the summer winds down, Fall Conference season is just beginning! Make sure you take full advantage of all the education available. Be sure to check out the new section in the e-newsletter -- "Catherine's Agenda" to see where I will be spreading the word about 203k consulting!

If you are a 203k In A Box Power Teams members, please be sure to pay attention to all the materials included in your monthly mailing -- I've included a very special bonus CD and your 203k Rehab Reporter software.

Last, but not least, a big congratulations to our members who have recently become certified!

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Inside the "Box"


Attention all 203k In A Box members! Are you attending the 2013 Las Vegas Inspection conference? You know that Jessa and I are going to be there, but did you also know that I am teaching a brand new course on Thursday afternoon- Inspecting for Minimum Property Standards (MPS)? Yes, I am going to launch this new course and providing a special gift to everyone who attends--a MPS Marketing Blueprint. It will include a power point presentation, MPS Checklist, a customizable flyer to promote the session, as well as sample emails to send to agents inviting them to attend the training. You don't want to miss this opportunity to attend this live class and learn (or get an update) about how to market your home inspection business as a "Deal Saver" because you will be able to educate your clients and real estate referral partners about the Minimum Property Standards. 
Yes, conference season is beginning again for Fall/Winter 2013 and Jessa and I are hitting the road. If you are attending any of the events where 203k In A Box will be participating, stop by our booth and pick up your 203k In A Box t-shirt. During each conference, we will have a 203k In A Box “T-Shirt Day”. Get to know the face behind the voice and names of the people you share Power Team calls with each month!

203k Consultant Responsibilities- what are they REALLY?

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What is the role of a 203k consultant? Really? A loan officer recently advised me not to discuss issues with his client that were not directly related to the HUD report. What he was referring to was the fact I shared with the client that depending on who their loan was going to be brokered to would dramatically affect their project- an increase from 10% to 15% on the contingency reserve on a $220,000 project is an $11,000 difference- the difference between feasible and NOT feasible.
In another instance, the deal is in jeopardy because the contractor that the borrower is worth with does not have proper licensing to work in a certain area- a contractor the client brought into the project I might add. The real estate agents wants to point a finger at me for not telling his client all the things a 203k contractor is required to have in order to get validated.
With the control comes the responsibility and I, for one, am happy to take the reigns and provide as much education and support to my clients as possible. For example, by providing a list of qualified (legally licensed) contractors for my clients to work with eliminates issues like the one described above- in fact, the client ended up using a contractor from my list. Educating my clients as to all the possible hurdles that I have the experience to describe to them will reinforce, in their minds, my professionalism and expertise. 
Do you have a responsibility to know as much as possible the underwriting requirements of the banks and lenders that are being used most in your areas? I say yes! You are serving your client when you are able to let your client know that they cannot list on their 203k write-up “owner supplied fixtures” based on the lender that the loan will be sold to. It is better to address all possible issues before going to underwriting then having to re-write a Specification of Repairs the day before settlement because of issues you as a responsible consultant could have reported earlier in the process.
Get to know as much as you can about all phases of the 203k process and you will be the consultant that lenders will want to work with because you will be helping them get what they want- a smooth settlement. As a 203k In A Box consultant, you have the benefit of a network of consultants sharing information as well as access to one of the most experienced and knowledgeable consultants in the country- me. ;-)

Success Supplies Section

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How many of you have been taking advantage of the e-version of the monthly “Inside the Box” newsletter? Did you know what each month we- especially Jessa adds extra content to this publication- content that is NOT in the printed copy of the newsletter. Jessa has asked me to forward the following information to you…
There are many benefits to our member receiving both a published version of the monthly Power Teams newsletter and the e-version sent to your email. Not only does the e-newsletter provide all of the information of the published version, but much more!
Each month, Catherine provides you with success supplies and marketing materials to use to increase your success as a 203k consultant. This information is just a click away in the e-newsletter! You will find the most current Power Teams site password and a link for quick access to this most valuable resource. Through a link in the e-newsletter, you can effortlessly schedule your monthly one-on-one coaching call with Catherine.
There is also a quick link to email me your questions, comments and concerns. I am usually able to help you with your most recent marketing project, assist you with scheduling your coaching calls, or let you know where to find a document or a PowerPoint that you can use to market to real estate agents, lenders and buyers. The e-newsletter also makes it easy for you to email me the information requested in “Jessa’s Corner” (only available in the e-newsletter) – this is where I talk about your latest marketing strategy, 203k In A Box contests and membership information. Another benefit of the e-newsletter is easy access to the last month’s Power Team Webinars. 
The most important benefit of the e-newsletter is that with just the click of a button, you are able to forward the entire publication to your contacts! Share with them how beneficial it is that YOU are a 203k In A Box Power Team Member who is rising above the rest, being trained by the one and only “203k Queen”! Teach them as you learn the strategies and success tools that fill this newsletter every month- this is known as DFYM (done for you marketing).
Thanks for letting me share my passion for the e-newsletter- I hope to see more of you opening and forwarding it to your database in months to come.

Thanks Jessa- I really appreciate everything you are doing to support me, and more importantly, our members. 
P.S. Please ONLY email me at Even if you receive email FROM me at, I don't check that inbox daily the way I do

Jessa's Corner

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I look forward to seeing and meeting many of your for the first time in person at the upcoming Fall conferences! Be sure to stop by our booth to say hi and also pick up your FREE t-shirt! Before the conference, email me your t-shirt size so we can have it ready for you. The upcoming conferences are CREIA on September 6th-8th, the Southeastern Home Inspectors Conference September 13th-15th and COA Inspection Conference October 20th-24th.

Be sure to send me a message before registering for any conferences. I might have just received information about a great discount only available to 203k In A Box members!

If you haven't yet registered for the conferences, please use the links under "Catherine's Agenda". Be sure to check out which days Catherine is speaking so you don't miss out!

I know you've all had very busy and successful summers, so I'll give you some homework for the Fall. I would love to complete your personal FAQ on 203k webpage. Here is your checklist of the things that I need to complete the page for you:
  • Company logo
  • Company phone number
  • Color scheme of your company website
  • Sample Feasibility Study
  • Sample Complete Work Write Up Package
  • Sample Draw Request Form

See you all soon!


Direct Mail-What's Old is New Again

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It may be 2013 and life might revolve around email, instant message and texting, but that doesn’t mean that traditional approaches to advertising have to be avoided like the plague. What you may not know is that there is a huge market for direct mail services these days. Think about your grandparents. Unless you are the type who is very up to date on modern technology, you might find that your grandparents are missing out on great deals because they never receive any via email or by browsing online. Using direct mail gives them the opportunity to receive adverts for promotions, businesses and services in the way that they have grown up with: the good, old-fashioned postal service.
What’s more is that direct mail services have a much larger chance of being viewed when sent straight to a front door, rather than a computer screen. We, as a society are constantly being warned about spam emails, scams and fake companies asking for your credit card details. We can rarely go online without being told in some side bar that we’ve won an iPod, iPhone or brand new computer if we click on the “accept” button. Therefore, when we receive emails that advertise a company or promotion, the mail gets sent straight to our junk mail inbox or we simply delete the mail without even opening it. The best way of ensuring that your target market receives your mail is to send them in envelopes that are addressed directly to them. Because of this, companies have a much better chance of making themselves known because unexpected letters are more frequently opened than unknown emails.
The best thing about direct mail services is that it’s relatively cheap. It may cost a little more than online communication and outreach to potential clients but the money you spend will see a larger return in business. It’s like they always say, “you’ve got to spend money to make money”. We will explore this marketing tool more in upcoming issues. 

The Success Cycle- Use Beliefs to Create Positive Momentum

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Where do personal beliefs come from? Do they come from the average man on the street? Do they come from the Internet, radio or TV? Do they come from whoever talks the longest and the loudest? If you want to succeed, you must choose your beliefs carefully, rather than walking around like a piece of flypaper, picking up whichever belief sticks.

The potential we tap into, the results we get, are all part of a dynamic process that begins and ends with our beliefs.
Let’s say a person has a belief that he’s ineffective at something. Let’s say he’s told himself that he’s a bad student. If he has expectations of failure, how much of his potential is he going to tap? Not very much. He’s already told himself that he doesn’t know and signaled his brain to expect failure. Having begun with those sorts of expectations, what kind of actions will he probably take? Will they be confident, energized, congruent and assertive? Will they reflect his true potential? Not likely. If you’re convinced you’re going to fail, why try hard? So you’ve started with a belief system that stresses what you can’t do, and as a result you’ve tapped into limited amount of your potential. You’ve taken half-hearted actions. What sort of results come out of all this? Chances are they’ll be pretty dismal.
Finally, what will these dismal results do to your beliefs about subsequent endeavors? Chances are they’ll reinforce the negative beliefs that started the whole chain. This is a classic downward spiral. Failure breeds failure. But the good news is that the cycle also works the other way. Let’s say you begin an endeavor with great expectations.
What kind of effect does this have on how much of your potential you use? What kind of actions will you take as a result? If you put out that sort of effort, what results will be generated? Chances are they’ll be pretty good. And what does this do to your belief in your ability to produce great results in the future? Success feeds on success and generates even more success, and each success creates more belief and momentum to succeed on an even higher scale.
Now, this doesn’t mean that positive beliefs will create massive success every single time. However, history has shown time and again that if people maintain the belief systems that empower them, they’ll keep coming back with enough action and enough resourcefulness to eventually succeed. I know that when I believe in what I am trying to accomplish-especially when the task or project is new-I enjoy the process more because of my positive “self talk”. Affirmations and declarations you say to yourself repeatedly whether positive or negative in nature WILL effect your outcome-especially your emotional state. Break the cycle of negative self talk and begin to enjoy a more positive life.
How can you use the Success Cycle in your life to create positive momentum toward the results you want most?
“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t…you are right!” –Henry Ford

Finding More Joy in Your Life and Business...NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS

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By Anthony Robbins
We all have beliefs about what has to happen in order to feel good- or bad- about any experience. These specific beliefs are called rules. Failure to understand their power can destroy any possibility for lifelong happiness. Using these rules to the fullest, however, can transform your entire life. Uncovering your rules starts with asking yourself one question: What has to happen in order for you to feel good?
The truth is, nothing has to happen in order for me to feel good. You could feel good right now for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Think about it. If you make a million dollars, it’s not the actual money that gives you any pleasure. It’s your rule that says, “When I hit this mark, then I’ll give myself permission to feel good.”
Now, there’s nothing wrong with being committed to accomplishing goals like making a million dollars. But if you structure your life in a way that makes it 1) difficult to feel good and 2) easy to feel bad, you’re going to create a lot of unnecessary pain for yourself. In other words, you can be winning at life, yet still feel like you’re losing because the scorecard you’re using is unfair. For example, if your rules say that “In order to feel successful, my employees must be happy all the time,” can you see how you’d spend a lot of time unhappy? You want to develop rules that move you to take action, that cause you to feel joy and help to follow through-not rules that stop you short. For example, what does it take to make you feel confident in a particular area? Most people will say that they require some kind of experience in order to feel confident. If that were really true, we might never accomplish anything in a new field.
However, if you could live by the rule, “if I’ve done something like this before, I can feel confident about mastering this now” this rule will create the empowered state of confidence you need to succeed in many new areas. Pick a positive value that matters to you. Maybe it’s love, respect, fun, excellence or freedom. Ask yourself, “What has to happen in order for me to feel _____.” Answer this question for yourself in five to ten different ways and you’ll begin to discover your rules. Now ask yourself: Are you making it easy to feel bad and hard to feel good? How can you find an easier way to feel this value? What else can you focus on that will give you this feeling? If you can think of multiple possibilities, even better. The more ways you give yourself to feel good, the easier it will be for you to find ways to enjoy yourself and your business, no matter what happens.

The Art of Communication (Part 4 of 6)

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One of the important parts of communication was discussed last month- Outcome Based Communication. In order to have a clearly defined outcome, you need understand the values of your audience. Discovering the values of others can be accomplished by using the values determination model below. A few simple questions of your fellow communicator will help you learn what is truly important to them. It is interesting to note that values are context-dependent. In other words, what is important to someone in a love relationship may have a different value in a business relationship. These differences are accounted for in the model below as you will notice.
“What is the most important thing to you about X?” (Buying a house, making repairs, your job, etc.)
How do you know when you have gotten X? (How do you know when you are happy? How do you know that you have the right house? How do you know that you have gotten a good deal on buying a car? Etc.)
What the next most important thing to you about X?
What else is important to you about X?
Until then, here are a few more distinctions that can make a difference for you now!
It is probably fair to say that most people enjoy talking about themselves. This is one reason the values determination model is so effective. You are asking people about their most highly valued feelings and thoughts. This is an excellent way to augment the development of rapport in communication. Rapport is the perceived affinity between two or more people.
Rapport is the perceived affinity between two or more people. The ability to build and maintain rapport in communication is one of the key skills of a master communicator. One of the greatest examples of rapport building is found in the New Testament. In next month’s installment I will share how the apostle Paul uses rapport to prepare his listeners for what he wants to communicate to them. This is a fascinating study into an amazing communicator- please make a note to read it. 

What's Inside?

"Your belief in yourself is your greatest treasure-don't let circumstances rob you."
-Catherine Hall
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The long wait is almost over...the National Association of Federal Housing Administration Consultants will be launching this October at the COA Las Vegas Convention. We are so excited and happy to finally be able to start adding members to this national association. Finally, we will have a voice- a stronger voice because it will be the voice of many all in one chorus. As members of a 203k In A Box Power Team, you have automatic membership either as a certified consultant or candidate. Stay tuned for more details as they become available. 

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