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Happy Holidays Everyone!

It was great meeting so many of you at the COA conference last month! I hope you are all enjoying the nice Fall weather. Join us for the "203k Challenge" Webinar on Thursday, November 7th. If you can't make it, send us a message and we'll get you the recording. For more information, scroll down to Jessa's Corner.

I'm so excited to have launched NAFHAC - the National Association of FHA Consultants! Be sure to visit for your free membership.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

To your success, 
Catherine Hall, your mentor and
the "203k Queen"


Inside the "Box"


NAFHAC - What, Why and NOW!

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To quote a famous line from a great movie... "It's Alive!" Yes- the National Association of FHA Consultants is alive and the response to it has been amazing to say the least. Already I have spoken with three national lenders who are excited that there will finally be a place to find a qualified 203k consultant. I have been talking about NAFHAC for almost two years now, but, what is it and how will it help you? Great questions! NAFHAC was an idea that was sparked by the growing number of people who were contacting 203k In A Box for referrals to 203k consultants. I was getting questions on Facebook, through the website and phone calls from borrowers and lenders who wanted to know where they could find a 203k consultant they could trust and get the job done- done right, that is. 

Lenders who have come to trust the 203k In A Box certified seal enjoyed being able to have one consultant in one part of the country and a second in another state, but have the consistency that came from the training and coaching 203k In A Box members receive. 

But that wasn't enough. I wanted more- more resources, more education, more outreach to the country- and 203k In A Box is a coaching and marketing system for consultants- I wanted to keep 203k In A Box dedicated to consultants. Hence the need for NAFHAC.

What is my goal for NAFHAC? I would like to see NAFHAC as the most recognized and referred to organization for everything- everything 203k. It will have a qualification and certification department where existing 203k consultants will be screened to ensure their skills and procedures are up to the standards lenders want and need in a 203k consultant. 

We will have an online education department for real estate agents and borrowers. Maybe even online CEU courses for agents. You have all heard me say- knowledge is NOT power- the use of knowledge is power and the more NAFHAC is able to help the general home buying/selling/owning public know how powerful, versatile and beneficial 203k and other types of renovation loans can be- the better it will be for all of us. 

I have a goal- a dream written down and given a date is a goal- to have a NAFHAC convention in the Spring of 2015 with at least 50% of all 203k consultants attending. We are talking about having it in Washington, DC around the time of the Cherry Blossom Festival. Spring in DC is so beautiful. But we are open to other venues. 

What are the next steps? I need you- every one of you to register- your dues for NAFHAC are included in your membership in 203k In A Box Coaching Program for those of you at the Gold Lever ($147) and above levels. Discounted membership will be offered to those of you at other levels. EVERYONE at all levels will receive FREE membership for the next 6 months. There are three levels of membership- one for every person who is interested in 203k consulting:
  • Candidate Membership is for the building consultant/home inspector or contract who is interested in becoming a 203k consultant, but has not completed the FHA approval process. This is a great membership opportunity for the home inspector who has not completed 3 years in the industry but wants to stay current in the world of 203k consulting so that when they have met the requirements for certification, the transition to certified/approved consultant is easy and seamless.
  • Certified Membership is the level that every 203k In A Box certified/FHA approved consultant would be automatically receive. Other FHA approved consultants would be able to apply for this level of membership but would need to pass a knowledge assessment test as well as provide a sample of a completed feasibility report, work write up package and draw request. (Again, our goal- like our mission statement- is “To Promote Competency, Consistency, and Community in the World of 203k Consulting”.
  • Certified Consultant Engineer is the highest level of membership and is for the already certified member who has completed at least 150 203k consultations. Upon completion of a verification application, these elite members of our industry will have special privileges reserved exclusively for them. For example: "Find A Consultant" section of the website at the top of their area's listing- and will have a special logo next to their names. Also, these members will be eligible for other benefits that will be shared in te future (we are working on vendor partnerships).
Speaking of vendors, we are going to be providing special discounted and free membership that will pay for your membership in NAFHAC several times over every month. Merchant Service Provider services with low or no fees is just one of the benefits we are negotiating for you right now.

We will be having an online store where you will be able to purchase apparel and other NAFHAC logo items- we are working on a more impressive logo (not that we don't like the one we have) and it will be available on merchandise.

Other plans that are on the drawing board are a radio and possibly internet TV show--I am open to suggestions for the title.

We are looking for volunteers for committees that are forming: Convention committee, Radio/TV committee are just a few opportunities that are available. I hope you are getting as excited about NAFHAC as we are. I hope you will go right now and register- It's a new world for FHA and you are the reason it will be an amazing one!

Success Supplies Section

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Special Note from Catherine - I am so grateful for all of you!

As the holiday season approaches, I look back over this year and I can't help but feel an enormous sense of joy and gratitude for each of you for allowing Jessa and I to be a part of your businesses and in some cases, families. During my introduction at the Casey O'Malley Inspection Conference, I mentioned that I launched 203k In A Box five years ago at that very event. And now five years later, I am launching a new venture- The National Association of FHA Consultants - NAFHAC. As I look back at how the 203k In A Box coaching system has evolved, I realize that we have grown in response to your growing needs.

Because of you, your loyalty, and your continued faith in us, we are providing more support, education, and information to an ever-growing number of consultants around the country. I am especially touched by the glowing expressions of support many of you have given regarding your involvement in the 203k In A Box Coaching Program both on the telephone and at events like the COA Inspection Conference. It is so wonderful to know that our efforts are noticed and appreciated.

Each month it is my pleasure and delight to share even more detailed and sophisticated information about the world of FHA 203k consulting in the monthly Success Supplies. I'm always excited when something that I have tested and tried in my local consulting firm is successful because I know that this means this technique and strategy will be something that I will be able to quickly share with you in an upcoming month.

Many times when I am a student at a coaching conference or listening to a success trainer, I am thinking to myself "I can't wait to find a way to share this information and skill with my members". I believe, with you always in my thoughts, I am a better student- I listen more attentively and work harder to fully grasp all innovations and insights I am exposed to.

As you all are aware- Jessa has been an outstanding blessing to this organization. You only need to look at the website or the e-newsletter to see just how amazing she is- it is hard to believe that she has only been with us 9 months! I can honestly say that without her support, NAFHAC would not be in existence.

In short- I am blessed to be a blessing to you! Thank you all so very, very much!

Jessa's Corner

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Hello, everyone! It was so great to finally meet so many of you at the COA conference in Las Vegas! It was great spending time with you in the exhibit hall and also after hours at the Poker Tournament and the Bowling Tournament! I'm already looking forward to the next conference because of all of you!

We launched a new "203k Challenge" at COA and encourage those of you who are not yet certified to take it! You can also share it with your colleagues to show them how they can become more successful as a home inspector with "203k Home Renovation Consultant" in their credentials and in their tool belt!
(The HUD calendar year ends in September. If you click on September 2013, the second number will tell you how many 203k projects were performed in that area in 2013.)
  • Second, look to see how many lenders are in your area by clicking the following link. Enter your zip code, click the button next to "203k" and select the radius of the area you service.
    HUD FHA Lender List
  • The final task is I'm challenging you to call one of the lenders listed and ask them about the 203k activity in their area and if there are opportunities for both of you to make money doing 203k consultations. Then, ask them if they would be willing to work with you if you were a certified 203k consultant.
We're holding a webinar Thursday, November 7th at 9pm EST as an FAQ on 203k and a follow-up to the 203k Challenge. I welcome all members to join as well as non-members who are looking to learn more about 203k!

Here's the link to register:

Don't forget that I'm always available via email or phone. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I'm here for you! You can add me on Skype too. My Skype username is: JessaAtNAFHAC

Have a fantastic month!


9 Ways to Handle Work Deadlines and De-Stress Your Mind

by Arina Nikitina

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It’s important to learn how to handle work deadlines effectively and cope with stress quickly. Those who can meet deadlines every time will rise to the top of the corporate ladder, but they will also have to learn better ways to deal with the mental strain that comes with it. Fortunately, achieveing those deadlines can, on its own, help reduce some of that stress.
Ways to handle work deadlines
There’s no tried and true method for dealing with deadlines that will work for everyone, but there are certain strategies that most people wil be able to incoporate into their work. Everyone needs to find what’s best for them, possibly making alterations to their particular situation.
1. Make a list
Whether writing them down on a calendar or pad of paper or using an application on a smart phone or tablet computer, maintaining a list of due dates, as well as any communications deal with that project and expected results, is essential. One of the leading causes of stress in work is not being aware of when projects are due or who is responsible for what aspect. Keeping a list for each project can reduce this stressor.
2. Make a schedule
Determine when certain benchmarks of a project are due and write them on a schedule. If multiple projects are being worked at once, be sure to prioritize the due dates and put them in order. Many people find it helpful to check off when each benchmark is completed, since this shows progress being made.
3. Seek help

While it may seem like exhibiting weakness in the workplace, asking co-workers for help can be a far better option compared to banging one’s head against the wall when encountering a problem on deadline. A fresh perspective may be all the situation needs. When there is a real time crunch, asking fellow employees for help with certain tasks can get the job back on track.
4. Re-negotiate
Despite the name, deadlines many times an be negotiable, especially if a good reason is given. When faced with a logical argument as to why the deadline could not be met, clients may agree to a small extension of time. However, making a habit of missing deadlines may point to a need to reorganize the workflow.

Other ways to beat stress in the workplace...
While handling deadlines can help reduce some of the stress of the job, it will not completely eliminate it. There are other methods to ease mental strain which can also improve job efficiency. Excessive stress can also have mental and physical impacts

5. Exercise
Though it may be difficult, engaging in aerobic activity can improve one’s mood, boost energy levels and sharpen focus. Experts suggest at least 30 minutes of exercise that raises the heart rate. If that is too difficult to fit into the schedule, break it up into a couple 15-minute sessions, or even three sessions lasting 10 minutes each.
6. Nutrition
When most people are on tight deadlines, they choose to eat lunch or dinner out of a fast food sack. Eating right can also reduce stress because low blood sugar can make one feel irritable and anxious. Eating small meals more frequently can help maintain a steady level of blood sugar, which improves focus and increases energy. Snacks of fruits and vegetables are healthy alternatives to sugary munchies.
7. Watch commitments
Whenever possible, avoid scheduling due dates that are back to back. Allowing time between ending one project and starting another will allow the brain to decompress and get ready to start the next task. It also provides time for the focus to shift to the next schedule and increases your chances to handle work deadlines more effectively.
8. Get to work earlier
Rather than running around like crazy in the morning and rushing to the desk, try to leave 10-15 minutes earlier so coming to work can be a more pleasurable experience. Running late can add to stress levels.
9. Take breaks
Be sure to plan short breaks throughout the day that can help clear the mind. Take a walk around the outside of the office, or simply sit back for a few minutes. Getting away from the workstation during lunch breaks can be very helpful.
Stress in small doses can actually be a good thing as it provides energy and motivation to complete a task. When it becomes excessive, however, it can have negative effects on a person’s body and mind, reducing their energy levels, limiting their focus and impacting sleep patterns. Extreme levels of stress can lead to depression and physical health problems such as cardiovascular disease.
Finding ways to meet project goals efficiently and handle your work deadlines with ease can help reduce stress and double your productivity and improve your health. Making deadlines is certainly less stressful than not doing so. Achieving that goal may require changing some work and living patterns and even asking for assistance from other employees. But it is well worth the effort!

Art of Communication (Part 6 of 6)

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This is the final installment of the Art of Communication. Over the past 6 months, I have shared the information and insights of Kevin Hogan, an innovative internet marketer. This final installment really ties everything together in my opinion. As a special bonus, on your Success Supplies CD, I have included all 6 parts - the complete report for you to read and use more completely.

The ability to politely and effectively close a cycle of communication is a skill that more people need to become adept at. Closure is the ability to acknowledge the other person, say "thank you" to the other person or confirm that what was said was understood. Closure is the final step in any segment or cycle of communication. You have experienced communication that did no "end". Someone walked out of a room, hung up the phone, switched subjects in mid-conversation without explaining why, etc.

When complete cycles of communication are not accomplished, it leaves the person with tremendous frustration and often anger. You can always be certain to have closure in communication by acknowledging that you have heard and understood what a person has said to you. It is not necessary to agree with someone if you are not prepared to. It is necessary to close each cycle of communication.

Tape record the following Image-Creation to experience a presentation or speech you will make, in advance. Listen to the Image-Creation before making your presentation.

Image-Creation #6 An Award Winning Speech
Find a quite and calm environment. Sit or lay down in a comfortable position.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath and release it. Go out into the future and imagine a time when someone asks you to come and give a speech on the secrets of success as you know them and have applied them in your life to get where you are at this future stage of your life.

As you give this speech, listen to the applause. Notice the smiling faces in the audience. Carefully observe what the members of your audience are wearing. What does the room smell like? What is the temperature like in the room?

Listen to the sound of your voice as you speak.

Be certain that you are looking through your eyes as the speaker as you give this speech.

As you close your speech, observe the audience give you a standing ovation. Meet the people in the front row. Shake their hands and thank them for caring so much about you and what you had to say.

Confirm for the people you talk to after the speech that they too can be successful if they will simply design their own life.

As you feel the most enthusiastic and exhilarated you may return to now.

Take a few deep breaths and open your eyes when you are ready.

Once your eyes are open, remember the most exciting and exhilarating moment of the speech and squeeze your middle finger. You are anchoring these feelings and this accomplishment to your middle finger.


Most people seem to try to be interesting when they should be interested. The truly successful communicator is a curious person. He wants to know more about other people. She is truly fascinated by what other people can share with them. You may sincerely wonder how you could be interested in some people. If what interests them doesn't interest you, then discover how they became interested in what they are interested in. In other words, if you don't like fishing and someone you're communicating with does, find out how they became so excited about fishing. What experiences do they have that started this fascination.

By making other feel special, they will feel that you are special.

What's Inside?

"People need mentors because there is too much to remember to remember it all the time."
-Catherine Hall
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Jessa and I are creating our schedule of speakers for 2014 All Power Team coaching calls and we wanted to find out what topics or subjects you would like us to include in the calendar.
Some suggestions have been more speakers that share information about ancillary services (mold, radon, etc) while some of you have expressed an interest in other business related educational speakers- accounting, business management, marketing. Let us know your thoughts- email us at If we use your idea- you will receive an Amazon gift card for $25.
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Quotes for your Success

"Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don't."
-Steve Maraboli

"What I like most about change is that it's a synonym for "hope". If you are taking a risk, what you are really saying is, "I believe in tomorrow and I will be part of it."
-Linda Ellerbee

"Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you."
-Arnold Palmer
Every year, I am reminded how blessed I have been when I take some of the vegetables from our garden to a local organization called Philabundance. This year, my next door neighbor--a snow bird--asked me if I would take the carrots and beets that she was leaving in the ground to this worthwhile organization. I was happy to help.

Every community has a food pantry or community group that greatly needs our help at this time of year. Who would like to commit with me donating a 5-10 pound turkey, ham, or bag of groceries as our way of giving back in November? Take a picture and post it on Facebook--not for the recognition, but to encourage others to do the same. We have the resources to eliminate hunger in the US. Just do it!

203k In A Box

Don Mathews of Mathews Inspection Group Inc.

Don sported his "I'm More Than Just a Home Inspector, Thanks to 203k In A Box" t-shirt as he won the Bowling Tournament at the COA Conference in Las Vegas last month! Congratulations, Don!

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