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What to say to the "Nay-Sayers"

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There is a growing awareness of the FHA 203k rehab loan in the real estate community and most real estate agents fall in one of two categories:
  1. The ones who have never heard of it (and actually think it is a new thing)
  2. The ones who have nothing but bad things to say about it
The ones in the second group are the topic of this month's conversation. It's not that difficult to show someone something new that is exciting and will improve their business. It is another thing entirely to get someone to open their mind to accept a change in their beliefs but it is totally worth the effort. 

What are the typical comments you will encounter from the "Nay-Sayers" when you ask them what they know about the 203k?
  • "I did one years ago and it was a disaster. It took forever to close and no one knew what was going on."
  • "They don't work in our market."
  • "I don't work with first time homebuyers."
  • "The buyers can never find a contractor who will take a job with no upfront money."
  • "That was only used in the 80's, right?"
  • "I don't work with low income buyers."
  • "That's only for foreclosed or really messed up homes, right?"
  • "There's no need for them. I get the seller to make all FHA repairs or the deal doesn't go though."
As you look at these comments, can you see the opportunities for opening up a positive dialog with the agent? Let's unpack a few of these. But  before we do that, let me share a few basic sales strategies for overcoming objections. When working to get someone to consider a different point of view, you must get them to start agreeing with you on other things. You work your way up to agreement on the final argument easier when they have been agreeing with you on the things that lead up to the point you are trying to get them to accept. 

Another strategy is to expand the objection to completely ridiculous level and the other person is forced to agree that the objection is not as bad as they originally thought- then you can get them to see the positive side of the situation. So let's take a look at how to deal with the objections listed above. 

"I did one years ago and it was a disaster. It took forever to close and no one knew what was going on." This is the easiest objection to overcome. Agree with the agent that "yes, 203k loans did take a long time to close in the 80's and early 90's, but didn't everything take longer than it does today?" Back then you were sending documents by courier and overnight mail. There was no fax or email, electronic signature or smartphone apps that make every aspect of the real estate industry so successful now. Give them the new information about "Direct Endorsement Lending"- that now the loan underwriter - not FHA - make the lending decision. No longer does a 203k loan package have to be sent to a regional HUD office for approval- this obviously will drastically reduce the turnaround time of a 203k. Share with the real estate agent that you can put them in touch with a loan officer who will all but guarantee closing a 203k loan in the same time as a standard FHA 203kB or conventional loan.

The next thing you will assure the agent is that YOU know what to do- that a properly trained and experienced 203k consultant is the orchestrator of a successful 203k rehab loan project. From explaining to the borrower (or home buyer) the flexibility they have in what repairs are completed to providing all the necessary paperwork the underwriter and appraiser needs to go to closing, YOU make a 203k project work. It wouldn't hurt to have a few testimonials (ask me for a few if you haven't yet done a project and gotten your own or get a testimonial from a loan officer as to why they love doing 203k loans and how great they are for real estate agents).

The next objection I want to help you overcome is "I don't work with low income buyers." This is easy to address and completely dispel by having a printout of the FHA Maximum Loan Limits for your areas or a link on your smartphone or tablet to the URL on the 203k In A Box Power Team site where you can show the agent or anyone that the FHA 203k Loan is not just for low income home buyers- that in fact, many middle and upper-middle income buyers are choosing this loan because of the advantages of low interest and low down payment. For most areas in the country, the loan limits start at $400,000 and in higher priced areas like California and New York, the limits start over $600,000. A person can buy a lot of home and get it renovated with limits like those. 

Most of the other objections can be dispelled by explaining why YOU, as a qualified and experienced building consultant, are the first person the agent or their buyer should call to discuss a possible 203k project. Share the benefits of the feasibility inspection and why it answers the questions about FHA repair needs that a general home inspection is not designed to answer. Show samples of your reports and some before and after photos (again, if you need some--email us at 203k In A Box). Finally, get your website up today! It is the best marketing tool you could have will set you apart from your competition in ways you cannot imagine! Do it now!

Success Supplies Section

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203k In A Box continues to grow and with that growth comes increased opportunities and business connections and networking. Every month Jessa and I work to try to provide more benefits to you as members of the 203k In A Box Power Team. Were you on the September All Power Team Webinar? If so, then you learned from Kevin O'Malley, co-founder of Casey O'Malley Associates, all about the amazing marketing and client retention advantages you now has a 203k In A Box member thanks to our affiliation with Home Owners Network- HON. You now have the opportunity to give a $199 membership to your consulting clients (and up to 25 real estate/lender partners - FOR FREE! This is a powerful tool that even provides you customizable marketing materials including brochures, post cards and even a newsletter that will go to your clients every month for one full year at no cost to them or you. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and if you were not able to be on the call, click the link on the right of this e-newsletter to watch Kevin train us all how to take full advantage of this great USP.

From now on, each month's All Power Team coaching call will include a special guest speaker-one of the growing business partners who will share information and support that will help advance not only your consulting business but all aspects of your company. October's guest will be Ryan Osborne of Citadel Insurance (also known as Inspector Pro Insurance Program). Ryan will take and answer our questions about the legal world of FHA 203k consulting. I use InspectorPro and when I first started I couldn't believe the rate I was quoted was not "per inspector". I know you will want to join us on this call and bring your questions!

Jessa's Corner

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First of all, I want to say THANK YOU for taking the time to invest in your business by reading this e-newsletter!

Secondly, incase you haven't heard, we'll be having a very special 203k Lunch & Learn at COA Las Vegas! This is happening on the Monday of the conference at 12:30pm. It is also approved for 1.5 CE credits, so you can't miss this great opportunity! Please register now at and use the coupon code: COA203K for $10 off admission

I'm excited to see and meet so many of you at this amazing event! 

Have a wonderful month!


Lifestyle Management Skills for the Overwhelmed Entrepreneur

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The life of a driven small business owner can be both rewarding and overwhelming as achieving a high level of success comes with an assortment of responsibilities. Trying to manage career, family life, children, and social obligations often leaves very little time for self, and the pursuit of the mythical work-life balance can take it's toll on your health and wellness. The following focal points will help you incorporate vital lifestyle management skills into your daily life. 

Time Management
Doing an honest assessment of how you spend each hour of your day is a time-consuming but truly helpful activity. It offers a way for you to observe your regular activities, so you can analyze whether each activity is worth the investment in your time. If you spend your time spinning your wheels on issues that could be delegated or deleted, you can be free to tackle problems that are more important to the success of your business. It can also leave you free for social and familial responsibilities such as extra-curricular activities for he children and time to workout at the gym.

Life Coaching
A life coach is an experienced and knowledgeable professional who can teach you how to use self-inquiry and other lifestyle skills to define and maintain the mindset and strategies you desire. A good coach listens and evaluates your problems and helps you to create workable solutions. Though it is possible to be both the visionary and the strategist in your business, it is unlikely that you can be both without losing site of what you need to do to generate consistent income and impact in your professional journey.

By working with a coach whose communication style works well with your personality, many people end up recognizing how their own behaviors, and not external factors such as the market or their audience, plays a major role in the constant sense of overwhelm. So, whether you're searching for a life coach Toronto-based, Tallahassee-based, or Thailand-based, the objective is the same: get clear about the area(s) of your life that are causing your sense of overwhelm, and do the research to find out which coaches have successful track records in helping people to effectively navigate through those areas. 

Road Blocks
Evaluating the road blocks that may be getting in the way of accomplishing your everyday tasks is a critical component in the journey from overwhelmed to organized. Since that is usually difficult to do on one's own, it's best to get an accountability partner to help. Joining a mastermind group, working with a trusted fellow entrepreneur, or enlisting the help of a coach, are all great options for assessing your blocked points and creating options to remedy them. Sometimes, when we enlist the help of someone else, we get to see past our own emotional spaces, and on to the actionable steps we can take to move forward. In other worse, we can "get out of our feelings" and on to our healing. 

If you prefer to do it alone, run a standard SWOT Check to assess your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and see if that gives you any insights you can use to start having a different experience. 

Make Time for Fun
Running a business can leave you with a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. However, taking time off from work to regroup with the family or on your won can recharge your batteries. Make time to pursue other interests and hobbies such as running, going to the gym, reading for your book club, and volunteering. 

Keep in mind that making time for fun can also be part of your actual business model. Know of other entrepreneurs in your city? If you enjoy running, for example, you could start an entrepreneur's running group with 5-10 of your colleagues. Corporate managers say the best deals are done on the golf course. Perhaps, for you as an entrepreneur, the best deals can get done on that running trail! You can also consider holding entrepreneurial Hangouts using Google+. You can invite other entrepreneurs, once a month, to join you in a video chat to vent, share ideas and network. 

When it comes to managing your lifestyle, there isn't one set solution that can bring order and happiness to your life. It will take self-inquiry, accountability partnerships, and honest assessments of your daily actions and expectations. Using any (or all) of those suggested focal points will give you the information you need to start making choices that are more about strategy and fulfillment than they are about multi-tasking and fitting as much as you can onto your proverbial plate. Start with those focal points, and watch your experiences change for the better. 

Art of Communication (Part 5 of 6)

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Last month I started sharing with you the importance of rapport. What is rapport- it is the perceived affinity between two or more people. In other words, it's a feeling that the other person gets when they believe you understand "where they are coming from" and can "relate to it". The ability to build and maintain rapport in communication is one of the key skills of a master communicator. As promised, here is the example of one of the greatest rapport builders as found in the New Testament. 

The setting is this: Paul is in Athens, Greece. Athens has a largely pagan culture. The city is filled with idols and temples to mythological gods. As a Jew, this is repugnant to Paul. Some of the local philosophers have challenged Paul to a debate. They bring him to the infamous Mars Hill. It is here that we pick up Paul's communication mastery...

"Men of Athens, I perceive that in all things you are very religious." (This immediately breaks their skeptical pattern of thinking and creates an instant bridge for Paul to metaphorically walk on.)

"...for as I was passing through and considering the objects of your worship, I even found an alter with this inscription: TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Therefore, the One whom you worship without knowing, Him I proclaim to you." (Paul uses his persuasive communication skills brilliantly. The alter is one of THEIR objects of worship. The God he wants to discuss is one of THEIR gods. His is not going to talk about some new god!)

"God, who made the world and everything in it, since He is the Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands." (God MADE the world, he tells them. He's OBVIOUSLY much too BIG to live in a human temple!)

Paul continues his discourse, explaining that God gives us life, our breath, and a place to live. He explains that God needs nothing from us. 

"...for in Him we live and move and have our being, as also some of YOUR OWN POETS HAVE SAID, "For we are also his offspring."

"Therefore, since we are not offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Divine Nature is like gold or silver or stone, something shaped by art and man's devising."

Paul once again maintains rapport by returning to citing the Greeks authorities. Building rapport is one step. Maintaining rapport and bridging into the message you wish to tell is another. 

"Truly, these times of IGNORANCE God overlooked, but NOW commands all men everywhere to repent, because He has appointed a day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by the man he has ordained. He has given assurance of this to all by raising Him from the dead."

Paul has reach the crux of his message and has held the attention of his audience. It was the rapport that Paul built with the antagonistic philosophers that is the key to his successful communication here and throughout his entire ministry. 

Rapport is much more than verbal compliments of course. It is the non-verbal behavior that is involved as well. 

What's Inside?

"Unless you feed your own flame, you will not be bright enough to light the way for others."
-Catherine Hall
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