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Dear JAI Members and Friends –

This has been a particularly intense and exciting moment for the JAI as we prepare for our participation in the Jerusalem Biennale 2019 opening on October 10th in Jerusalem and on September 8th at USC Hillel in Los Angeles.

I’m especially pleased that we are able to show the work of so many members: 39 in all !  Our curator for both exhibitions is the gifted Israeli-American Sagi Refael. The very original concepts he developed for Jerusalem involving video conversations with 27 members as well as works of art to be displayed as accordion artist books; augmented by the very handsome exhibition at USC Hillel, practically doubles the JAI membership participation and exposure from JB2017. ( See below for the lists of artists included in the two Jerusalem Biennale exhibitions. )

The event at USC Hillel on September 8th will showcase artworks in various media that best display each artist’s artistic practice, ideas and original thoughts in the spirit of this year's Jerusalem Biennale: For Heaven's Sake.

As always, sending an exhibition to Israel is an expensive but very important and prestigious undertaking. This year we are blessed with a truly generous matching gift of $10,000 from Susie and Jaime Gesundheit. I really hope their wonderful gift will inspire you to donate some matching funds to our fundraising campaign.

Click & Help Support JAI's Participation in the 2019 Jerusalem Biennale
I hope to see as many of you as possible at the USC Hillel Opening on Sunday September 8th from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. This will celebrate the beginning of an especially rewarding and engaging year for all of us in JAI.



From: Sagi Refael, JAI Curator for JB2019
Please click through to our JB2019 Campaign video and read the different levels of desired donations. As some of the perks for our donors, we have a delicious Israeli brunch in Los Angeles, VIP walkthroughs, opening reception and sponsorship mentions. We need your help and really appreciate it.
Thank you and TODAH RABAH!


Yossi Alpert Apodaca  •  Melinda Smith Altschuler  •  Renee Amitai  •  Bill Aron  •  Pat Berger  •  Sandy Bleifer  •  Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik  •  Ed Buttwinick  •  Jodi Bonassi  •  Ellen Cantor  •  Judy Dekel  •  Susan Gesundheit  •  Zhenya Gershman  •  Nancy Goodman Lawrence  •  Barry Gordon  •  Roger Gordon  •  Betty Green  •  Bonita Helmer  •  Gilah Yelin Hirsch  •  Eva Hyam  •  Rachelle Mark  •  Randi Matushevitz  •  Marleene Rubinstein  •  Debra Sokolow  •  Ruth Weisberg  •  Jana Zimmer  •  Marlene Zimmerman

VIDEO CONVERSATIONS  •  Jerusalem Biennale 2019    10/10/19

Yossi Alpert-Apodaca  •  Melinda Smith Altshuler  •  Shula Singer Arbel  •  Bill Aron  •  Pat Berger  •  Sandy Bleifer  •  Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik  •  Rhea Carmi  •  Stacie Chaiken  •  Will Deutsch  •  Susan Gesundheit  •  Barry Gordon  •  Roger Gordon  •  Bonita Helmer  •  Gilah Yelin Hirsch  •  Anne Hromadka  •  Marisa Mandler  •  Aline Mare  •  Randi Matushevitz  •  Sarah Pavsner Mael  •  Avi Roth  •  Marleene Rubenstein  •  Doni Silver Simons  •  Ruth Weisberg  •  Cathy Weiss  •  Jana Zimmer  •  Marlene Zimmerman

ARTIST BOOKS  •  Jerusalem Biennale 2019    10/10/19

Yossi Alpert-Apodaca  •  Renee Amitai  •  Shula Singer Arbel  •  Bill Aron  •  Pat Berger  •  Jodi Bonassi  •  Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik  •  Rhea Carmi  •  Judy Dekel  •  Zhenya Gershman  •  Susan Gesundheit  •  Roger Gordon  •  Bonita Helmer  •  Gilah Yelin Hirsch  •  Aline Mare  •  Rachelle Mark  •  Sarah Pavsner Mael  •  Avi Roth  •  Marleene Rubenstein  •  Debra Sokolow  •  Ruth Weisberg  •  Cathy Weiss  •  Karen Frimkess Wolff  •  Jana Zimmer  •  Marlene Zimmerman
Congratulations to Rhea Carmi  •  JAI's Featured Artist of the Month / July

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