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Week of October 10 - 14
"I never knew this (community) existed before today. This is an ideal place.
You have what many human beings should have. Everyone should come to a realization
- out of the world actually… you are an example of what should be."
Tom Porter, Mohawk Elder, Bear Clan
~ speaking at Hawthorne Valley’s 50th Anniversary Event, October 8th 2022.

Dear Families,
Body, Soul, Spirit. These dimensions that sculpt what it means to be human are essential to the core principles of Waldorf Education. Sometimes, people, like Tom Porter who is quoted above, sense this - that there is something palpably different living here - when they come into our valley. It takes time to understand how each individual encounter, each moment’s gift of presence, each act of service to others holds limitless potential of spirit that is ours to manifest; and we are striving.
Our anniversary event last Saturday was a time of remembering those who have dedicated life work to fulfill this potential. It also was a time for honoring the good work of the present, with many rich initiatives represented. Throughout the day, as children’s laughter and shouts of play sounded on the wind, there was a feeling of hope for the future, as well as commitment to help the evolution that is needed in our time.
Whatever the world will hold in the next 50 years, an understanding of how to nurture health in body, soul, and spirit is key. We are all a part of this, interdependent on each other’s good will and integrity. Our faculty meetings have been devoted to an exploration of this, and I hope, as class parent evenings now rise up on the calendar, we can all share in further conversations in which new insights unfold. 
With gratitude,
Janene Ping
Early Childhood and Council Chair

PTA Meeting
October 19th 

Grade 7 Class Meeting 
October 20th

EC Parent Meetings
October 26th

Grade 8 Play 
October 26th - 29th

Grade 3 Play 
October 28th

Makers Market @ Hawthorne Valley Farm Store
October 29th

In School Halloween Celebration
October 31st

Parent Teacher Conferences in EC, LS, and MS - NO SCHOOL for EC, LS, and MS
November 1st

HS in session as usual
November 1st

November 5th

High School Parent Teacher Conferences @ 6pm
November 9th

LS Martinmas Pageant and Lantern Walk @ 4:30pm
November 10th

Veterans Day - SCHOOL CLOSED
November 11th

EC Lantern Festival 
November 11th
For more detailed information visit the calendar page on our website, here.
Grade 11
History through Music
The 11th grade is on a long journey through music’s fascinating history—listening, experiencing, and coming to an understanding of the essence of the different eras, and how the one leads into the other. The students have been actively involved in creating soundscapes with a slew of instruments including an assortment of drums, percussion instruments, gongs and chimes from various corners of the earth. Every day we sing songs from different countries, time periods or genres. The students have witnessed a variety of unique instruments from all over the world, and how they reflect the respective cultures. During this block we go as far back as possible to the very origins of music, after which we slowly move through the respective periods until we reach the 20th century. Thereby, the students get to know and experience how music is a fascinating reflection of the development of human consciousness. 

~ Mr. Muller
Sukkot Celebrations at HVS

Rose Kindergarten
This week the Rose Room Kindergarten built a Sukkah to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Sukkoth and the autumn harvest. A Sukkah known as a wilderness shelter/hut is used to eat in and even sleep in during the holiday. When the Jewish people wandered in the desert for 40 years they slept in huts, farmers rested in the huts after the harvest. We now build a temporary place to live — to live our lives outside of our usual physical surroundings and to be one with the outdoors. Thank you to all the Rose Room families that brought in all the natural decorations to make our sukkah so beautiful. The children had so much fun building, decorating and eating in the Sukkah.

~ Miss Renannah and Ms. Vineis
Grade 3
Hawthorne Valley Apiary Program
The Hawthorne Valley School Apiary began during the current 10th grade’s farm trip in the spring of 2022.  During a short class on beekeeping, the students and I prepared two potential homes for a swarm of honey bees and located them in two locations in the valley.  Both of these homes were successful in attracting a swarm of honeybees and these two colonies area thriving and preparing to enter their first winter! 

 The HVS apiary is a beekeeping program that takes a holistic approach to introducing High School Students to the lifecycle and management of honey bee colonies.  Students will have opportunities to learn about honey bees through a mix of classroom format learning centered around readings, discussions, lectures and field trips; as well as hands on experience managing bee colonies throughout the four seasons of our region.  Regarding the hands on component of the program, they will participate in things ranging from the establishment of new colonies to the maintenance of and production from existing colonies, assembly, construction and maintenance of beekeeping equipment and hopefully the preparation for and sale of hive products (honey, wax, etc). Our aim is to maintain the apiary in as self-sufficient a method as possible. 

The program will begin Thursday, October 20 from 3:30-4:30.  Parents of high school students interested in joining the program should complete the permission slip posted to their Blackbaud portal account. 
~ Mr. Metreaud
Meet Melissa Robinson, HVS College Advisor
In recent years, Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School has been lucky to deepen our relationship with Melissa Robinson, of Robinson Scholastic Objectives.  Melissa works on campus and via zoom with our Grade 11 and Grade 12, students both in their designated weekly Guidance classes, but also one-one-one in individual advising sessions to help prepare them for the task of planning the next chapter of their life journey after graduating from our High School.  This is a high quality service that we are happy to be able to provide for our oldest students.  We encourage High School families to learn more about our process and to take advantage of Melissa's office hours!
A note from Melissa:

"In 2000, after working, coaching and living in boarding school communities for ten years, my husband and I started a private educational consulting firm where we have pioneered a personalized and consistent approach to school and post-secondary planning with hundreds of students and families.  My introduction to the Hawthorne Valley community was through my goddaughter, then a resident at Triform, now at Camphill Copake.  Entering my sixth year working with Hawthorne Valley seniors and juniors, I have set up systems and support with the hard-working team of teachers at school.  I push students to think hard, reflect, and express themselves while giving consistent support and encouragement. I also know a lot about colleges and programs that can fit them and be affordable.  Please connect via email or during my twice weekly office hours on Zoom.  Registration for office hours is available through SCOIR our college search and application management program.  I love to meet families to contribute to each student's educational goals!"
Upcoming Games

 Come support our teams!

Monday, October 17 -
Girls modified soccer @ home (Taconic Hills) vs. Cairo-Durham - 4:15 start

Tuesday, October 18 -
modified & varsity cross country meet at Rensselaer High School - 4:15 start

Wednesday,  October 19 -
Girls & Boys modified soccer @ home (Taconic Hills) vs. Catskill - 4:15 start
Honoring Indigenous Wisdom ~ and Gratitude…..
Many thanks to our “Turtle Clan” performers and all who came to the presentations of the Haudenosaunee creation story last Saturday! Generous donations allowed our community to send over $400 to the Mohawk Freedom School where lessons have been taught in the traditional  Akwesasne language since 1979. 
In the continuation of our DEI learning journey, some of our faculty will attend the “Coming Home” seminar with First Nation wisdom teachers at Omega Institute this weekend.
- Janene Ping 
Maker's Market at Hawthorne Valley

October 29th from 10am - 4pm
We are excited to announce that Hawthorne Valley will be holding a monthly Maker’s Market at the pavilion outside the Farm Store. Our next market will be on October 29th from 10 am-4 pm! These monthly markets feature products made by Hawthorne Valley staff! We'd love to see you there!
Biodynamic events at Farm this season
All ages are welcome, children must be accompanied by an adult. No previous experience necessary, but an open mind is always helpful. Also helpful to bring are water bottles, clothing layers, boots, hats and gloves.
Dates are weather dependent. 
October 20, 2:30-4:30
Using the Biodynamic horn manure preparation on the West Hill pasture.
On Hawthorne Valley’s iconic West Hill pasture, come help add homeopathic amounts of the Biodynamic horn manure preparation to the earth. This will be especially helpful this fall, after such a hot and dry summer. We will be stirring warm water with the preparation and spraying it onto the pasture using buckets and pine boughs. 
October 27, 2:30-4:30
Using the Biodynamic horn manure preparation on the pastures behind the barn.
The pastures behind the barn are part of the night pasture rotation, where cows have their supper and late night snacks during the spring, summer and fall. 
Come help stir and spray the Biodynamic horn manure preparation on these pastures. This is especially helpful after such a hot and dry summer. We will be stirring warm water with the preparation, and spraying it into the pasture using buckets and pine boughs.
These biodynamic events at Hawthorne Valley are offered by Farmer Katy, a friend of the farm and fellow Biodynamic peer that has volunteered to lead some seasonal events.

Please contact Linda Park if you have any questions.
A Message from the Farm
It has been such a delight, these past few weeks, to meet and work alongside parents and community members who have graciously volunteered their time at the Farm. Many have been asking for an on-going opportunity to continue helping at the Farm until the end of harvest season. So, if you haven’t been able to make it or you are looking forward to coming back, we will be gathering bi-weekly until the end of October.
Spend some time outdoors, get to meet our farmers and community members, experience the joy of meaningful work, and go home with some fresh biodynamic produce from our farm!
When: every Tuesday (1:30-2:30 PM)* and Thursday (8:30 AM - 10:00 AM)* UNTIL THE END OF OCTOBER
* please meet at the start time in order to get to the field
Where: meet at the apple tree by the school parking lot
Questions: contact Tessa Schmidt or Linda Park
Looking forward to getting together!
Thank you very much,
Hawthorne Valley Farm Team
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