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Summer Quarterly 2015

Summertime is a time of colour. It explodes from the ground and the trees, it is a glorious time of year. It is also a time when our palates get treated to the bounty that grows from our gardens. Ancient traditions and modern medicine both agree that we carry the spectrum of colour within us through our endocrine glands. And many researchers have linked the ability of colours to influence our moods and psychology. We hope this summer solstice edition of our newsletter will be a colourful one for you.

RED represented as the adrenal glands & instinct
ORANGE represented as the reproductive glands & creativity
YELLOW represented as the digestive system & transformation
GREEN represented as the heart & love
BLUE-GREEN represented as the thyroid gland & truth
INDIGO represented as the pituitary gland & wisdom
LAVENDER represented as the pineal gland & connection

Enjoy your summer season, often a short one for us in Saskatchewan, and if you feel up to it, wear your colours, eat the rainbow and adventure in the colours that support your glands and have the ability to support you. Let your inner spectrum shine!

Sweet and the Savoury
Recipes from our kitchen to yours

Fresas con creme Paletas – also known as Strawberries & cream popsicles

Summertime is the time to embrace the refreshing tastiness of homespun paletas. Whereas the traditional popsicle tends to be little more then food colouring and sugar, their Mexican counterparts, the Paleta, is a rich variety of textures and flavours, turning every good paleta into a distinctly refreshing memory.

Prep: 10 minutes
Yield: makes 10 paletas

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Limonada de Coco aka Hello Summer!

This is a tribute to “Oh My Goodness it is Hot” that we have had so far this summer. It is as tart as a good glass of lemonade, as refreshing as a slushie with the decadence of a milkshake.

Yield: 4 glasses (6 oz each)

See the recipe

Eat foods for health

Hot dishes are actually consumed during the hottest days of summer because these dishes both balance the heat in one’s body as well as nourish the Yang (or warm energy) so that, months later, in the cold of winter we will be warm.

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Homeopathic Corner: Morning Sickness

This newsletter’s homeopathic question comes from patient E.M. – she asks which remedy will help with the constant nausea that she has been experiencing since her 6th week of pregnancy.

For mums-to-be homeopathics can be a great support to curbing symptoms. Specifically for morning sickness since so many things can trigger nausea.

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Clear acne, clear itching on bug bites and detoxify – the many uses of Bentonite Clay

I am very much interested in therapies that positively influence the body in simple and profound ways, especially ones that work by detoxifying the body. Currently one such therapy is bentonite clay.

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Hand Reflexology

Our highly tactile hands, like the feet occupy a very large area in the brain’s sensory cortex compared to most other areas of the body. This is the reason that touch therapies get such good responses.

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the Elimination Diet

Elimination diets are embraced by the naturopathic community and it is always interesting to get another profession’s (Tom & Alissa are nutritionists) insight on the elimination process.

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Prenatal Massage

What is prenatal massage? It is very similar to traditional (often referred to as Swedish) massage, but with considerations and special precautions taken for pregnant patients.

What are the benefits of prenatal massage? There are so many! Having a baby is a huge life change. Prenatal massage helps alleviate stress and stablilize mood.

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Get a foothold on Toe Nail Fungus!

Fungal infection of the nails (also known as onychomycosis) has a marvelous tenacity as those who have it will attest to. Thickening, and either yellowing or whitening of the nail beds, often with accompanying pain and inflammation, characterizes nail fungus.

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