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Summer Quarterly 2014

Summer is in full swing, such a short sweet season in Regina, and we have been outside enjoying it! The drawback to our enjoyment is we are tardy getting our summer solstice addition of the Head to Heal newsletter out to you – our apologies but it is ready and hot off the press! This summer edition reflects some of the health issues for Reginans this summer – BBQ nitrites, mosquitoes, allergies as well as some great recipes!

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Best of health and enjoy a very happy summer!

Sweet and the Savoury
Gluten free recipes from our kitchen to yours

Summer Apple Salad 

This recipe comes to Head to Heal from Regina’s gluten free bakery Kneaded. It is lip smacking delicious and so refreshing for summer meals. If you are lucky enough to own a Spirooli you can make the green apples into long noodly-piece. A great tool to getting kids to think they are eating noodles!

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Electrolyte Drink Recipe

Summer workouts are all about getting a sweat on, and when we sweat we can loose some essential minerals necessary for nerve, heart and muscle cell conduction. Sodium and potassium are important electrolytes readily lost through sweat.

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Homeopathic Corner

Each quaterly of Head to Heal with Naturopathic Medicine., we will examine a specific condition and the homeopathic remedies that accompany that condition. If you have a condition where you are curious of homeopathic remedy options, please email us and we will try to include that in our upcoming newsletters. 


In keeping with the theme of allergies for this summer newsletter we focus this homeopathic corner on relieving sinus congestion resulting from allergies, a condition also known as sinusitis. 

Neti pots (sinus rinses) can be helpful at reducing the pressure but for some are only helpful while they are actively doing the rinse. Homeopathics can be a helpful in decreasing the pressure when a Neti pot is not on hand.

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Th1 and Th2 Immunity

The dog days of summer are fully upon us and for some, unfortunately, this season also brings the plague of seasonal allergies. If this includes you, please read on for some tips for circumventing the runny nose and eyes. This is also applicable if you have asthma, food allergies and eczema. As these conditions are all interrelated.

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Grilling tips to keep the carcinogens away!

A favourite summer meal for most of us includes Barbequing – either grilling meat or fish at high temperatures, unfortunately the charring of meat/fish causes a chemical reaction to take place and the result is the production of carcinogens (called heterocyclic amines a.k.a. HCAs).

Researchers have shown that marinating meats and fish with herbs such as rosemary, thyme, oregano and sage drastically reduces the amount of HCA’s produced.

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Making your own Bug Repellant or buying a safe choice!

Regina’s mosquitoes are fierce this summer. June’s rainfall has ensured their breeding grounds are fecund and those female mosquitoes seem eager to bite. To keep them at bay, we have checked the Environmental Working Group (EWG) website to find a safe bug repellant.

EWG’s website - Skin Deep – is a great resource of research on safe skin care products.

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The rise of Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance a.k.a. TILT

Chemical exposure can alter immune cell function, making individuals less tolerant to “normal” signals in the environment, like foods. People who have been exposed to industrial chemicals for decades begin to have a lower tolerance after repeated exposure and with that people can feel as though they developed sensitivities overnight.

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