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Dear Heritage Saskatchewan Members,

We Are Welcoming Back the Heritage Awards in 2021!

We are very excited to announce that the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan Heritage Awards will continue in 2021! After Covid-19 disrupted our plans in 2020 to hold our annual event, we look to celebrating Saskatchewan's achievements in heritage once more.

We will be implementing a few changes, including adding a virtual component to the Awards delivery. Stay tuned for all the details when submissions open on June 14th.

What hasn't changed are the award categories, and the spirit and intention behind this important event. Read on for more information.
The Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan Heritage Awards provide an opportunity to recognize projects that build resilient and sustainable communities for the future. In recognizing success stories, the Awards celebrate, inspire, encourage and catalyze the safeguarding of Saskatchewan’s rich and diverse living heritage for generations to come.
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Award Categories

This category is for projects or initiatives that support the betterment of the social, cultural, environmental, or economic life of the community. More...
Projects and initiatives that demonstrate effective communication of Saskatchewan’s cultural heritage and/or education of Saskatchewan’s living heritage. More...
This category is for projects and initiatives that safeguard Intangible Cultural Heritage in Saskatchewan. This includes projects that support the transmission, re-creation, and celebration of traditions, skills, crafts, oral traditions, etc. More...
This category is for projects and initiatives that recognize commitment to the conservation of Saskatchewan historic places, including archaeological sites, buildings, cultural landscapes and engineering works, ensuring that the heritage value of these places is protected. More...
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