The Beginning...

...of a brand new frontier & stuff

Well the waiting is over. No longer must you deal with the tick-tock of the clock as you ponder what it is that could be such good news.

Well, if you read Monday's update you would have seen us mention that we've been speaking recently with Cody & Giselle of Mindful Wanderlust, a travel blog documenting their neverending honeymoon & the great deeds they've been up to along the way.

The reason we've been talking with them so much recently is that they made a video that we came across recently documenting the terrible dog meat trade that still runs in parts of Asia & the horrid conditions they're kept in, and how they're treated. It's not a video for the faint hearted, but if you want to see click here.

If you watched the video, here's a cute pup we spotted dozing in Rod Fai Vintage Market in Bangkok

What That Means For Us

the long awaited news

Here's what you've been waiting for. 

As you read this, we should both be back in Chiang Mai for the second time, but this time to volunteer.

For the next four days we'll be at the Care For Dogs shelter doing what we can to help; whether it's running & walking the animals, feeding them or picking up their poop (we're kind like that); we'll be there.

It'll mean a few days away from the internet, but it's worth it for what we're trying to do, help. If you too feel like helping, you can always Sponsor A Dog


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great blogs we've been reading

Cody & Giselle's My Destination Guide to Bangkok 

We loved this video so much that we went straight to the vintage market - it's incredible
The Best and Worst Things We Ate on Bohol 

Steph from 20 Years Hence serves up some of the food from their trip to the Philippines 
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You Reached The End

but our newsletters are just beginning

Our first newsletter is at it's end, but hopefully it's been as exciting for you as we'd hoped.

Again, our emails are not once a week, fortnight or a month, they're for whenever we think you'd like to be kept up to date with where we are, where we're going & how we've been feeling. Right now we're feeling pretty excited.

Until next time, Dale & Franca.

PS. Let us know how you felt about the newsletter so we can adapt & change things (if needed) for next time. Either reply to this email or send us a message on Twitter or Facebook.
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