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My heart is broken for the families and friends of the Orlando, Florida victims who now have to plan funerals for their loved ones tragically lost to this act of terrorism and hate.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loved ones.

It is devastating news for all Americans to hear, but especially for those of us in the LGBT community who know all too well that we are constant targets of hate and violence.

Today's horrific terrorist attack in Orlando shows that terrorism is rising in the U.S.

We have seen ISIS-inspired Islamists attack government workers in San Bernardino, and an Islamic radical kill gays and lesbians in Florida. We are all vulnerable. Who's next?

The LGBT community, women, minorities, other high risk groups, and all Americans should be allowed to access the protection they need to defend themselves and their families.

But Gavin Newsom's initiative proposal and other proposed gun control laws take away the rights of LGBT Americans, and all Americans, and depriving everyone of the choice to select a means of protecting themselves from attack.

I made the two ads below to highlight the very real possibility of what could happen to us should Gavin Newsom's proposal become law.

Click to watch: Gavin Newsom's dangerous ballot measure threatens to criminalize law-abiding Californians without taking one weapon out of the hands of criminals and terrorists. Tens of thousands of sheriffs, officers and prosecutors — our frontline law enforcement officials — are opposed to Newsom's proposal.

Sadly, the threats I highlighted have become devastatingly real. It is frightening and frustrating to see politicians like Gavin Newsom focus their energies on the wrong proposals that cannot keep us safe.

Please join me and sign the petition to tell Gavin Newsom to work to protect us from radical Islamist terrorists, not limit our ability to protect ourselves from them.

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It Doesn't Matter Who You Are
It doesn't matter if you're a pro athlete or an LGBT activist, you have a Constitutional right to protect yourself. Click to watch.
I hope you'll join me.


Richard Grenell
Co-Chair, Coalition for Civil Liberties
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