Mission to Missionaries exists to serve missionaries.

Our goal is for missionaries to enjoy a retreat center focused on them. One that they can afford. We never want money to be a reason why they wouldn’t come. 

EdenRidge currently welcomes over 1,500 missionary guests a year and plans to expand facilities to accommodate 10,000+ guests a year.

Located on the Cumberland Plateau 2,000 feet above sea level — the highest point between the Rocky and Smoky Mountains — EdenRidge guests enjoy a mild climate with four distinct seasons that complement the natural wooded beauty, wildlife, and beautiful vistas.

The keyword at EdenRidge is rest.

For some, rest may mean relaxing at EdenRidge in one of our beautifully furnished and decorated guest cabins, while enjoying the calm and serene surroundings. For others, it will be spending time with family at some of the great parks and attractions in the area or the many amenities in nearby Fairfield Glade.

After a stay at EdenRidge, our prayer is that missionaries will be well-rested, renewed, and ready to either continue their travels in the United States or to return to their field of service.


There are so many extraordinary missionaries that visit EdenRidge. We get a lot of comments, but sometimes there’s one that stands out, like this one below from Brian and Tami Olling.

“Sadly it’s our day to leave EdenRidge. If we had known how restful it would be here, we would have planned to stay even longer. One friend told us we should have stayed a month. That sounds like wise advice. We’ve told our friends how much we love the cabins and we have enjoyed some beautiful sunsets the Lord has decorated the evening with.

It’s the first time we have felt “at home” since leaving Korea in June. Silly things like being able to use the washing machine without asking and not worrying if we make noise at all helps to make it easier to relax. We hope to come back again during our furlough. We so appreciate our time with Les and the listening ear he provided. He patiently listened to us for 3 hours! There was still more to say. We have a lot to seek the Lord about.

It was so good to “be still” here. Thank you so much for making such lovely cabins so affordable to missionaries and for allowing us to stay.”

Would you join us in prayer for these missionaries? We understand the need for rest and are thankful that we can provide them with a place that is safe, beautiful and relaxing.

Brian and Tami Olling


When we get lost, technology provides us with many ways to find our way.  Right at our very fingertips. 

In that same vein, God’s word is also at our fingertips and it holds every answer and direction that we need while traveling on our earthly journey.

Genesis 2:2 “By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.”

 I’ve always imagined that God stood back, took a big breath, crossed His arms and smiled when His work was done.  Then he rested.  The directive is clear.  God rested. God knew we would also need rest.  Especially those that find themselves on the mission field.  There are challenges that demand our energy,  situations that can cause stress and many long days and nights. 

Taking the time to rest is the first step.  Finding a place to do it is the second.  We, at EdenRidge, hope that you take these steps so that you can continue in the field well-rested.  We are here when you need us.

Creatively His, Sue:)
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