We’re excited to reveal the name of the park-area surrounding the Welcome Center. World Missions Park. This beautiful area will include a lush lawn, various walkways, and benches that will provide an outdoor experience filled with rest.

Directly in the center of World Missions Park is Serenity’s Edge Waterfall.  This waterfall will outline the northern edge of the park.

Construction of World Missions Park and Serenity’s Edge Waterfall will start this winter and the plan is for completion by next summer.

We cannot wait to share this special area with missionaries visiting EdenRidge in 2020. 


“I feel like I just have family living up there on the EdenRidge mountain,” states Rachel Menard.  Rachel, a Holistic Missionary using nutrition and exercise coaching as opportunities to share the gospel, lives in Spring Hill, TN.  She runs a ministry called Resigned to Excellence and has a radio program entitled Holistic Health Made Simple with Rachel Menard.

“I needed to get away to some place quiet to prepare for an upcoming speaking engagement.  A friend of mine told me about EdenRidge.  When I arrived, I knew immediately that it required me to ‘be still’.  The weather could not have been more perfect.  The view of the mountains was amazing.  And watching the sun rise and the sun set from this little corner of the world was so beautiful.  The bugs and the squirrels and all those things made me pause and take a look at God’s world in a unique way.  I even took advantage of the trails and hills, although the hills are quite different from the hills in Spring Hill, lol,” says Rachel.

“I got to ‘be still’ and quiet and spend time in a place that was not interrupted by the noises of this world.  Even though there was wifi and tv, I didn’t allow myself to use them.  I just wanted a place to be still and EdenRidge provided that for me.  I will be back and I’m planning on bringing my retreat there in the spring of 2020.  You have truly provided a place where everything that a missionary needs for rest can be found.  Thank you.”

Rachel works primarily with women that are in need of ‘holistic’ and ‘natural’ ways to live.  In her own words, “The way God intended.”  Rachel’s own personal story plays a large part in her mission.  When she found herself at 350 pounds, addicted to drugs and in the midst of an over-dose, she knew her life had to change if she was going to truly live.   It took many years, but it was then that the idea of Resigned to Excellence was born.

Rachel’s prayer for all of you comes from her favorite book.  "Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.” 3 John 2 

Please join us in prayer this month for Rachel and the women that she has been called to help.

Rachel Menard


Speaking of corners, we know that the holidays are just around one.  Holidays can be both a beautiful and tough time for missionaries.  Being far from home and loved ones, many times in countries that do not celebrate the holidays, can make us homesick.

Preparing yourself and your family ahead of time is wisdom.  You can do more than just ‘survive’ the holidays, if you put a plan into action.

I did some research and found a couple of sage ideas to help you with your plan.

1.        Acknowledge that things are different and look for ‘God nods’ everywhere around you.  The holidays are about what is on the inside so much more than what is on the outside.  Amazement and awe will happen, though, when you open up your eyes and look.  God will show up to comfort you in such unique ways.

2.        Start new traditions.  I’ve often told my girls, ‘memories are just a moment in the making away’.  Making ornaments out of local flowers to hang on trees, acting out the Christmas story with just music, carving a tree out of wood, etc.   What a fun time you will have with your family coming up with new ideas.  Replacing those holiday blues with bright and new, memory colors that they will remember for all their days.

3.        Find community.  Don’t spend the holidays alone.  Even if you introduce some of your traditions with people who have never heard of yours.  Or even try incorporating their traditions into your life.  Mix them together for a brand new recipe.

4.        Use technology.  There is nothing quite like a caroling session with the family over FaceTime!  — Record your time together and remember how God has enabled you to celebrate with your loved ones, even if you are far across the pond. 

More than anything, what an amazing opportunity to share God’s wonder and saving grace through the story of the holidays.  Tell stories. Remember old ones and make new ones.  Lives will change all around you, one story at a time.

Proverbs 16:8 “The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame.  You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.”

While you are doing this, we, at EdenRidge, will be praying for you.  For joy, laughter, peace and new memories.  We would love to hear how your plan worked.  Send us a note and pictures to

Creatively His, Sue
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