An update from Joel and LaReina King and their ministry in Africa. Please read below as God's plan for this family unfolds.
Joel and LaReina King
We are Safe!
We first want to thank all of you for your prayers and concerns for us here in Nairobi.  As most of you probably have seen on the news, a major mall in Nairobi was attacked on Saturday by terrorists from the terror group al-Shabab which is out of Somalia and linked to al-Qaidia.  At no time were we in danger during this attack or during the subsequent activities at the mall. It has been isolated to this one area on the other side of the city.  AIM did a great job of notifying and accounting for all its members here in Nairobi as soon as it happened.  As far as we know, no one from our organization was in the mall at the time.  This situation is still ongoing with 10-15 attackers holed up in the mall with an unknown number of hostages.

Please pray for the people of Kenya and Nairobi as these terror organizations have brought this attack to their home soil.  62 people have lost their lives and 175 others were wounded in this attack.  With such close knit families here in Nairobi, many have been affected by this, either through family or friends.  Please pray for the hostages still being held and the armed forces working to free them.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer and support of our African brothers and sisters as they grieve the loss of loved ones and this attack on their city.  We treasure all of you.

In His Service,

Joel, LaReina, Renee and Ian

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