An update from Joel and LaReina King and their ministry in Africa. Please read below as God's plan for this family unfolds.
Joel and LaReina King
On the Road...

First Stop.......Starbucks!
Where We’ve Been…

After preparing for our 6 month home assignment, packing and wrapping up details in Loki, and closing off the kids’ school year with standardized testing at Rift Valley Academy near Nairobi, we were ready for a vacation.  An extended layover in London provided the perfect solution. We saw as much as we could in three beautiful, rain-free days in historic London on our way back to Canada.  

West Minster Abbey

Home!  And jet-lagged.  We enjoyed a couple of weeks relaxing with great family, great food, and minimal stress.  A few walks on a quiet country road does a soul good.  So does being on the same continent to celebrate LaReina’s brother’s 50th birthday and her dad’s birthday in person.  Blessings we used to take for granted…

S'More Time!

Saying, “See ya in a bit,” to Alberta, we hopped into Joel’s mom and dad’s truck pulling their 5th wheel and began a three day drive up the Alaska Highway to Kingdom Air Corps where Joel’s mom and dad spend their summers.  Mom and Dad were already up at the ranch, and a family friend joined us on the ride up to reunite the truck and trailer with its owners.  Majestic mountains, crisp mountain air, and God’s unspoiled creation (including a grizzly bear that kindly let us enjoy him road-side until we were ready to move on)…soul-filling.

North to Alaska

Home!  For the first time in five years, all of Joel’s family got together for a fun evening of catching up, sharing old and new stories, and cousins playing in the backyard.  With Becky coming up from Oregon, Jon from the North Slope, David not off somewhere in the helicopter, and Joel from Kenya…getting everyone together (except three) was nothing short of miraculous.  


King family reunion

Where We’re going…

Souls filled and feeling the blessings of God, we are setting out for an action packed summer as we travel back to Alberta, grab our trusty vehicle (please be praying for that – it hasn’t been driven much in the last two years), and head down to the lower 48.
We know you have busy schedules and want to connect with as many of you as we can, so here’s where WE’LL be, and please let us know if you can fit us into your schedule.  We’d love to share the amazing ways we’re seeing God work in East Africa…

June 14-July 6th:  Kingdom Air Corps, Sutton
            July 5th:  Glacier View Church, Sutton
July 7- 14th:  Thorsby, Alberta
July 17-Aug 8th:  Duvall, WA
            July 19th:  Adventure Community Church, Duvall
            July 26th:  Crosswater Church, Sultan
            July 26th:  1PM ACC Sandlot Sunday, Duvall
            Aug 2nd:  Cascade Community Church, Monroe
Midwest US
Aug 12- 17th:  Travelling from Washington to Michigan, seeing a few folks along the way…
Aug 17- Sept 2nd:  Michigan
            Aug 23rd:  Outreach Christian Church, Lake Odessa
            Aug 30th:  Berlin Center/LeValley Church, Ionia
Sept 5-7th:  Le Raysville, PA
            Sept 6th:  Neath Church, Le Raysville
New York
Sept 10-14th:  Vestal, NY
            Sept 13th:  Morning Service Grace Point Church, Vestal
            Sept 13th:  Evening Service South Apalachin Baptist Church, South Apalachin
Sept 15-17th:  Hollis Center, ME
Sept 18- 23rd:  Columbia, MD
North Carolina/South Carolina
Sept 24- Oct 2nd:  Raleigh, NC
            Sept 27th:  Little Rock Baptist Church, Little Rock, SC
October - Dates not set.

Return to Kenya November 12.

Looking forward to seeing you while we are in your area!

In Christ,
Joel, LaReina, Renee and Ian

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Thank you for your continued prayer support! Prayer protects us, guides us, and keeps our hearts aligned with His. 

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-  We have finished our first 2 year term!

-  Renee and Ian tested well in their Standardized Testing.  We are thankful they're adjusting well to homeschool and will continue another year homeschooling, starting in August.

-  Thank you for keeping us covered in prayer.  Travels have gone flawlessly and home assignment transition is going well. 

-  Renee and Ian both decided to be baptized during our time back.  Renee chose to be baptized in Alberta; Ian in Alaska.  It was a double blessing as LaReina's parents were present for Renee's baptism, Joel's parents for Ian's.  

We are so thankful and praise God for their decision to follow the Lord.


Renee's Baptism (Nice and warm)

Ian's Baptism (Very Cold!)

Prayer Request:

-  We have a busy (but exciting!) summer coming up as we reconnect with family, churches and friends.  Please pray for periods of rest, spiritual rejuvenation, and family unity.

-  With all the travel involved, please pray for travel safety and health.  

-  Most of the travel will be done in our Honda Pilot that has had limited usage for the past two years.  It seems to be running fine, please pray it continues to do so.

-   Please pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to guide us as we share what God is doing in East Africa.

-  Would you please join us in prayer for AIM AIR leadership positions?  We have been in need of a General Manager since we came, and our Director is resigning his position next year (he needs to return home for personal reasons).  These are exciting times of growth for God's Kingdom and AIM AIR, so we're praying God directs the perfect person to lead us in the direction He wants us to go.  

Grizzly along the Alaska Highway

2 year old moose twins playing in the back yard

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