An update from Joel and LaReina King and their ministry in Africa. Please read below as God's plan for this family unfolds.
Joel and LaReina King

We're Official Kenyan Residents!!!

Our passports are stamped with a 3 year work visa and our resident cards should arrive in about 4 weeks.  We had purchased a 3 month temporary visitor visa when we arrived in Nairobi to buffer until our work visas could be processed.  Our 90 day visas had expired so it was a huge praise and relief to get our residency approved.

Can you guess what the first thing we did with our new-found resident status?
…Nairobi Game Reserve!  We've been waiting to see the big cats in their natural habitat until we could afford the reasonable resident admission prices.
It was well worth the wait.  What an amazing display of God’s creativity and splendor!

The Past Month and Learning the Depth of TIA (This is Africa)

Renovations.  For those familiar with home renovations in Africa, we know we have your condolences.  The reserve trip was a nice break from 2 ½ weeks of work on our roof and kitchen that wasn't completed before we moved in.  We had workers, copious amounts of dust and noise, and no kitchen for a little over a week.  It’s amazing how much family stability and wife sanity a kitchen provides!   In retrospect, we should have asked for prayer, but we didn't think the process would take as long as it did. TIA (This is Africa) applies to home repairs as well.  EVERYTHING takes 3x longer!  We’re still learning ...

is finishing his maintenance rotation at the hangar.  This has been a great experience for him getting familiar with the airplanes and operation of the maintenance department.  In between scheduled inspections on the airplanes, he has been working on finishing the rebuild of AIM AIR's 3rd Cessna 206.  This has been a long process that is finally coming to an end.  Once finished, this 1980's Cessna 206 will sport a brand new engine, interior, paint job and upgraded avionics. They hope to have it operational this month and put to work with the others.  It is greatly needed for the out of Nairobi operations.  After two months of language he will begin his Kenya Commercial License conversion. 
continues to have great prayer opportunities (my favorite thing to do!) in the neighborhood.  Neighbors are sharing more trials and burdens and seem thankful for the on the spot prayers.  One friend said, “Thank you!  Some people listen and they say they will pray, but you know my heart!  Your heart breaks for what my heart breaks.  God surely hears our prayers!”
Yes, dear Friend, He does!  It’s my honor to approach His throne with you!

Adjusting to life in Africa is getting easier.  I’m adjusting to fewer task expectations per day.  3 maybe 4 plans for a day will get done, so I've just let go of expecting more than that. Grace (my house-help) has helped tremendously with picking up the slack so I’m not bogged down with running the house.  Her heart and personal relationship with Jesus is truly beautiful.  I’m so thankful God has given me a soul-sister that hears my heart, hears the Lord’s voice, and is committed to serve Him with all she has.  Thank you for praying for friendship for me.  He has heard your prayers!
Renee and Ian:
have finished their first term at West Nairobi.  Tuesday and Thursday they have afternoon elective classes where they can choose what they would like to do.  Renee picked up gymnastics and cooking while Ian chose tennis and basketball.  It makes for interesting conversation with Kenyans since gymnastics, tennis, and basketball are not popular sports here.
With Christmas right around the corner, Renee’s 5th Grade class is organizing the Christmas Program which they both are very excited about.  We were at a local mall this past weekend and there were Christmas decorations already being displayed!  It almost felt like home.
What’s Next?
Language starts November 26th to the end of January.  Joel will spend that period at home and not in the hangar.  We will hire a Language Helper to teach Swahili Monday to Friday mornings in our home.  Renee and Ian will continue their studies at West Nairobi (unfortunately they aren't learning Swahili in school), but will be able to take part in Language classes during their Christmas Break December 18th – January 7th

We also hope to travel to Uganda towards the end of the Christmas break to visit our Aura base.  This is a Vision trip for us to explore the possibility of moving there once our orientation in Nairobi is completed.  AIM AIR has 2 "out of Nairobi" bases: Arua, Uganda and Lokichokio, Kenya which is on the South Sudan border.  These are front-line bases to service and support missionaries in the remote locations of Northern Kenya, South Sudan, DR Congo and Uganda.  Please be praying as we explore these opportunities and discern where God is leading us to serve here in Africa.


We continually Praise God for our prayer and financial team.  If God has laid on your heart to be a part of this and what He is doing in Africa through us, please respond to this email with your interest.  Or simply visit Kingsinafrica. There are always needs to operate in a 3rd world country and unexpected expenses that arise.  We would love to share these specific needs with you.

Joel, LaReina, Renee and Ian King
PO Box 21171
Nairobi, 00505, Kenya

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Thank you for your continued prayer support! Prayer protects us, guides us, and keeps our hearts aligned with His. 

For more information on how you can financially support our ministry, simply reply to this email or visit KingsinAfrica.


- Our trip to immigration went smoothly and our applications have been approved.  AIM nationals who specialize in visas/immigration were awesome leading us through the process seamlessly.
- All of our shipment (well everything important, anyway) has arrived and the import fees were within our budgeted amount.  Thank you for your diligent prayers!

The new roof on our house should prevent leaks/mold/unwanted critters when rainy season starts (any day now).
- Saturday night we had great family time around the fire pit in the backyard.  We are thankful for times like these to appreciate the kids in this stage of their lives.  
- Thank you to all of you who have been financially supporting us and those who have sent a little extra.  Our monthly support has dropped a little and it helps to make up the difference.  Thank You!

Prayer Request:

- The “honeymoon phase” of our transition is coming to an end.  We want to make sure we’re settling in where God needs us to be, not just getting comfortable with life and routines.  This is also the time of our transition where the reality that we’ve really moved to, and are not just visiting Africa sets in.  We have good days, and questioning days as trials come up.

The reserve runs along the south edge of Nairobi.
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