An update from Joel and LaReina King and their ministry in Africa. Please read below as God's plan for this family unfolds.
Joel and LaReina King
The ants go marching four by four, hurrah, hurrah,
The ants go marching four by four, hurrah, hurrah,
The ants go marching four by four,
The little one stops to shut the door,
And they all go marching down to the ground …

We’ve been together so much for the past couple of months.  That season is over.  Now we are marching out the door in different directions. 
Renee and Ian…
are starting their third week at West Nairobi School. 

They board the school bus at 7 am outside our gate.  We are making every attempt to make sure we’re at the gate, because if the kids aren’t there, Paul, the bus driver will drive the bus INTO our tight neighborhood to pick up his passengers.   Then he has to turn around (it’s one way in and out), and if you recall the neighborhood pictures from last week, there’s not a lot of wiggle room for cars, never mind a bus!
School starts at 8:30.  Renee is so excited to have full access to a library again and yeah!  She finally is learning to play the recorder!

And Ian is Ian.  He’s there for the friends.   He’s learning along the way, but Ian’s primary goal is making friends everywhere he goes.  In the neighborhood, in school, with other missionary families … if we’re looking for Ian, find the pack, stop and listen, and you’re bound to hear Ian.  He hasn’t gotten quieter … isn’t it awesome how God makes us in different sizes, shapes, colors, and volumes?

Joel …
starts in the hangar at Wilson Airport, Monday morning at 8:00 beginning three months of Maintenance rotation.  Oh to get his hands on a Cessna 206 … settling into a house is one thing (and he was happy to help get everything organized), but to those who really know Joel, he’s happiest in, or with his hands
on an airplane.  Also starting Monday is his daily trek to the airport on the piki piki (motorcycle) we’re borrowing until we can purchase one of our own.  If you have access to Facebook, Joel posted a fun look of what that drive looks like.  It makes driving a car on these roads look like a kiddie ride at Disneyland!  Insert prayers here…

LaReina …
doesn’t have a set agenda yet.  Between morning devotions with Grace (our house help who comes 3x/week), picking up Swahili phrases, learning to make chai, ugali (a cooked, flour paste that is a Kenyan staple and is harder to make than it looks!), and the practical aspects of Kenyan cuisine; she’s learning to flow with whatever the day holds.  Maybe lunch with a friend.  Talking to John in the duka down the street while getting our daily fruits and vegetables, or to Rose and the neighbors who are out and about … life in the neighborhood is slower, more intentional, more soul enriching.  There’s plenty of busyness to be found, but for now, until the Holy Spirit guides otherwise, days are spent just being present right here.  Present in our family and keeping this home a place where the ants meet together at the end of the day, enjoy a peaceful dinner, share about the day’s adventures and the adventures to come, and thank our God for the abundant blessings He has provided for us.

Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young – a place near your altar, O Lord Almighty, my King and my God.  Blessed are those who dwell in your house; they are ever praising you.  Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on a pilgrimage.   Ps 84:3-5

Follow up from Last Week:
LaReina did great driving. Joel’s left seat (passenger side) brake is broken.  We need to look into fixing that.
Joel’s gate opening time: 10 seconds.  No comments necessary …
Thank you for your prayers.  We are feeling them!

We continually Praise God for the formation of our prayer and financial team.  If God has laid on your heart to be a part of this and what He is doing in Africa through us, please respond to this email with your interest.  Or simply visit Kingsinafrica. There are always needs to operate in a 3rd world country and unexpected expenses that arise.  We would love to share these specific needs with you.

Joel, LaReina, Renee and Ian King
PO Box 21171
Nairobi, 00505, Kenya

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Thank you for your continued prayer support! Prayer protects us, guides us, and keeps our hearts aligned with His. 

For more information on how you can financially support our ministry, simply reply to this email or visit KingsinAfrica.


- Thankful for our Nairobi house feeling and looking more like home.
- Thankful for the warm reception we've received since we've arrived in Nairobi by fellow AIM AIR families and neighbors.
- Thankful that Joel is starting in the hangar! He's ready to get his hands dirty!

Prayer Request:

- Family cohesiveness and patience with each other.
- Health during these first few months as our bodies continue to adjust to new foods and environmental conditions.
- Our shipment arriving intact in a timely manner with minimal fees at customs.
- Preparation of our minds for retention of language learning! We will resume formal study November and December, 2013.
- We feel we have been brought here for more than aviation needs. Please pray that God will direct/connect us to the Church Commmunity where He needs us to be. We trust that His plans for us will unfold in His perfect timing.  

Grilling Kenya style on a hand made BBQ.  Still trying to figure out their charcoal.
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